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Search results

  1. A50#

    Supps to treat ED

    Treating some ED issues right now. Cialis and Viagra both work but give me a few mild sides like sinus stuffiness so I'm trying to find some natural alternatives to help. I've seen studies that show Vit D, Vit C, B3, B9 can all play a role if deficient. L-Citrulline looks promising but I'm not...
  2. A50#

    PM Store Tank Top is Nicccce!

    Just got my first tank top from the PM store delivered today. I got the Renegade logo which brought back some fond memories. I couldn't be happier! The fit is excellent and the print is outstanding on a very nice quality tank. From start to finish just a great experience. I will definitely be...
  3. A50#

    GW 501516 Cycle..Need Experienced Help

    Is this something that needs to be taken daily for the endurance enhancement or could it just be used that day 2-3 hours before the event or is this something that works by building up in the body over time? I'm assuming that for GW's other benefits like fat loss and improving insulin...
  4. A50#

    Ameen hangin' with Rog
  5. A50#

    Cutlery Options ???

    Doing a complete kitchen renovation right now. I have never owned a decent or complete set of cutlery. I'm tired of grabbing knives that smash things rather than cut and forks and spoons that are bent up and don't match. I don't have a fortune to spend but I would like something with some...
  6. A50#

    7 Days To Recovery

    After many months without a break from training I have decided next week its time for a break. I've been tired and have a few minor aches and pains that have been bothering me. Aside from the obvious of getting plenty of rest and sleep I'm wondering what things I could do to enhance my recovery...
  7. A50#

    Diabetes Symptoms, No Diabetes ????

    I've been having this on and off situation for at least the last year or so. Lethargy..fatigue..blurry vision..ringing ears are a few of the symptoms. I wake up feeling fine but my mid day on I'm feeling 'off' on a daily basis. Very similar to an energy/sugar crash. Vision gets blurry and...
  8. A50#

    HGH and Nolvadex

    Wondering if it's counter productive to run HGH and Nolvadex at the same time. Studies have shown that Nolva decreases IGF1 levels which is the complete opposite of what were trying to do using HGH. Curious if there's a conflict of interest here.
  9. A50#

    IGF-1 LR3 SubQ or IM ?

    I've been reading debates on both methods. I've read where some people use it in lagging body parts injected via I.M. for hopes of specific site growth or injury repair. Others say IGF-1 LR3 works systematically and that site specific growth is just a myth. I know with HGH I have seen sound...
  10. A50#

    Proper IGF1 Reconstitution?

    What's the proper protocol? Back when I first tried it you used the Acetic acid to reconstitute with and then draw up some BAC water to knock down the sting of the acetic solution. A well respected friend of mine told me today he never uses the acetic solution and only uses BAC water. After I...
  11. A50#

    Mid Day Crash Meal

    Over the last month or so I've been having a huge energy dip around 1-2pm in the afternoon. I eat every two hours starting at 5am so it's not from lack of food. My diet isn't fine tuned but pretty good overall. Blood work is fine other than a higher than normal RBC. I have a break @ 1pm daily...
  12. A50#

    Vardenafil or Avanafil

    Wanting to mix things up and try something different other than Cialis or Viagra? Never tried Levitra or Stendra. Any suggestions on one or the other?
  13. A50#

    Dr. Thomas O'Conner Heart Health/Blood Pressure

    In The Clinic 9 Health Secrets Regimen - YouTube I really like this guy. Been following him for some time. Recently I've had some BP issues and just started his Bayer/Lisinopril/Bystolic/Crestor regimen today (see video at 10:24)
  14. A50#

    Safe Cycles For 40+ ???

    I know legally a doctor in the US cant prescribe drugs for athletic performance but I have a doctor I've known for 25 yrs + that is very open minded and we have talks a lot that are 'strictly off record'. Keep in mind this is coming from a general practitioner who knows very little about true...
  15. A50#

    O/T: Heavy Bag MMA/Boxing Gloves

    Can anyone recommend a good quality brand? My son has recently started training and has went through a pair of Everlast and UFC brand gloves in 2 months. They both came from Dick's Sporting Goods so I'm feeling the commercial brands may not be the way to go. I was real disappointed in the...
  16. A50#

    O/T Multi Bit HD Wallet Problems

    I've had a transaction in limbo (sending) for over 4 weeks now. There is no way to stop or undo the transaction either. The remaining balance in the wallet is all screwed up and not correct either. Now this happened before with Multi Bit but was corrected typically within a few days. The...
  17. A50#

    Harry's Razor's

    I was hopeful but in the end extremely disappointed. I got a handle 3 blades and a can of shaving gel for $3.00 with a trial offer. Impressive display but these blades are garbage. At best 2-3 use per blade and that's pushing it. They really tore my neck up. I used a brand new blade not 10...
  18. A50#

    SecureNym.Net Renewal....HELP!!!

    I'm trying to renew my account before it expires but for the life of me I can not find a 'renewal' option. I got a few emails from SecureNym and it said to login to Securenym and use the Renew feature but I don't see that listed anywhere.
  19. A50#

    My Ostarine Run...

    I thought I would share with my family here at PM my run with Ostarine aka ((2S)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide) I'm not going to get extremely detailed and put you to sleep so I will keep things brief and to the point. I started out with...
  20. A50#

    CEL X Tren and P-Plex

    If any of you liked these items you should send me a pm. I got a retired bodybuilding friend who needs to unload his treasure chest. Only a few of each left. Serious Inquires drop me a message and I will steer you the right direction.

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