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An Interview with TrueProtein Sponsored Athlete Brad “b-boy” Davis


IFBB PRO / Double Featured Member/Kilo Klub
Kilo Klub Member
Oct 3, 2005
I’ve known top NPC light-heavyweight bodybuilder Brad Davis for about half a dozen years now, first through his association with Troponin Nutrition and then just from hanging out together at shows and conversing on bodybuilding message boards and via email.

Brad’s a very laid back guy and always has a smile on his face, but his physique doesn’t look like that of a daydreamer; think more of a miniature Ronnie Coleman, especially in terms of density and back development.

Despite a disappointing showing at the NPC Jr Nationals last month, Brad is ripped and ready for battle at the upcoming USAs in Las Vegas. Look for him to be in the first callout in the light heavyweight class this weekend.

Without any further ado, let’s get to know Brad “b-boy” Davis.

Age: 38
Height: 5'5
Offseason Weight: 230-240
Contest Weight: 190-195

SS: How did you get into weight lifting?
BD: Well I am from a small football town in southern Ohio and football is everything there, I was a running back and being only 5ft something my coach told me I better get hella strong to be in his backfield, so that’s what I did, I became the strongest guy on the entire football team!

SS: Why bodybuilding?
BD: I just really got tired of everyone constantly telling me that I should compete! I use to walk around pretty ripped all the time and I just got tired of people saying that to me so I said the heck with it and got up on stage, I have always been a fan of bodybuilding but really never had a real passion to get up there myself, but once I did I was hooked!!

SS: Were you always a pretty muscular guy? Always pretty strong?
BD: I was a skinny kid that started lifting at age 13 for football and my body changed very very fast, so i was hooked, I have always been extremely strong in the gym, like I said earlier i became the strongest guy on the entire football team and I was a running back..LOL

SS: When and why did you first decide to compete?
BD: When I moved to Paducah, Kentucky for a new job, I found a nice Gold’s gym there and I wasn't there for a week until once again every guy in the gym started telling me I ought to compete, there were a few guys that competed in some shows in there and they suggestion I do the Kentucky muscle in Louisville, Kentucky and I finally gave in and did the show.

SS: Is bodybuilding pretty popular in Kentucky? Are there a lot of competitors at your gym?
BD: Yes there are quite a few guys that compete in my gym, Figure is also getting pretty big in my area as more and more ladies are getting into it, most do the Kentucky shows like the Bluegrass Classic, Kentucky Muscle, and Northern Kentucky shows.

SS: Tell us about your competition history, and also your competition future.
BD: In 2003 I finally got up the nerve to do the Kentucky Muscle show in Louisville, KY and got 4th in the light heavy's. It was a huge disappointment as i had more muscle than anyone in my class and probably in the heavy's also I just didn't get lean enough. I then decided the following year to do the Caveman Classic in Arnold, Missouri and I won a very competitive light heavy class and went on to win the overall. 2005 I did the NPC Jr. Nationals and got 2nd in the light heavy's, 2006 Ii tried my hand at Nationals and got my butt handed to me and placed 14th. 2007 I went to Cleveland, Ohio and did the IFBB North Americans and got 3rd place in the light heavy's, 2008 I placed 8th at the NPC Nationals, 2009 I went to Lexington, KY and competed in the Bluegrass Classic and got 1st in the light heavy's and lost the overall to the heavyweight, I then went on to Nationals 4 weeks later and placed 10th in the light heavy's, 2010 I just did the NPC Jr. Nationals and placed a highly disappointing 9th in the heavyweight class, and on July 30th I will be going out to Las Vegas, NV to get redemption at the NPC USA's.

SS: How has your training style developed over the years?
BD: My training was always heavy and intense, that’s the way I trained for football. I then remembering finding an article called "cycle for pennies" on a message board and that changed my thoughts on training forever, I then got into Dc training and that has been my bread and butter ever since. I now have been lifting since i was 13 yrs old and I’m currently 38 so my joints have taken a toll over the years and DC training seems to wear them out at an accelerated rate so I can't blast and cruise like I want anymore, so I have changed my workouts a lil in the last couple years where I do more forced negatives, a lil rest pause here and there and just really focus on the negative portion of the exercise more than I used to. I have also changed my leg workouts to a lot more volume and it has worked wonders.

SS: How has your diet style developed over the years?
BD: I have worked with several prep guys over the years and I have done everything from carb cycling, to keto, to high carb, to just about everything. I have tried about everything, I now work with John Meadows and I am hooked on the mountaindog diet, saturated fats do my body good.

SS: Tell us about working with John Meadows.
BD: Working with John Meadows is the best decision I have ever made bodybuilding wise. The man is a genius, and never scared to try different things and different approaches, he is always hungry to learn. I got with John last year about 3 weeks out from the NPC Nationals and he transformed my body is as little as three weeks and I was amazed, saturated fats work very well for my body, and my body responds very well as in dropping fat and hanging on to precious muscle tissue. John has also took over my leg training and has put me through the most brutal leg training sessions of my life and my legs have responded great, I can't say enough good things about John, its been a blessing working with him.

SS: Would you say you’re a carb sensitive guy? Do you eat much carbs in the offseason?
BD: I use to think I was til I worked with George Farah one year and I ate more carbs than I ever have in my life and got pretty damn lean, you have get your body conditioned and adjusted to eating certain ways is what I truly believe. The last couple of offseason I have not eaten as many carbs and opted for more of a higher fat diet in the offseason, it allows me to eat more calories without feeling as full and bloated.

SS: Tell us about your association with TrueProtein. What Trueprotein supplements do you use regularly? Anything special around workouts?
BD: Dante and Doug at Trueprotein have been nothing but great to me, i currently lost my sponsorship from another company and Dante was kind enough to offer me a sponsorship through Trueprotein! I have used their protein Isolate over the years as it is a high quality protein that is economically sensible to buy in bulk, I have always bought my yohimbine HCl from them also. My current must have Trueprotein supplements are chocolate whey protein isolate, chocolate next generation LBA's, BCAA instantized powder, and EAA powder. I take the BCAA's and EAA's pre and post workout everyday, and the whey isolate post workout, and I sip LBA's through out the day to get extra aminos and get a super hydration effect from the glycerine in them. I am proud to be a Trueprotein sponsored athlete and hope to have a long relationship with the company and represent them in any way i can, an absolutely great company ran by great men with fantastic products. RESPECT!

SS: What do you consider your best and worst body parts? Do you train them any differently (both strong and weak)?
BD: I consider my back as definitely my best body part, if I’m going to ever half ass or miss a workout its back day. I consider my overall leg development and especially hamstrings as my weak point! I have completely changed the way I train them as I have switched to a more volume type workout for legs and have gone to working hamstrings twice a week. My legs are a work in progress but they are definitely on the come up! I don't think I have bad legs, I have just become a leg freak and want big thick Phil Hernon type legs, so I am punishing my legs and body like never before to accomplish that goal.

SS: You were seen as one of the front-runners going into the NPC Jr Nationals this year, but ended up placing 9th in the heavyweights. What happened?
BD: Wow where to begin? I mistimed my carb load very bad, i have been carbloading on low fat carbs every Saturday for the last 4 weeks leading up to Jr.'s and i would eat an enormous amount of carbs on Saturday, spill over sunday but go back to my normal diet and usually gain about 7-9 lbs and by Tuesday morning I would be back at my baseline weight. Well Wednesday before Jr.'s I did the same thing, but I did not account for the no activity level I was now doing so close to the show and it took me a lot longer to get back to base weight, so I went from 203 Wednesday morning to 213 the night before prejudging. I was not shedding the weight because i was not doing cardio and lifting like i have the previous 4 weeks. I should have been about a 197 pound light heavy instead of a 210 pound heavyweight at Jr. Nationals, but that is now water under the bridge and I will make up for it at USA's on July 30th, 31st.

SS: What’s your game plan for redemption at the USAs?
BD: I am killing myself right now to be the best I have ever been on a bodybuilding stage come July 30th in Vegas. I am currently about 199 lbs with 3 weeks to go and I will opt for a very safe and conservative carb load going into the last few days before the show. I am currently the leanest I have ever been so I am in the shape of my life with a lil under 3 more weeks to grind some more and really shock some people in Vegas. John Meadows has really pushed me hard since Jr. Nationals so I can get redemption and feel a lot better after the worst showing of my life in Chicago! I am so ready to get on stage and mix it up with the best light heavyweights in the nation.

SS: In terms of bodybuilding, where do you see yourself five years from now?
BD: I see myself retired from the sport and helping other younger guys coming up accomplish their dreams and goals in the sport.

SS: If you could go back and change anything in your bodybuilding past, what would it be?
BD: I would have started actually bodybuilding at an earlier age, i got into competing very late as i think i was 30 years old when I did the Kentucky Muscle.

SS: What bodybuilder’s physiques do you most admire, and why?
BD: Mike Francois, i think he had the most complete build, thick, powerful, and complete. Phil Hernon, he was the definition of THICK! and Shawn Ray as he was the definition of complete and symmetrical, and he posed with such grace, those three guys are tops in my book.

SS: What bodybuilders characters do you most look up to, and why?
BD: I can't say i know that one, bodybuilding is a selfish self absorbed sport, If I had to pick someone i would say Lee haney as i think he was a good man and good human being.

SS: If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
BD: Super strength, just think it would be cool as heck, LOL.

Favorite offseason meal? Pizza, brownies, and cheescake
Favorite precontest meal? Grass fed beef
Favorite thing to do, not related to bodybuilding?
Just spend some quality time with my family and pets.

SS: Any advice for the upcoming generation of bodybuilders?
BD: Rome wasn't built in a day, a great physique take time, and as with everything in life nothing comes easy. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice will all be needed to reach your goals in the sport of bodybuilding.

SS: Thanks Brad, best of luck to you in your future endeavors and thanks for taking the time to do this interview.


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Great interview Shelby! I got the chance to see Brad up close and in person at Jr. Nationals and he truly is a FREAK!
I enjoyed -Thanks to both of you
As I said on MuscularDevelopment:

This is the guy.

When I saw that he was no longer with ON....my business partner and I targeted him specifically.

You ask just about anyone in bbing thats been around the block and they will say the same "Brad Davis comes in shredded on the money? Too much muscle mass for others to deal with...he'll take it"

The guy looks like a 225 heavyweight who got misweighed on the scale and put in the lightheavies.

As well liked by all as he is awesome a bodybuilder.
Great interview Shelby and Brad! A true warrior right there, we all be rooting your guys on!
from your photo alone i would never believe you are under 200 in that pic. if somebody said you were 250 i wouldnt doubt it. your bodyparts are so thick and packed down its untrue. awesome physique
Wow B-Boy, pretty impressive physique!
Awesome Interveiw! Thank you shelby and b-boy :)
great interview!

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