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just wanted to put in my two cents. i think sytherol is a great product. just be careful. i have done a couple of cycles sytherol. the last time i did the bicep protocol i did some nerve damage. i was up to the 3cc phase and injected into my left bicep. i felt my whole forearm get numb and then by the next day i could not flex my bicep. i would flex it and it was soft as jello. it was like that for about 4 months. i had absolutely no flex in my bicep for that period of time. strength was the same. size was the same. it was just that i would supinate my hand to flex my bicep and it was as soft as if i were just letting my arm hang there. it finally came back but it seems as though my bicep is actually smaller that when i started. it sucks but thats the truth. thats just me though......
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