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20 days in

Experience so far has been pretty good. Not much pain, only problem has been that I am getting some hard spots in the biceps. Might be scar tissue, so I am massaging it and it is not getting any worse. Been injecting 1.6 ml into each head of the right bicep and 2.4ml into each head of the left trying to get my left up to the same size as my right. My left arm now is only 2/10th of an inch smaller, and it used to be 1/2 an inch or more.
I will now be doing 2.5 ml per head on the right arm and 3 ml per head on the left for the next 10 days. Both should be roughly the same size when I am done. My right arm is not 20.2 inches and my left is 20 inches. Right arm started out just 19 inches and my left was about 18.6 inches.
Strength wise my biceps have not gained much, but sure look a lot better. Did not expect strength, so not disappointed.
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