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The diet works very well year-round for insulin-resistant individuals, women, and people over 35 years of age, just like Luis mentions.

Notice that Luis also utilized 16 hour periods of fasting with a period of running in there just like myself for rapidly loosing fat while holding onto all your muscle, even making gains in the weight room, my workout diary has it all documented.

I was not a fat kid like bodybuilder Luis Villasenor as a kid, teenager, or young adult, just the opposite, high muscular mesomorph with low 10% bodyfat....but after age 40, things started to change, even though my insulin and A1C are completely normal, I started to notice I was becoming insulin resistant, and had to make changes permanently. Luis at 10% bodyfat is 180, I am 12% bodyfat at 210 on the keto diet and loving it.

You would be amazed at how well the mk677 works with a keto diet. The increased adrenaline and nor-adrenaline daily from being on the diet is great for my morning workouts as well. Sleep was already great, but became even better on the keto diet. Strength in the gym is just as good or better as when I was carb dependent.

Easy to read slide show from bodybuilder Luis:
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