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Have been eating Kimchi with my meals, certainley beats eating pea's or green beans.

Day off training today, going to go and hit a PUSH session tomorrow.

Dumbbell Flat press 3 sets pyramid up
Machine Chest press 3 sets pyramid up
Smith machine flat press 1 set (6 reps, 20 seconds rest repeat for 5 mini sets)
Side raises 3 sets pyramid up then 2 drop sets, one using heavy weight for majority and then one using light weight for the majority.

SO e.g.

Set 1 - 30kg x 8, 20kg x 6, 12kg x 10, 10kg x 10
Set 2 - 24kg x 4, 12kg x 20, 10kg x 20, 8kg x 30, 5kg x 30

Shoulder press machine 2 sets
Upwards row with a dumbell 2 sets on each arm
Rotator cuff exercises (3 different angles to work the rotator cuff) 3 sets of each
Six-ways (john meadows exercise) 3 sets of 10

Finish with Rope pushdown + Overhead extension super set
Eat Clen, Tren Hard and Test the limits
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