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So my current training split is Shoulders, Legs, Back, Chest+shoulders(no pressing), Arms then repeat. I rotate days when needed or if I had shitty training day and rehit the muscle.

4-5 exercises per group usually

Rep ranges vary depending on how I feel and where my gear level is at. Normally I hit 12reps. But if I知 feeling good that day I値l push some strength on my first exercise going down to 6 reps. If I知 needing a change I値l hit 30 reps all the way down to 10 reps for sets. That always recks me. Did it today for arms and couldn稚 touch my face.


At least 5,500 calories right now. If I知 hungry I eat more. But I don稚 force feed myself. I just stop eating when I知 full then pick up again when I知 hungry.

300g protein
600g carbs
180g fat
Staying relatively lean this off season. Working on building quality muscle and not being a fat fuck. But I do work in my cheat meals to stay sane. Even in those cheat meals I don't go overboard.


So over the past year I have taken a different approach with my gear. I got sick and tired of feeling like shit while on cycle. The first 8 weeks are great then it starts to decline. Feeling tired, sick and not wanting to eat. All big problems for a bodybuilder.

So I did what I call a down cycle last March. Took all my dosages down .5cc each week to zero. I was able to ride out for about 3 weeks on no gear. Once my weight and strength started to really decline I started back up.

I started keeping a log of all my gear consumption. Through that I tracked what dosages and compounds worked for me. Figured out what stuff made me sick and killed my appetite.

With that all figured out I have been running my gear in waves for about 8-10 weeks. Once my gym intensity, appetite and overall feeling decline I start to lower my gear each week. Taking it down to nothing. Then building it back up

Also I have been running small doses of all the compounds each day. Dividing my weekly totals over 7 days. To me it makes a big difference in mental and physical well being. Plus ED shots don't bother me

Current cycle
Masteron Enanthate

At the 4 week mark I値l add in some test base pre workout . Start at .5cc and work up to a full over a week or 2. It痴 only thing that I can take pre workout right now that agrees with me and fucking pumps me up big time mentally and physically
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