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Okay things are really starting to come together this week which makes me very happy.

Skin is tighter around my midsection and the nerve damage on my lower stomach is getting better slowly.

here was yesterdays leg session, today was a rest day

Squats: 60kg x 15, 100kg x 15, 140kg x 15, 160kg x 12
Leg presss: 3 x 20 on 320kg
Standing hamstring curl: 3 x 15-20, increased weight each set
seated hamstring curl: 3 x 15-20, increased weight each set

The gym is really hot and stuffy so I struggled immensely to think straight, I was constantly drinking water all session and sweating buckets (thanks dnp)

So I felt a bit weaker as well, which should go when I drop the DNP on Monday

Hopefully the water will clear and i'll look a bit tighter and drier.

Gear is as follows

600 cyp
400 Mast e
40 nolva
375 dnp
3.6 iu gh (humatrope)

Currently doing 50 mins cardio daily (which is included in my 17000 steps)

adding tren soon, towards the last 4 weeks my cycle is gonna get pretty ridiculous, I've got a protocol now that my friend gave me when he worked with a top coach, its as follows

prop, tren, mast (doses don't matter too much, he suggested 700 weekly but i'll probably do a bit less as I'm on 600 cyp and I don't want to up my test on a prep)

200 winny daily
200 prov daily
100 var daily
40 halo daily
5 letro daily
1 adex daily
100 clen daily

This is for the last 3-4 weeks

Whether I do it or not is dependant on how mental I'm feeling and if I don't look ready.

either way, we all love to look at a crazy drug cycle and thinkg "hmm wonder what would happen if I took that?"

Eat Clen, Tren Hard and Test the limits
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