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My process to masters nationals

Hello PM family!

On this thread I am going to document my journey to masters nationals on July 21st. Iíll talk about all the good fun stuff that goes along with my current offseason training, food, gear and prep for the show.


Iím 37yrs old. 6í2Ē at 275lbs right now. I have been bodybuilding since the age of 18. Started working out my senior year of high school. After I graduated I purchased a gym membership and started consuming all the bodybuilding information I could get.

I started reading all the magazines. Of course got the Oaks bodybuilding encyclopedia. I wasnít quite into the internet right at that time. The smartest thing I did was approach a trainer I thought was fucking jacked.

Sean was a super cool dude. Told him about how I wanted to get big. Being a young teenager he knew I didnít have a lot of cash. So he was kind enough to meet me outside the gym and give me information on how to train and eat. It was a huge leap forward in progress.

At the beginning of my training in June I was 163lbs. 4 months later I was 193lbs. I was sold! Bodybuilding was one of the greatest things I had ever done

So then i was stuck at 193lbs for the next 2 years. Being young, drinking, drugs and girls haulted my progress.

The next 10 years I kept training and expanding my knowledge of bodybuilding. By the time I reached my 30s I was up to 290lbs. Big and strong. Not very lean.

January 1st 2013 my wife and I got a very big surprise. She was pregnant. When she said the test was positive I felt electricity go through my head down to my toes. I was so excited about being a father. Then the next day decided to stop being scared and compete in my first bodybuilding competition
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