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Synthetine results thus far

I just wanted to say I LOVE Synthetine! I just bought 3 more bottles!

I am Type 1 Diabetic, and have been for 9 years now. It has always been extremely hard for me to lose fat. I have been reading into Synthetine, and I know that Synthetine and Slin work great together so I decided to try it out.

I am actually losing fat off of my stomach and love handles! The progress I have made the past 7 weeks has exceeded what I normally do in like 10 weeks!

I started my diet @ 175lbs (I am just under 5'5) @ 15% BF and as of a few days ago was 165lbs @ 11%. That is like 10lbs of straight fat in 7 weeks!

Here is a comparison shot, Side chest, from when I started bodybuilding in 2007, the second image is When I started Synthetine and the final is from last night.

I have learned to much from this forum. The diet advice, the training advice, everything has helped me so much!

I will try and update this as my diet and Synthetine use goes along. I think I may actually be able to get abs now! actually, I know I will.
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