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So I had a interesting way of coming across LK3. I was searching some keywords to find information about stacking different products together. Read a reply that carddealer had posted in response to a guys question. He spoke very high of LK3 and the VRS line. Exotic products caught my attention.

So I searched for the sponsor thread. It was a different thread then the current one. Started reading all the replies people had written. Saw the words tren base then ordered lol.

I had ordered tren and test base in oil and injectable anadrol. Did .5cc of each one per workout. Damn. They delivered. I have a long time client I was training. He comes in and keeps checking me out. Then goes ďare you getting bigger?Ē. Yes Kevin, thatís a true statement.

So LK3 became my guy. I have ordered from him the past 2.5 years. Iíve tried almost everything he has. Iíve never been disappointed with the products.

My 2016 show was my best yet. I shared the contest photos with him. Then we began to correspond on the methods I was using to achieve my results. Iíve done my own science experiment so to speak. As I continue the log Iíll share what Iíve done to figure out what works for me
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