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Originally Posted by gearheadz View Post
Maldrof curious to know how long did it take to inject 1ml? I hear u should do 1ml per every 1min but was curious to how you did it? Did u notice that certain areas of the biceps were easier tio hit as the other? What I mean was veins did u find ares that u did not hit as many as other places on the bicep head.
It took me about 1 min for the 1ml I would say. Always find the inner head a little more painful to hit. As far as hitting veins, it seemed like it didnt really matter where you inject. It is all a matter of luck I would say. If you are lean you can see your veins though, and inject around them. Thats what I did. I hit a few veins early on in the first 2 weeks, but after that I didnt hit any others and didnt have a single bruise!!
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