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Originally Posted by Big A View Post
I dont' think that it would help to spread the oil, but it would certainly increase the assimilation of the oil, so the results won't be as great since the oill won't sit there as long as it should.
Originally Posted by Big A View Post
What bodyparts did you use it in?

As mentioned many times, like everything else, results are individual. You can only get 1/2" or 3.5". The tightness of your fascia and your metabolic rate all affect t results.

You do everything right, you should keep the size gained minus roughly 1/2" which is the inflamation.
Hi big A
.i have done bic and tric with AAS cycl.i would like to know how long the inflamation takes to go bcz alreaday iam losing some gain its been only 4 day
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