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Originally Posted by xeno316 View Post
So I had a interesting way of coming across LK3. I was searching some keywords to find information about stacking different products together. Read a reply that carddealer had posted in response to a guys question. He spoke very high of LK3 and the VRS line. Exotic products caught my attention.

So I searched for the sponsor thread. It was a different thread then the current one. Started reading all the replies people had written. Saw the words tren base then ordered lol.

I had ordered tren and test base in oil and injectable anadrol. Did .5cc of each one per workout. Damn. They delivered. I have a long time client I was training. He comes in and keeps checking me out. Then goes ďare you getting bigger?Ē. Yes Kevin, thatís a true statement.

So LK3 became my guy. I have ordered from him the past 2.5 years. Iíve tried almost everything he has. Iíve never been disappointed with the products.

My 2016 show was my best yet. I shared the contest photos with him. Then we began to correspond on the methods I was using to achieve my results. Iíve done my own science experiment so to speak. As I continue the log Iíll share what Iíve done to figure out what works for me
i like cardealer, he is a guy who really put the work into aplying some of this insanity and got the results.

my head is pretty screwy right now and my connection is limiting my posting ability but...

i want to high light something in your training.

nerve innervation!
usually starts to become "permenint" after 8 weeks or so.

what happens when you jump on? the drugs do there thing n you get strong as fuck!

what varribles do we have to develop innervations in the gym?
angle ( exercise )!

you use the gear to support the advanced training, then once the gains stop you stop! because you need to recover and let what you did become the new you!

then you go back to it.

the key is figuring out how to maintain those new innervations!

i dont have a hard answer on how exactly but thats what i have been working on with a scaled down version! lol

xeno has the big boy approach!
i have the broken old man approach! lol

later on im gona show you some tricks to extend the effectiveness of your cycle!

lil voodoo magic
gear is easy to pin! lol
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