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  1. muscle96ss

    Anybody Here Ever Been on Dialysis?

    To make a long story short, I have had a nice run of bad luck over the past year and my immune system has destroyed my kidneys. My current GFR is 8 and I meet with my nephrologist on thursday where I am 100% positive we will be starting dialysis. I am currently going through the work-up at...
  2. muscle96ss

    OT - Any Landlord/Tenant Legal Gurus out there?

    Ok, my family has been going through a real rough time with our recent move and am looking to get some expert opinions on what is considered normal and acceptable for move-in condition of a house. We rented what was advertised as an "Executive home" in a high end neighborhood for an expensive...
  3. muscle96ss

    Weird Muscle Cramps; Stewie and Others please Read!

    Ok, I have been having an issue with strange muscle cramps for about a year now and am wondering if others have had or seen anything similar. When I say "strange", let me explain by giving you an example of what happened this past friday night. About 2 hours after I went to sleep I awoke to...
  4. muscle96ss

    kid1dakota your PM box is full!!

    Please clear out your PM's, have an important matter! Thanks!!
  5. muscle96ss

    Progen Peptides CJC w/DAC 5mg

    Is anybody currently using Progen's 5mg DAC that has used DAC previously? I switched from their 2mg vials to 5mg and have noticed a decrease in the intensity of the side effects. I am curious if anyone else has noticed anything similar or if it is just me. I am probably going to get an IGF-1...
  6. muscle96ss

    Anybody Use a Night Splint on their Foot?

    To make a long story short, I need to a massive reconstruction surgery on my left ankle which due to money and time is not going to happen(have needed it for around 5 years now). As a result, my left ankle is hypermobile in all movements. Whats happening is that during the night my ankle is...
  7. muscle96ss

    Synerbolics 3 MHD Log

    Started this morning, obviously nothing to report yet, but will keep everyone updated. The only AAS I am running right now is 200mg per week Test E.
  8. muscle96ss

    Genotropin Pen Users Inside

    I have been using the 5mg Genotropin cartridges recently and am almost out and getting ready to switch to a 36iu pen. For the 5mg cartridges I just reconstitute and draw out of the cartridge(don't have a pen for those). I am wondering whether those that are using the pens actually use the pen...
  9. muscle96ss

    rAJJIN - Please Read!

    rAJJIN - I sent you a PM last night regarding an urgent safety matter and want to make sure you read it.
  10. muscle96ss

    CJC w/DAC; Anyone do IGF-1 Before and After?

    I have been on cjc w/dac at 2mg on monday and 2mg on friday for the past month and just got my bloodwork back and my IGF-1 levels were no different than before. I was under the impression that cjc w/DAC would raise your IGF-1 levels considerably at that dosage. Has anybody done bloodwork...
  11. muscle96ss

    My Serostim Results: Generic vs Pharm Grade Comparison: Confused

    Ok, for those that are not familiar with my posts on GH, I have been using GH for over 2 decades now and probably for the past 10 years without any breaks(mostly at 4iu per day the last 5 or so years). I have bloodwork done roughly every year and always have IGF-1 levels included in that. I...
  12. muscle96ss

    Any Way to Test Protein?

    Recently the company that I had been purchasing my grass-fed micellar caesin from quit selling it(not a sponsor). I wanted to try Emeric and Phil's but they were out at the time so I went with another company that claimed grass-fed(not a sponsor but believe they were at one time). When I...
  13. muscle96ss

    GH Antibodies: Fact or Fiction? My Experience

    For a while now people have been mentioning that you need to take time off GH because you will develop antibodies to it and while your serum tests may be showing that you are injecting real GH, your IGF levels may not. I believe it was LEX who mentioned in another thread that he was going to be...
  14. muscle96ss

    Vitamin D Absorption Problems!

    I just got my blood results back and my vitamin D levels are 26.9, which is low. What makes this odd is before bed each night I take 10 drops of LEF Vit D3 2000iu per drop. Last week my wife got her blood test back and her vitamin D levels were 92.7(almost toxic) and she takes the exact same...
  15. muscle96ss

    Need Help with Estrogen!!

    Ok, I just got my blood work back. I have been using for well over 2 decades and never had an estrogen problem before at any dosage until the past year(and thats without ever taking any AI's). Currently I am taking 350 mg Test E per week along with 200 mg Deca and my estradiol is 276. I have...
  16. muscle96ss

    Anybody ever hear of Labmax steroid testing kit?

    testing steroids at home with test kit, trenbolone acetate - YouTube Anybody ever hear about this testing kit before. I did a search and can't seem to find too much info on it. I am seriously considering ordering it, but figured I would get some opinions first. I know that it won't tell me...
  17. muscle96ss

    OT: Any Lawyers or Attorney out there?

    Just got a phone call from my bank here in Arizona and apparently there is $3000 hold being put on our checking account from an attorneys office in Putnam, NY for a medical bill for my wife in 1996(yes 1996). We have never had any notice of this supposed bill and it has never been on her credit...
  18. muscle96ss

    Anybody Familiar with Vegas?

    Going to Vegas next thursday for the Olympia again and staying at Aria. I am looking for the best local neighborhood sushi bar or teppanyaki restaurant. Friday we are going to Yellowtail at the Bellagio, so I figured thursday we would do a more low-key, cheaper, and more traditional dinner...
  19. muscle96ss

    TN's Chocloate Orange is the way to go!!

    I have what I call a "protein bar"(kind of like a salad bar as opposed to a bar that you eat). I have various proteins, carbs, fats, and supplements and customize each shake depending on when I am drinking it. I have a shitload of flavor packs from TN but until this week have not found one...

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