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Biden's new bill to outlaw prohormones, etc.


Jun 5, 2002
Below is a link to a site that has the andro bill that Biden is trying to get passed, and it totally fucking sucks. Furthermore, it also includes a wonderful and oh so useful increase in the penalties for people caught in possession of steroids...

**broken link removed**

When will the witch hunt end.... :mad:

And here is a copy of a post by Rick Collins earlier today at EF on this topic -
Biden's Bill To Criminalize Prohormones (post #1)

Senator Biden is at it again, with his brand new proposed "Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2003." This bill would remove the words "promotes muscle growth" from the definition of an anabolic steroid, specifically exempt DHEA, and make a long list of prohormones into anabolic steroids. It specifically holds off on scheduling androstenedione until the FDA answers whether androstenedione is properly a dietary supplement (a bizarre twist, given that it was congressional attention to that particular compound that started this whole mess). To add insult to injury, it tells the U.S. Sentencing Commission to consider upping the punishments for steroid offenses (a boost for the War on Drugs). It also throws millions of tax dollars into education and surveys.

Before panic sets in, please understand that this is a bill, not a law. It is a significant milestone, but is far from the end of the process. It may not be the final version of what may ultimately be voted upon by Congress. It may not pass, or it may pass with changes. The House is reportedly going to do hearings on prohormones in the fall or spring. If held, these hearings would take place before the bill was even called to a vote.

Biden's bill was drafted without USFA (www.usfa.biz) input or support. The consumers and industry members of the USFA opposed legislation like this from the start, opposed it in every meeting we had on the Hill, and oppose it still. Presently, if prohormones are to be saved, I believe we need to focus more on grassroots support. The Olympia Expo will offer a great chance to reach a huge chunk of the fitness-minded public at the USFA booth.

Ironically, the attack on supplements started because of ephedra. Now, ephedra remains legal while prohormones -- which aren't even alleged to be killing anyone -- are on the chopping block. The process has gone terribly astray due to politics and special interests. Spread the word.
Rick Collins, J.D.
Author and Attorney
Collins, McDonald and Gann, P.C.


That's it.

it's a sad fucking world. so, by making punishments harder for people with personal use... that accomplishes what again?

this sickens me to no end, it really does. i live in baltimore city, a not so great area at that, i could walk out my door and within 2 minutes have thousands of $$'s worth of crack and herion in my hands if i choose to... and yet they're going after men and women that just want to improve their bodies. i'm so sick of this shit.

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Just as I said in my other post! And all the more reason to get involved!

Important info there, Drgoodbody, thanks.

List of people who must be assasinated:

Saddam Hussein
Ossama bin Laden
Joe Biden

Disclaimer-the statement above is fictional in meaning and not
meant to be taken seriously.
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Props to MikeS for all his efforts. For those with little time, instead of writing a letter you can call Senator Biden’s office. It takes less time, and forces somebody in his office to take the time to listen. The phone number is 202-224-5042. Here's one example of what to say. This is just a suggested guide, not something to read word-for-word. Be polite, but make sure your voice is heard. As I've said before, whether or not you like prohormones isn't the point. We need to stand up against any further governmental efforts to "protect us" by taking our personal dietary health choices away from us.

Hello, I would like to speak to the Senator or one of his staff members to voice my strong opposition regarding the Senator’s efforts to further regulate prohormone products and categorize them as anabolic steroids.

I strongly oppose the Senator’s efforts and feel they are not based on fact, not supported by science, and will do more harm than good to the vast majority of adult Americans who use and want to continue to use these products.

My reasons are as follows:

There is no evidence that these products are unsafe. Rather, these products have been safely used by millions of consumers. Trying to ban these products is an example of going too far to "protect us from ourselves."

To remove these products from the market just because a few professional or Olympic athletes use them to gain an unfair advantage is not fair and penalizes many because of the acts of a few elite level cheaters. Punish them, not the rest of America.

The Senator's bill would do even more harm to the public than simple removing these products from the market. His bill would subject adult Americans to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for the mere possession of these products. That's simply intolerable.

There are other less oppressive ways to deal with prohormones. The solution is to adopt responsible advertising guidelines, marketing and sales restrictions so they are not sold to minors, and other responsible regulations. Prohormones are already banned in many competitive sports. The Senator’s actions go much too far and he should work with industry and consumer groups such as the USFA so that the needs of adult Americans, many from the Senator’s own state, can be free from the threat of imprisonment and can continue to have access to these products if they so choose.
Thanks Rick for expanding our available resources against these proposed laws. Noone knows better how to combat these potentially distasterous limits of our freedoms.
If prohormone manufacturers had there hands in the politicians pockets the same way that cigarette manufacturers do (campaign contributions), then this wouldn't be an issue. If they did, the worst case scenario would be that the government would regulate marketing techniques and actually force the prohormone manufactures to be more truthful in labeling and marketing the same way they do with cigarette manufacturers. It seems as though the only defense Biden has in his case is the recent Ephedrine incidents which, in my opinion, are completely un-related to the bill in question. I pray that I see more support and action from our community.
Heads up: there is every expectation from the sources in Washington that Biden will introduce his bill very, very soon. If you want to voice your opinion, now is the time to call Biden and Hatch.
guys, make the phone call. be articulate and straight forward. do not get emotional.. i made the phone call and it took all of two minutes..hardly anything when you consider what we could lose..
Great info Rick! Thanks for giving us some good ideas.

I had never actually read the bill until just now. I just don't appreciate the need for this legislation. It does mention several times about the dangers of steroid use and recommends $15 million per year to educate people about the dangers, and maybe some research.

Let's what are the dangers I've experienced from steroid use, uhh, the only thing I really know of, besides the risk of going to jail, is that I got some acne on my shoulders. This cleared right up with some antibiotic cream. Guess I've just been one of the lucky few who hasn't died yet.
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Rick Collins,

Don't know how often you might visit here but I wonder whether you would object to the re-posting of your comments about calling Senator Biden's office in whole on another board such as Meso? I assume you meant it for public consumption but without explicit approval I wouldn't feel right reposting someone's work.
Thank you for checking with me. Yes, you have my complete permission to post it at meso and elsewhere. Please, get the word out!
Just finished an excellent one-hour radio interview on "The Nature of Health" show with Don Bodenbach of KCEO in San Diego. Covered Durbin, Biden, and Sweeney-Osborne bills with a focus on personal responsibility (not governmental commands) in dietary health choices. Listeners were strongly urged to support the USFA at www.usfa.biz and to begin standing up for their freedoms before it's too late. They were also urged to visit their local health food stores and ask them to contact the USFA. Hopefully, many more such shows will follow.
Great job Rick - I'm glad you're on our side!


awesome efforts and of course props to MikeS as well for all his hard work!

Thanks Rick.

Bumping this up since it will probaby effect everyone here to some extent.

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