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Viking was cool enough to allow me to get in on reviewing Solberg Winstrol and their clenject.

Everything was packed well and arrived in a very reasonable amount of time, somewhere around a week I believe.

I have been dieting down to get as lean as possible for this next cycle, and I am about 10% atm.

I started the clenject today, I injected .4ml into my right delt. Not sure if this is suppose to be spot injected for fatloss, but .5-1 ml seemed like alot for subq so I just went IM. The injection was painless and flowed through a slin pin with no problem.

I had great energy in the gym, and I didn't get any shakes or sides at all. Tomorrow I am going to up the dose to 1ml and see how that goes.

In my cycle I will be running 750mg test c, 700mg mast p, 750mg eq, and the Winstrol at 30mg ed on the front end.

I will try to keep a daily log for then clenject but I don't expect any thing from the winny for atleast a couple of weeks.

Also, I'm not exactly sure how to post pics without linking them to my photobucket. Any insight would be helpful for this!

Thanks again VikingLab
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