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Originally Posted by OuchThatHurts
HOLY CRAP! From two photos taken so close together in time, that's an incredible difference! You even look a LOT fuller and the tan brings out the separation. BD21, I think you've just improved huge even since I came onboard here. What are you doing that I'm not!?! Besides a sexy, tall, former Member of the Month whose name I won't mention...

Seriously, great job.
LOL....Chris, OTH, thanks guys...I don't know what I have done other than just try and stay as consistent as possible with nutrition, training, and smart supplementation, I guess you do that long enough and you are bound to get bigger...(Oh and a tall sexy Former member of the month on the top banner doesn't hurt either.. )

I owe alot of thanks to this baord as I have picked up so much knowledge from here and have learned alot from all you guys...Its like Ron Harris always says: "The more you know, the more you'll grow"
He who follows the footsteps of others leaves no footprints of his own.....


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