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Originally Posted by D3HT09 View Post
It looks like obscene amounts of this will need to be used to get an effect. Also, Follistatin alone doesn't do much. You really need to get a viral vector to get it where you want it. Many of these recent studies can be duplicated, but would require a boat load of money to do it. Just crunching the numbers (in theory of course), it would cost around $50,000 to do things correctly.

The best study I have seen yet is "Long-term enhancement of skeletal muscle mass and strength by single gene administration of myostatin inhibitors" PNAS March 18, 2008 vol 105 no 11.

This study used the FS-344 varient with GREAT success. The catch is that it is dose dependant.

I would be curious to see how your Follistatin works. I am curious which varient you have purchaced. Most are priced around 300 usd or so for a minute amount. And this is just the DNA protion, fairly useless in such a minute quantity.

I am looking forward (seriously) to what you end up doing with this stuff. There just aren't any people testing the cutting edge stuff like this out there.

DAMN!!! 50 grand?! I think I'll stick to my supps and wait till myostatin blockers become more mainline and the price drops. My car costs 50 grand and I'm still making payments on it.
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