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Accutane Article

Ethan James

Jun 24, 2003
****This is an article I pulled from the Old UG board before it turned to dust.****

Date: August 31, 2002 12:58 AM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
i post this a while back to someone else, but it applies to you all...

my advice is this....if you have bad acne and its on your chest and back shoulders etc....then i would do this, do 5-6 months of accutane straight no JUICE...yes NO juice....because to get the full effects of accutane u need to kill the sebum glands....and if you juice (which make the sebum glands overactive) you are coutering out the effects of accutane...which means less results while on the accutane and less results in the future, plus Accutane is nasty, nasty shit. I'm sure most of us know that vitamin A is one of the more toxic vitamins available. Well, accutane is two chemical steps past vitamin A...13-cis retinoic acid. This stuff puts tremendous stress on your liver, as its very resistant to regular vitamin A breakdown enzymes (hence has a long half life) and is poorly exported. you're supposed to take it in order to permenantly alter gene expression in your sebacious (oil) glands. During this brief time, your liver is going through hell, as it has to juggle existing vitamin A stores with this metabolite you're exposing it to. I'd stay away from any gear while you're on it...the dosage is weight dependant....and also slightly on how bad the acne is...

if you got a 10 out of 10 bad acne and weight over 220 lbs then u need 120 mgs ED for 5-6 months....your 1st month may be 80 mgs per day

if you got a 5 out of 10 acne and weight over 220 then u can get away with 80 mgs ED for 5-6 months

if you got a 10 out of 10 bad acne and weight under 200 lbs then u need 80 mgs ED for 6 months....your 1st month may be 60 mgs per day

if you got a 5 out of 10 bad acne and weight under 200 lbs then u need 60 mgs ED for 6 months....your 1st month may be 40 mgs per day

these are approximations, everyone is a little different

you should not juice because it will and can really phuk up the liver, besides it increases your chances of the acne comming back in the future, hence u just wasted some good accutane and money because the real gel caps arent CHEAPPPPPPPPPPPP

1. in the studies on accutane 2 things came out crystal clear...if you do not do it long enough (4-8 months) then there is a good chance u will have to do accutane again (esp if your a juicer) because u didnt kill the sebum glands...u just pist them off and dried your skin out...thats why they tell u to stay on it even when ur skin clears up...because in order for it to work right, u must not just dry the skin out, u must kill the sebum glands

2. 2nd thing from the studies on it....if you do not do enough of a high dosage then there is a good chance u will have to do accutane again (esp if your a juicer) because u didnt kill the sebum glands...u just pist them off and dried your skin out...thats why they tell u to stay on it even when ur skin clears up...because in order for it to work right, u must not just dry the skin out, u must kill the sebum glands...with accutane MORE IS BETTER...this is not so for most drugs...but with ACCUTANE MORE IS a point dont go crazy and do 180 mgs when u could do 120 mgs....u must dose it just right and to be on the safe side up the dosage 20mgs for a while...then back down....

3. get blood work done ASAP and while on it every month...

4. TAKE ALPHA LIPOIC ACID @ 1000mg per day
possibly take milk thistle as well but definately Alpha lipoic acid

if you do 1,2,3,4 and not juice then u will get 100% great results from accutane and you will thank me 2 years from now when u are on 1 g of sust, 50 mgs dbol, 400 mgs EQ...and then finish with 6 weeks of winny and u WERE ACNE FREE FOR THE WHOLE CYCLE AND EVEN POST CYCLE.... do it right, be smart....and u wont regret it

accutane is 6 months of hell, dry chapped lips and rashes and dandruff, bloody noses, but WELL WORTH IT....

now if you have done accutane before and or have minimal zits during a cycle and post cycle like a 3 out of 10, then do these things (u can also add in approx 10 mgs eod of accutane to help mid and or just post cycle to help keep the skin dryer and clearer, just make sure not to do it will on 17aa orals, and to take 1000 mg ALA and possibly milk thistle)

ok here is what to do
antibiotic dicloxacillin 1500mgs per day or so approx (ive heard this will do just as good as accutane and within a week or so u should see a dramatic difference

in the mean time till u get the antibiotics (oh ya tetra, doxy, mino, SUCK....dont use them in the place of dicloxacillin)

alcohol witch hazel combo 50%/50% spray your affected areas after every shower (you should be taking 3 a day) let it air dry and then again if you like (i do that at night time) , it will help dry out the oily skin and is a antiinflamitory to help the ones there already

zinc picolante 50 mgs per day (the most absorb'd form of zinc)

chromium at least 120 mcgs per day(your multivit prob has this) (ance sometimes is referred to diabetes of the skin and this helps with insulin sensitivity)

vitamin b-5 (pantheonic acid) if you got it bad i would use minimum 5 grams per day cheapest i have found is by NOW and cost me like 13-15 bucks for 125 grams (it is 500 mgs capsules) i also used to use country life 1000 mg slow release b-5

beta carotene 25,000 i u capsules (i would take 100,000 iu per day and drop it in half when u see a 50% improvement) this is vitamin a and its non liver toxic unlike real vitamin a, and a 20-30 mg accutane capsule is in my estimation equal to 300,000 iu vitamin a or so (something like this i used to be more accurate but forgot the actual equilivent but this is close) its super cheap

vitamin c vitamin e will help and u should be taking them anyways

antibiotics (some form of peneicillin seems to be popular and some swear by it like streatch mark boy) dicloxiciline and 500 mgs 4 x a day ( i would take a pro-biotic if you take this one as well, Acidophilus i think PB8 is one of those types of supplements)

flax oil 3-6 tbsp per day

all above things should be easy to get and u should see improvement with in a week and within a month most if not all should be gone, in the future use this above stack to keep your acne at bay while on...all and all it wont cost more than 100 bucks for 3-4 months supply, and is WELL WORTH IT and some of them u should be taking anyways

if you have any specific questions please PM me...ill help as much as i can....


Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
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Date: April 06, 2002 07:38 AM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
You can dry pimples up by putting lemon juice or apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and applying it to the pimples.
Vitamin A reduces production of keratin and its build-up in the follicle
Tea Tree oil has long been used for mild to moderate acne
This special form of zinc has been used because it is better absorbed than other forms. Zinc plays an important role in skin health. Studies have shown that supplementation with zinc helps reduce acne breakouts. A deficiency of zinc can cause skin problems such as acne. Too little zinc weakens immunity, but too much does so also. In one study zinc given to acne patients was shown to be as effective as an oral antibiotic. The amount given was 30 mg two to three times a day. Improvement may take up to 2 to 3 months. I don't recommend taking over 60 mg a day, and never over 100 mg. When taking zinc long term, you must take 2 or 3 mg of copper a day. This is because zinc and copper block each other's absorption in the body. If you supplement with zinc but not with copper, you could induce a copper deficiency, which leads to certain health problems. The best form of copper is copper sulfate or cupric sulfate. Try to avoid copper oxide, which the body can't absorb.
Chromium Picolinate to balance sugar and fatty acid metabolism which are known to aggravate skin conditions (many dermatologists call acne skin diabetes) Researchers have found that people with unstable blood sugar levels have a high incidence of severe acne and that when these patients are given 400 micrograms of chromium in the form of yeast, their skin rapidly improved Chromium is found in brewers yeast and molasses. High-chromium yeast is known to improve glucose tolerance and enhance insulin sensitivity. In an uncontrolled study, chromium was reported to induce rapid improvement in patients with acne.
Anti-Inflammatory remedies used topically within the context of daily hygiene can be helpful. Astringents will, when used topically, similarly help in cleansing and avoid secondary infection. See below
Witch hazel and alcohol in a spray bottle 50/50 mix and spray 2-3 times a day over the affected area..
EFA’s flax or udo’s very good for the body and skin
We all know about b-5 anywhere from 2-10 grams a day may be effective
Here is my anti acne stack Vitamin A 100,000 IU/day for 3 months (I use beta carotene because its not liver toxic)(while on I normally take 50,000 iu but start with 100,000 and drop from there as needed) Vitamin E 400 IU/day (anti oxidant) Vitamin C 1000 mg/day (anti oxidant) Zinc 50 mg/day as picolinate Selenium 200 mg/day Brewer's Yeast 1 tablespoon twice a day or at minimum 120 micrograms and up to 400 micrograms of chromium Alcohol and witch hazel spray 2-3 times a day on affected areas 1-2 grams of vitamin b 5 (but some people only get results from like 12 grams a day) tanning a few times a week drinking plenty of water 3-6 tbsp of flax per day steam room a few times a week to open the pores and push out the oils (steam then jump into the cold pool or cold shower to open and close the pores repeat a few times tea tree oil wash (good stuff) benzoyl peroxide at night if I get any little zits I take 2 showers where I use soap (I use dove because if you over dry the skin it will try to counter act it and produce more oil to balance out the dryness) I normally take a rinse off as well, where I just jump in the shower and rinse off like 1-2 min I use a non-pore clogging lotion after the morning shower but in the evening I don’t use the lotion. Propecia or finastride ive never used but heard a few good things about it
Ive used tetracycline, doxycycline, monocycline and never got any results from them
Ive read a lot about the dicloxaciline 250 mgs 4 times a day I think was the dosage
If I was you I would start taking all the above shit for the next month or so and if you don’t see any results then I would get my hands on some accutane and start taking it immed. 20 mgs a day for a month or so will get u back on track for the competation, then after its over u might consider a 5-6 month treatment on the accutane juice free…it will be well worth it…as it kills the sebum glands permanently…but I think u will see results from the above shit…and its pretty cheap as well…all the above shit should cost less than 50 bucks and no more than 75 bucks…tanning included haha…plus im sure u are taking some of these things already (E, C, multivitamin, flax, tanning)

Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
(**broken link removed**)

Date: December 19, 2001 10:34 AM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
hum, i didnt know the beta c was non toxic...thats very interesting...i just use vit A 25,000 iu caps (2 or 4 of them per day) spray yourself with a 50/50 solution of witch hazel and alcohol 91%...get some zinc 50 mgs...vitamin b5 (panthothenic acid) few grams per day....i dont like retin A never saw any results from it...if you havent done accutane i strongly recommend it for 6 months @ a high dosage to make sure u kill the sebum glands..thats what i did and i make sure i dont break out anymore by using the above "stack"...BK

Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
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Date: November 09, 2001 12:58 AM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
ok accutane is a touchy thing...most people only need 1 round of it to fix the problem (considering if the did it for 5-6 months at the correct dosage) but some people who only did a low dosage and for less that 5 months may need another round, and some people need 2 rounds just to take care of the problem, but if you do it right i would guess that 95% of people dont need round 2 or much was your dosage last time around? if it was 60 mgs i would up it 20 mgs to 40 mgs 2 times daily...for 6 months...not 5...I WOULDS NOT DO ANY JUICE WHILE ON IT THIS ROUND...and i know its tough but its somthing u have to do to prevent the reoccuring breakouts...YOU MUST KILL THE SEBUM GLANDS IN THE SKIN AND JUICE MAKES THEM PRODUCE MORE OIL so its defeating the search on acne and read my suggestions for pre-during-and post cycle acne recommendations... so take all the accutane now and get some IP 20mgs for the future cycles... i would think that 40 mgs per week would suffice for future cycles and on the days u dont take accutane during the cycle take 50,000 I.U. vitamin A...if you have any questions after searching the acne threads from the UG e mail me and ill help you out...i broke out once really bad and since then never again...i learned how to control it to pretty much nothing...BK

Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
(**broken link removed**)

Date: October 09, 2001 05:05 PM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
here is what i suggest...stop juicing go on the accutane for 6 months at a high dose...the dose is weight dependant...200 lb guy needs approx 80 mgs a day for 6 months...then on the next cycle use 50,000 i.u. vitamin A (bump that up to 100,000 i.u. if you see some acne come up but no ACCUTANE WITH THE VITAMIN A), 1-8 grams of vitamin B5 per day (start lower then add more if you see acne come up, get a spray bottle half with rubbing alcohol (get the 91% tough stuff) and half with witch hazel, also zinc 50mg per day...this should clear u up...i suggest you do it this way because the accutane at first will kill you sebum glands (oil glands) and the acne prob wont be a problem even when on cycle, but those other things help to can start with the above stuff witout the accutane and it should h elp ALOT, but in the order i said above is the way to go about it for future clearness...good luck...if ya need some accutane e mail me...BK

Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
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Date: July 24, 2001 01:59 PM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
how much do you weigh, dosage is weight dependant ( youll probably need at least 40mgs, but more likely youll need up to 80 mgs) how bad is you acne on a 1-10 scale (10 being you are covered in big cystic type zits)if you are 200 lbs or more and the acne is like a 5-10 youll need the higher dosage, 80 mgs, for 6 months if you less than 200 and acne is 0-5 then you might get away with 40 mgs for 5 months) 8 weeks isnt enough for even a little 100 lb girl you MUST do it correctly and long enough to KILL the sebum glands (oil glands) 5-6 months of 40-80mgs per day, no juice and for sure no orals, no tanning and i can say that your acne problems are probably gone for sure...but if you dont go long enough or a high enough dosage you are wasting your time and money because it will come back. This is 5-6 months of hell, your skin gets all dry, rashes and dandruff likely, chapped lips and some depression, BUT NO MORE will be glad you did not at my CPU till the end of the month, but i think i have some good info for you and maybe we can get you the accutane for free from roche, i might not have the info though, e mail me aug 1st and ill reply with some info for you...BIGKRIS

Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
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Date: November 21, 2000 11:57 PM
Author: Papa Smurf ([email protected])
Accutane(Isotretinoin) is simply a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A. It will not kill "sebum glands" it only decreases the amount of oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands. It is a fact, that accutane is not a permenant cure for acne. 1 person in 10, acne returns after 1 year, 1 person in 4, acne returns after 2 years. So eventually, the production of oil kicks back in progressively over time. But, after looking at some real world experience, I have seen cystic acne cured for good. My own included. After my cycle my acne returned after only 2 months! But it has been 7 years since that cycle and I still only have the white-heads and black-heads, but no cystic shit. Even while using dbol,test,anadrol, and other goodies. The sad truth is, that there is no cure for acne. Your body eventually becomes immune to the effects of antibiotics, and you can only handle so many cycles of toxic amounts of vitamin A. And that is exactly what accutane is. That is why you are constantly monitored by your doctor while on. It seemed like it took about a year for the pain in my joints to subside from accutane use. So while I'm glad that I did do it, because it got rid of my cystic acne, I probably won't do it again unless my acne gets very severe. Acne runs in my family, and I'm sure I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. Some of my relatives still have it into their late 40's, and bad. I've found that, to keep break out to a minimum, try to tan 1-3 times a week, wash your face with Neutragena acne soap(bar). It helps to keep poors small. Get a scrub brush for your back, and for whatever pimples you do have, apply either teatree oil, Retin A, or diferrin gel(sp?). Whichever is available to you. Avoid squeezing cystic pimples until they come to a head or you could spread it further under the skin. Sometimes, they go away with out coming to a head and other times, they just take forever until they are ready to pop. I use to use sav on my cystic acne, and usually the next day they were ready to pop. You can also try the Pantothenic acid loading, some people have been doing well on it, and it isn't near as toxic as Vit A is since it is water soluble and not fat soluble. However, I don't think it will do much if your acne is either, very severe, or light-but very persistant, but you never know. It's still a fairly new thing and it's just like anything else in that it will work for some but will not for others.

Private Message (Papa Smurf) || No Profile Exists!
(**broken link removed**)

Date: November 21, 2000 12:29 AM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
accutane sometimes cures permanently and sometimes you have to take 2-3 courses to permanently cure also depends on how you did your 1st accutane "cycle' MUST do it for 5-6 months and it must be a HIGH DOSAGE...if you only did 40 mgs research has proven that it will cure it for a shorter period of time than if you did 80...hence you would have to do another "cycle" of the doesnt just cure cystic acne..its mainly used for people with cyctic KILLS the sebum glands so they cannot produce oil to cause the blockage and a its not selective, it will kill all ZITS....i disagree with papasmurf, i dont think he knows what he is talking about...BK

Private Message (Big Kris) || No Profile Exists!
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Date: May 09, 2000 12:45 PM
Author: Big Kris ([email protected])
OK i see all these posts on acne and i think its probably the most common side effect so ill try to give some great info here for everyone...
Acne is considered male hormone dependant, and these hormones control the sebaceous gland secretion of oils, waxes to lubricate the skin..yet excess hormones exacerbate the development of abnormal growth of the hair follicile (the little red ones mainly that nizoral may help clear up)..but the excess secretion if not really the main problem, there is a poor correlation between blood levels of these hormones and severity of acne...more important is that the skin shows greater activity of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) other aspect to consider that not too many people know or talk about is the contribution of intestinal toxaemia...some sutides (not for juice patients but i assume its exacerbated even more with most weight gaining diets)showed that 50% of patients with sever acne had increased blood levels of toxins absorbed from the intestines, and these toxins cause an increase in copper:zinc ratio which stimulates inflamation and enhances tissue destruction.
it also has been suggested that the skin is suffering from impaired glucose tolerance and insulin insensitivity (all u insulin users probably dont experience acne, let us know) and some derms inject insulin directly into lesions or systematically..some derms call this skin diabetes because skin biopsies revealed that their skin's glucose tolerace was significantly impared
remedy: chromium...which has been shown to improve glucose tolerance and enhance insulin sensitivity...probably 400 micrograms per day is sufficient
Vitamin A: reduces sebum production and hyperkeratosis of the sebaceous folliciles..50,000 IU per day for 2-3 weeks before cycle, during cycle, and 2-3 weeks after, just be careful because it can be toxic, (accutane is in the range of 300,00-400,000 IU per day i believe) and never this high on a cycle because it can be toxic as hell...the research i did on this showed that hypertosis of vit a (sever toxic levels of vit a) all the side effects will go away when stopped after a few if you feel any wierd stuff stop lower the dosage or stop it for a few weeks
zinc: zinc does alot of is involved in local hormone activation, vit a binding protein formation, wound healing, immune system activity, inflammation control and tissue regeneration..i wont go into the research but basically zinc has been to be effective as antibiotics like tetracycline (and no side effects like the cyclines like possible declined protein absorb, yellow teeth ect...) the majority of resrarch provided said that about 12 weeks of zinc supplementation before results start to show up, but cyclines take at least4-6 weeks...also levels of zinc are lower in 13-14 year old males than anyother age group (maybe thats a indication if i have ever seen one, because low levels of zinc increase the conversion of testosterone to its more active form DHT while high concentrations of zinc significantly inhibit this reaction)....last the type of zinc used should be zinc picolinate at 45-50 mgs per day..the picolinate is the most absorable form of zinc (and may make the results seen in less than 12 weeks)..other types of zinc will work but take longer prob wont be as effective...
vit E..mainly because it regulates vit a in humans...but has free radical properties that make it very useful
just a note: vitamin b6 is supplemented for women with premenstural acne, this reflects its role in the normal metabolism of steroid hormones, take this for what its worth, but vit b6 deficiency in rats appears to cause an increased uptake and sensitivity to testosterone....
Echinacea angustifolia: has properties that are good for inhibiting inflamation, promoteing healing, stimulating the immune system, killing bacteria all good for ance treatment. 500-1000 mgs
goldenseal: detoxifing and antibacterial properties
adding fiber into the diet to help absorb food properly and clean out bowels meaning less absorption of toxins
recap: vit a 50,000 iu vit b complex 3 x recommended daily allowance vit e:400-800 Iu per dau chromium: 400 micrograms per day zinc picolinate: 45-50 mgs per day fiber supplement echinacea augstifolia: 500-1000 mgs per day goldenseal
my experiences: accutane 40 mgs 1st month, 80 mgs for next 4 months, it was rough while on the accutane (no juice either) and all was cleared up, i had chapped lips and dry skin and flaking dandruff and flaking dandruff on my face..BUT WELL WORTH ALL THE BS that came along with the accutane..if you do it in winter like me youll have more dry chapped skin and if in the summer youll have less dry skin but sun sensivity...its your choice
i am gonna use small amount of accutane during next cycle like 40 mgs a week or something (2 weeks before, during, and last week of cycle and 2 weeks after ill use 80 mgs a week)
i wouldnt suggest anyone using nizoral i tried it and it really was a waste of 20 bucks...but i never tried the 2% prescription version...
a good soap bar to use while on is pan oxy bar its 5 or 10% benzoil peroxide bars
those facial muds that women use are highly effective in drying up oils sucking oils and other crap outta the pores, i like to use them on my shoulders and back and face even without any zits, makes you skin look and fell better..
dont shower too many times it dries the skin out so much that your body produces more oil to make up for it being so dry..the most impt time is right after working out
cleaning or changing sheets and pillow cases at least once a week..i know some of you guys probably never change yours...think of all the crap on those sheets. YUCK hahaha
light lotion is good after cleaning the skin
witch hazel..i use it on my legs with some aloe vera gel after shaving and no ingrown hairs..its good for inflamation of the skin
well im sure i missed a few, but ill re edit it here later on and see what else i can add...hope this helps all of you...BIGKRIS

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