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I have three phases that I use throughout the year. I'll stay in
each one for about 3 months then switch. There's nothing scientific
to it, I just like to do it. I'll do a program similar to DC, then
I'll switch to something like what Dorian Yates did in his Olympia
video (one set all out after a few warmups). Recently I just
started adding a phase where I'll do high volume and low reps. So
throughout the year I'm using Time under Tension, negatives, rest
pause, low volume, and high volume. One thing that I noticed that
does work well for me is when I start my diet I like to use the
program that's similar to DC's style. I'll be losing fat but still
get stronger for the first 6 or 8 weeks of the diet. For all the
phases I train 2 on one off (for the most part).

Diet: Nothing too crazy here. isolate shake in the morning with
some pineapple juice (tastes good and makes other things taste
good... for the ladies ). Then an hour after that I'll start eating
normal meals. 8oz of some type of protein with some low GI carb and
some fats. I don’t count calories. I try to ballpark it around 3000
when dieting and 4000 when bulking (sometimes that creeps up to
5000 when I get fluffy). Lately I've been eating lots of yams,
brown rice with pineapple mixed in (noticing a theme here?) and
apples for fruit. protein sources: beef, chicken, tuna (not often)
and cottage cheese. Secret weapon: shake with olive oil and oatmeal
blended. When cutting I cut down on the crap (eating out and cheat
days and fried foods) and I'll only cheat with simple sugars.

Questions that I get asked all the time:
1) What do you do for traps? DB shrugs, three sets heavy as
possible. Pull up, big squeeze with a pause, then I lower and get a
good stretch and let them hang. I do anywhere between 120-150s for
2)What did I do for the Mangina? The Tuck Method. Self explanatory.
3)Why the hell do you eat all that crap? If it tastes bad, you know
its good for you. If your shake tastes good, there's probably lots
of sugar in it. If your dinners tastes good, there's probably a
better choice you could be making.
4)Dude, do you use the 'roids? Yeah, all of 'em. <rolls eyes>
5)Where did the name Mr Pickles come from? The Diet Dr Pepper
commericals "just as good as the original" The spoof from CHiPS was
CHiMPS. Jo-Jo and Mr Pickles (chimps on cop bikes) pull over Erik
Estrada and eat his bananas. Quality entertainment, just like my
sex life.
6)What do you do for calves? Nothing special, the same as you, high
reps and just do 'em slow. Thank my mommy for them.
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