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Search results

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    Matt Jansen

    I was like I said and I canceled it. It was crap. It’s just diets of his athletes and updates on them. At least jp site is motivating. And Phil site I would never join because the signing up fee. Guy is also so delusional when it comes to his own training and physique. I don’t think I’ve seen...
  2. N

    Matt Jansen

    mentzer was a way lower volume guy then Dante. 1-2 warm up sets, 1 set to failure. 2 exercises total. And 2 different workouts a week. Which then progressed. To even lower volume as mike got older doing 1 work out every 14 days dante is totally different
  3. N

    Matt Jansen

    I joined his pay site and it sucked. Quit after a month. he also just basically stole his “famous training methodology” from Dante
  4. N


    I’m sure ugl are majorly stocking up. But prices will rise as people will see it as harder to get. More profit for labs. I’m sure another country will take over. It’s a billion dollar industry. Although I’ve read nothing about actually banning raws? So this could all be for nothing. I’m sure...
  5. N

    If money was no issue... (not aas related)

    I would start a animal sanctuary for any pets that people didn’t want or take in all strays. Make my own private gym oxygen gym style but free to anyone whose invited to be a member. No drop ins no one who isn’t invited. And travel with friends. Wouldn’t donate money to any charity cause most of...
  6. N

    Why is injectable Superdrol so much stronger than oral?

    I didnt run 80mg a day lol. I can’t tolerate 20mg a day without feeling like shit after a week highest I’ve gone was 60mg oral back in the day when I was young and could tolerate lethargy
  7. N

    Prolactin inhibits dht

    I’ll say it again dave really knows his shit
  8. N

    Why is injectable Superdrol so much stronger than oral?

    I’ve done 80mg/ml no problems lol
  9. N

    Rebounding post show. What way do you do it?

    Was having a talk with a few people today about post show rebounds. I’ve always been the type of guy who drops down to 500mg of test prop and just ride it out for 4 more weeks or until progress slows. From the show I raise carbs pretty Fast and i go right back to calorie maintenance and slowly...
  10. N

    Does synthetic slin inhibit synthetic gh ffa release?

    How do these two function when taken together? Does insulin inhibit free fatty acid release? Does it negate the fat loss benefit of gh? As obviously it will cause a greater igf release Or do you just get the best of both worlds? Talking mainly preworkout
  11. N

    Need Frag, cjc/hex/ghrp2 advice

    Since I’m retired from bodybuilding, I rather not spend hundreds on a month (I’m Canadian) so I’m gonna give these peps a try as they have been backed by scientific evidence in humans to work. What is the best approach to these if mixing? I know frag has to be taken on an empty stomach and...
  12. N

    Syntherol question

    What do you guys do for muscle knotting? I just started 3cc in 2 spots daily for biceps and muscles are so knotted I can't bend my arms. How do you prevent this?
  13. N

    Highest dose mk677 to still increase igf 1

    My pharm source of gh is no longer. And until I find a find a good local source I'm gonna just run peptides. No matter what dose of mk677 I run i blow up with water and get tired as fuck. So if I'm gonna run it I may aswell run it higher. I've tried 12.5 I've tried 25mg. No difference in...
  14. N

    Gear absorption

    What do u guys to increase absorption of gear? I've heard a few things from knowledgeable people about injecting gear into scar tissue how it doesn't absorp and body basically just rids it Aswell as if ur injecting gear that causes swelling especially if it's major swelling how the body...
  15. N

    Dnp with Insulin

    Been reading alot into this combo. In theory it makes sense. But I'm looking for real life experience. As I'm running dnp right now and thinking about using slin but I don't want to slow the fat loss down. Did u guys still burn fat rapidly? Did u actually stay full and or put on muscle, Did...
  16. N

    Your favorite preworkout meals to maximize your pump?

    What is your favorite meal/snack to eat preworkout? I know some guys like fast digesting light foods while some go with heavy foods such as beef ect. What do u prefer and how long before do you eat ur meal? Personally I get the best workouts when I go with beef rice and a couple chocolate...
  17. N

    Best peps for fullness?

    Starting up a peptide go again here shortly.looking for maximum fullness and to stay full blown, cycle I'm thinking of is either mk677 n cjc with dac. Or hex with cjc no dac. Used all before and mk677 gives great fullness which makes me think using dac is a waste. But my best results have came...
  18. N

    What pep company do you Canadians use?

    I've always gone with extreme peptide. But since my order being shorted 2 weeks ago and still not receiving them and them not responding to several emails me and several friends are looking for a new peptide company. Located in canada as I don't want orders siezed because I'm bringing in say...
  19. N

    pure oils trest ace log.

    picked up a few vials of trest ace from pure oils. thought i would add another log to the internet so people have some research to go off of because little is known about this product. process ordering from pure oils, back ordered on the 4th of December, product was said it was available and...
  20. N

    anyone try high doses lr3?

    hearing all sorts of mixed reviews on what people think of lr3, my only test was with ispen icrelex and it worked awesome, but i cant get my hands on any and its been over 2 years. anyone try lr3 at doses 200+mcg a day? 300? 500? and if u have what were the results like? compared to say 100mcg...

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