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  1. D

    HGH dosages and difference in results

    Would like to hear some of your experiences seeing as how we all respond differently. I am personally doing 5iu (sometimes 6) a day which I think is the sweet spot for me in terms of growth, recovery, fat loss and overall body recomp. Bloat is almost non existant if I watch the sodium and the...
  2. D

    When is insulin required after x amount iu of hgh?

    Is it Even recuired at all? Can I Do say, 6iu hgh without insulin no problem?
  3. D

    Sodium chloride for mixing HGH?

    So, I have no access to sterile Water or bac Water untill next week. Was told I Can use sodium chloride for mixing hgh by the pharmacist. Has anyone done this or know if this is good to go? I found a couple answers online and it seems it Ok but not ideal. website says it good...
  4. D

    1-Test cyp Dihydroboldenone

    Is this gem of a compund doomed? I have ran it before and was amazed by the strength, recomp, Fat loss, hardness, cardio and overall sense of well being. The only problem is the extreme amount of pain you get. Injecting quads, cant walk. Injecting delts, cant raise arm. Injecting glutes, Can...
  5. D

    unconstituted HGH - Shelf life

    I keep reading alot about people saying hgh has a very short shelf life, even unconstituted I saw this lab result of one of TP's RIPS. This kit was tested 4/2017 and look at the results. Who's to say it cant be in the freezer for another 2 years? #9 - 4.00 - 12.00 - 99.509% - 0.734% TP...
  6. D

    Painful DHB

    I have 400ml 200mg/ml DHB Is there anything i Can Do with this to make it less painful?
  7. D

    Satchet to vial. Crashed gear

    Hey guys I have some DHB that im trying to transfer to vials and it is taking extremly long time. I am pressing with full force trough a 22um whatman filter and only one drop at a time will come out. I am using a 21g. Is there vacuum inside the empty vials that i need to draw out air first...
  8. D

    Testosterone and reduced collagen synthesis

    Until we learned that AAS (basically all of them) actually damage the tendons and hinder tendon recovery. Even the ones that supposedly "increase" collagen synthesis damage the tendons as reduce healing times. We've known this about Winstrol for a long time...and studies continue to reveal the...
  9. D

    Guaiacol as solvent really that bad?

    So, I have some DHB at 200mg/ml, **EDIT** 10% Guiacol, **EDIT** Will this small amount really have an effect on me? I have never had problems with EO. I know test susp pil based is guaiacol dominant but I dont really see too many complaints online besides the smell. I couldnt really find...
  10. D

    High test, Low e, no ai

    So I'm having a weird problem I've been on a cruise for 4 weeks 50mg Test E eod now with some proviron here and there after my blast on Primo 800mg and proviron 50mg ed. I got bloodwork done yesterday and my levels Where 828ng/dl (ranges between 800-1000ng/dl depending on when they draw blood)...
  11. D

    Masteron worth the extra cost with Tren?

    I'll be starting my summer cut in 4 weeks 50mg Test E EOD 600-800mg Tren E I have 30g Proviron Proviron I do 20-30mg on cruise and 50-70mg on blast I buy in bulk and have never ran Masteron before, so I was wondering if it's worth it to buy Masteron to run that with the Tren or spend that...
  12. D

    Some things i've noticed on test dosage and ai

    I have never gone above 250mg test a week. In the beginning I had to low dose aromasin to keep estro in check (i've been on blast/cruise for almost 1 year now) but now I can do that Without any ai. I relate this with having much lower bodyfat. If i remember correctly, fat in hip area and stomach...
  13. D

    Olympic designer steroids

    I follow amateur wrestling and MMA pretty closely and there's gotta be some unreleased steroids some of these guys are on. Yoel Romero is a nice example I think. Olymic silver medalist, several times world champion, beaten several olympic gold medalist and world champions on numerous occasions...
  14. D

    PREGNENOLONE and DHEA instead of HCG?

    Can I supplement with these two instead of using hCG?
  15. D

    S-23 Sarm - any experiences?

    For the unaware it's the strongest sarm available as of now developed by the same company who made Ostarine and S4. People who have tried it describe it as a much stronger version of S4 without the vision side effects. Dosages of 25-30mg is comparable to 50-75mg Winstrol without any of the bad...
  16. D

    Thoughts on when to start using HGH?

    Mainly for anti-aging and fat loss. I see posts about late 30's, others early 30's and even people who are in their late 20's starting and seeing good benefits Whats your personal thoughts on this? And please share some good articles if you have regarding this.
  17. D

    1-Testosterone cypionate (dihydroboldenone)

    Anyone have experience with this compound? How was it?
  18. D

    S-23 Sarm

    Anyone have experience with this sarm?
  19. D

    Can high hematocrit make your physique look worse?

    I've been on Primo for 16 weeks now 600mg, 150mg test e week, 50mg Proviron daily Last 2-3 weeks my physique has been getting a bit 'worse' so I got bloodwork done. Everthing is normal and in range except my hematocrit. I'm lethargic, my mind is a bit foggy, libido is there and good but not...
  20. D

    Andarine (S4) - SARM

    I've ran it before at 50-75-100mg. The upping of dosage only made it work better. Haven't ran it higher. Vision sides was nothing to write home about personally. It was just slight in the beginning and yellow then the longer I was on my eyes adjusted and I could see fine. Made me very strong...

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