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  1. L

    Selling some equipment.

    Hey guys if you live in the st louis mo Springfield il area I have some commercial equipment available to sell out of my home gym.. need some room lol 1) Atlantis side lateral machine 2) Flex incline fly machine ( great piece) 3) Strength Inc custom plate loaded incline ( adjustable grip...
  2. L

    Tb500 .. any cartilage rejuvenation experiences

    Hey.. I know there has been repeated threads on this compound.. and much of the studies are very promising . But has anyone had any positive experiences on it actually reversing cartilage degeneration or regrowth.. my shoulder is a mess and after using numerous compounds it usnt getting better...
  3. L

    DHTs are not doable lol

    I dont mess much with dhts.. I love primo but I consider it a dhb. But mast.. anavar.. winny.. I dont mess much with because quite honestly they make me unbearable in the horniness dept .. My recent cycle is 350 mgs of test... 300mgs of npp.. and I'll add a small amount of mast or proviron to...
  4. L

    Listen to your body.. it knows best

    Ok.. long story short.. I was going to drop some fat.. diet is always bad.. that wont change much lol.. but I decided to cut out cookies and candy etc.. stop fast food... eat better but as always hold onto my gains if possible.. I am always a very low dose guy.. the crap scared me to be...
  5. L


    First off... Many here know that if there is a issue between a member and a sponsor im more than willing to step in and get it amended so both parties are happy.. Done it repeatedly for decades.. ( where it's legal :p).. I want both the sponsor and the member to be happy and keep coming on PM To...
  6. L

    Time restricted eating

    I'm assuming most of us have heard about this new diet.. I have always blown it off as not condusive for bodybuilding.. But talked to a 212 competitor recently and he has been following this protocal for quite a while.. Even prepping for a show.. He eats only between 9 am and 6.. He claims it...
  7. L

    How many take t3 during cycles and what benefit do you get?

    How many here use t3 during a cycle and why? What effects have you felt? I'm only asking because I had to get a hypothyroid test today and got me thinking of many i know using t3 in cycles.. Just curious..
  8. L

    Intra drinks..

    I have used intra drinks in the past and always was amazed at how long they can postpone fatigue.. Been off them for quite a while.. Went back on today.. I had to make up a workout so ended up doing back , traps, rear delts, bi, tri.. Normally after my back, trap rear delt workout im thrashed ...
  9. L

    Expired humalog

    .. How long does humalog stay good after expired date? I have read a few sites and so say it's pure poison after date and others say they have used expired SLIN two years after and it's still fine.. It's about half a Vial full.. Been re fridges the whole time..
  10. L

    Muscle Minds Podcast.. Questions ?

    Just a heads up... I'll be substituting for Jordan Peters on Tuesday ( Jan 2nd) for Muscle Minds Podcast hosted by Dr. Scott Stevenson .. Should be fun... I used to co host with Shelby Starnes Blue Collar Muscle podcast a few years ago and it was always a good time.. I'll let Ya know the topics...
  11. L

    Is insulin as effective with low volume training ?

    We all know that protocols like milos call for high volume ( giant sets) and them humalog etc... Most will tell you there is a reason for this " depleting " style workout and milos SLIN protocal.. But can insulin be as effective with low volume ? Of course it worked for dorian.. But on the whole...
  12. L

    Facial changes with gear...

    I decided to go to the local Y today for a change of pace.. As I was doing the leg press a guy about my age came over and asked to work in.. After casual conversation I found out he was from the Chicago area and was a plastic surgeon.. I jokingly told him that I wish he were closer as Id get...
  13. L

    Sorest you have ever been....?

    I have been plenty sore over the years.. Been doing this since I was 13... I'm 49 now so IVE tried about ever training technique around.. Some have made me sore.. But a few stand out.. I never work calves.. They always were big.. Much of it im sure racing BMX from a small 8 year old to 16.. But...
  14. L

    Paulo almeida tears his bicep video.. Ouch

    He Is doing a Super League contest.. Tears it doing the lat Pulldown.. Watch the left arm.. Sucks for him..
  15. L

    My E2 and PSA blood work..

    Ok.. I have been getting my e2 checked very regular as the lab is close and its 40 dollars.. Takes away any worries and I can make adjustments.. I also check my PSA as my dad died of prostate cancer and I occasionally get " swelling" or pressure in that region.. In regards to E2 test I always...
  16. L

    Ya ever count calories and then realize....

    Ya ever count your macros and realize why your too fat ? Well been happening to this guy.. I realized I was getting too much around the love handles and was very insulin resistant.. No pumps.. fat accumulation Round the middle.. so I decided that although I want all the muscle possible I don't...
  17. L


    .. I just learned that Sean Harris.. A great man and legend in this game was killed in a car accident last night... He was a great guy.. Family man.. And one of the most knowledgable guys you'd ever meet... This is aweful..:(
  18. L


    As some of you know I have a pretty decent home gym.. I have a few pieces I am moving out to make room for other pieces.. I'm in central Illinois ... All commercial grade... 1) Cybex plate loaded isolateral row ( silver with blue pads ) 350.00 2) Strength Inc plate loaded incline press...
  19. L

    Job change... Fitness industry ?

    Ok.. Here is the situation... I work for a very large vp box store.. Have for 12 years.. They announced that my position will be eliminated in January.. I was told that they will find a position for me ( but I'll bet it will be less pay) but not sure I want to stay as the company is kinda...
  20. L


    no.. I'm not talking about the good stuff😜.. But there is a theory that raises its head every few years that Orals should be only done every other day or jyst low dose before workouts.. Now some coaches like the " mad scientist" suggest that Orals be done on a every other day basis to keep...

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