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bone stickin out of my shoulder


New member
May 17, 2003
Laid my bike down a couple of weeks ago and did a number on my shoulder. I now have bump between my delt and trap that feels like a bone pokin out. The doc said it could be partially dislocated, but I just got message from him saying the x-rays came back fine. He gave me an anti-inflammatory and told me to call if i still have problems. UMMM like yeah...i got a fuckin bone stickin out of my shoulder and i can't do any upper body workout.

anyone have anything like this happen to them?
WTF? Bro, go see an ortho doc who has a clue. You sprained your AC joint and have a "step deformity". Depending on what type of sprain, you may or may not be a surgical candidate. When I say "type", I am referring to the grading scale that is used by the medical community and is based on the amount of separation between the acromion and clavicle.
good info. i did a search on the internet for 'step deformity' and found some pics. it's exactly what i got. thanks!

these family doctors anymore are only good for writing prescriptions.
me too

I got the same thing bud. I sprained my AC at the beginning of the summer(holy fuck it hurts) I wasn't able to play contact sports for two months. i am now physically strong enough to play rugby again but lately i have been working it really hard and it hurts again.
this is a horrible injury to get over eh.:(
qb, did you also have the bone sticking out like i do? and did it eventually work its way back to normal without surgery?

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You have probably separated your shoulder. Like muscle96 said, there is now a separation between your acromion process and clavicle, due likely to a torn ligament. You should be able to rehab this. I separated my shoulder playing football last year, and I was told it was the second to worst type of separation. For a month I couldn't bench press an olympic bar, so I worked alot on shoulder rotations to strengthen my rotator cuff muscles and tendons, and I also hit legs fairly hard, and trained arms pretty hard. Within 5 months I was able to bench 225 again, but it was a very slow and frustrating process. Imagine getting a guy to spot you on a 65 lb bench (yeah, that's the bar plus 10's, and yeah, you'll have to go through it too). I wish you luck on your rehab work. Although I can't make any medical diagnosis, you probably won't need surgery for this injury if you just stick to a slow and intelligent rehab, and a good "supplement" regimen will help.
... and by good supp regimen... GH. Winny or lots of test will only compound the problem. Nandrolone may help indirectly by suppressing the inflammation, but then you also run the risk of reinjury because the pain is gone. Since you already have an anti-inflammatory... fuck it. Forgo the nandrolone.

Just take it easy... if anything GH, glucosamine, chondroitin...possibly some oxandrolone, and a light test cycle. You don't want to interfere with collagen production or collagenase activity while recovering from an injury. Oxandrolone will stimulate fibroblast activity without interfering with collagenase activity... GH... well... works miracles (almost).
thanks for all the good info guys. I'm just gonna keep takin the anti-inflammatory and up my dose of glucosamine. I take 1g a day now. I'll probably double it and get the kind that has the chondroiton in it. My next cycle of dbol/test/eq isn't supposed to start until february. i'll just have to play it by ear and see how it feels by then. I'm gonna go see the ortho doc too. Hopefully he can give me a list of stretch/excercise's that can help in the recovery.

lesson learned.....never extend your arm to block a high speed fall. If you do, something will give....and it ain't gonna be the pavement.
hey jasper

it's still bulging out a bit, it depends on the way i move it though. it really sticks out when i lie on my side for some reason. and who cares if it is sticking out as long as it doesn't cause you any discomfort, you should be fine.
Left shoulder bone sticks up

Wanted to add to this topic even though its an old one! Last week was playing football and got taken down to the ground pretty strongly. When coming to the ground I'm not sure exactly how I fell but I know my left shoulder took a lot of it.

That night couldn't sleep on my shoulder and went to see the chriopractic. I already have 1 bone on each shoulder kinda round just below the trap and starts at the outter shoulder where it sticks up a tad. Always have had this but now when I reach over or others touch it the left shoulder bone is way higher to the feel then the right. So long story short chrio. placed it in on Friday it is swollen so iced and took aleve. Couldn't sleep on it and no lifting. Monday still a touch of pain. She puts it in and now today Wed. I'm gong in again to see what the deal is as it still has soreness.

I do know my left pec was very tight afterwards so she worked on that also. She believes I had a tight shoulder to begin with and when I hit the ground everything shifted so this bone took some punishment. I'll posted some more info. to hellp out anyone else this happens too.

Here is a helpful link I found as well http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist/front/shoulder/acjoint.htm
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Ms KH had a 3rd degree AC separation which left the end of her clavicle more then 1/2" higher than the other side. Worse than that she rehabed for 8 weeks and still could not do dips or comfortably hang a heavy load from that shoulder. We eventually went to the same surgeon who repaired my pec and he performed a modified Weaver-Dunn AC joint repair on her. This involves using a cadaver tendon to tie the clavicle and scapula back together and also cutting 3/4" off the end of the clavicle.
Sounds bad but it looks perfect and she no longer has any pain the doc speculates that the reconstructed joint is twice or more as strong as the original.

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