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Steak Helmet

Sep 4, 2002
I was curious if I start my clomid even though my boyz are a bit small, could they get full even though I am currently on D-bol and PRIMO??? Or should I stop and let them recover and then stay on CLOMID while I start my next cycle??

Just something I was thinking the other day and was not sure of...

i dont think the clomid would hurt to stay on now. reason being i think the closer you keep them to being in a normal state the easier it is to come out of small nut syndrome. like me i have been on 2 months, i think im ready for some HCG to help keep me pumped up, i plan on staying on for a little while maybe 2-3 more months, so i need something to help pull my nutz outta my stomach..lol



I doubt it will do much for your BOYZ, or for recovery, What it can do is provide some sort of anti-e, make you bitchy, and extremely pimplely. I recomend some HCG midcycle then start that next one you got planned. A cruise like DC might be good, as in inject 250mgs of test per week for a few weeks with say 100mgs of clomid everyday. I hate clomid, wont ever touch the stuff again.
So HCG would be a better option??

How is the acne???
Clomid gives me a bit on my shoulders and upper back. wold HCG cause the same?? I know my natural test will be going crazy once I get started so this might cause the acne??

SH...no not shithead :)
yeah i think HCG would be the better option of the two, but if you have clomid i would take it.. it will help your natural test a bit, not as much as HCG but nontheless.

Just be like me and take accutnae,,haha no zit will even come near me right now..lol


I am not sure if I heard this right, but isn't accutane very toxic on the liver??

Wasn't sure??
Clomid won't do shit. It may increase secretion from the bulbourethral glands... but that's about it. Unless you're androgen levels have dropped like a rock, the clomid won't help. HCG mimics LH... and as such, they'll combat the testicular atrophy (part of it anyway). The testicular atrophy is usually what kills people post cycle (that or nandrolone's desensitization of the leydig cells to LH/FSH).

You should run a nice low dose... 500-1000IU/day for a couple weeks. That should do the trick.

The clomid mid cycle will improve lipid levels though. In the liver dbol acts as an estrogen agonist (it's a selective estrogen agonist/antagonist, and that's why it can be used for PCT and as an anti-gyno drug... and to improve lipid levels). Dbol isn't so bad on your lipid levels. Winny, anadrol and primo (the nonaromatizing stuff) is really rough. Your HDL will drop to 0 and LDL will be up over 200 in no time. There's only so long that you can function that way without runnin into problems. If you're bridging from one cycle that contained non-aromatizing stuff, to another... then you'll want to get your lipid levels checked. There is other drugs that will help though. Personally I avoid clomid whenever possible.
Oh yeah... and accutane is fuckin terrible for your liver. All the hype around anadrol and dbol fuckin up the liver... total bullshit. If your liver is healthy to begin with and your dosages are sane (100 even 150mg/day or less) then you'll be fine. Accutane though... goddamn dude. Liver levels can jump way the hell up... sometimes up to 3x their normal values. That is where permanent liver damage occurs. Bad news. If you're on the stuff, make sure you're havin a doc keep track of ya... and use the OTC pain meds sparingly, no alcohol and no oral AAS.
I completed an 18 week course of Accutane @ 100mg ED (120mg ED for the last few weeks), and then a small maintenance dose of 20mg EOD after. I had a blood test to check my values and all was fine.
If you get it prescribed you're supposed to have blood work throughout the duration of the course.
I have a friend who has just completed his course, he had 3 blood tests throughout his course and his liver values were normal each time.

Accutane is a very toxic drug, in more ways than just liver toxic. Just keep a check on things, listen to your body.
Running a liver protectant wouldn't be a bad idea.

Stay safe.
yeah dont believe all the hype about accutane being soo harsh and soo bad, unless you have taken it and gotten the blood results back you would think its terrible. i havent had one bad thing on any of my blood work, except for a little protein in my urine, which im sure has nothing with the accutane.

i wouldnt run 100mgdbol/daily with it or anything, but mine have ben just fine taking oils.

also, my doc is more worried about my LDL's than anything.


I've not used it myself, 3 of my good friends have. One is having problems as we speak. Another friend dropped it because of liver problems and the other completed treatment, liver values came up for a while but they worked em down. Says he'd never use it again though. lol. Alls I'm sayin is that the risk from that is much higher than what you'll see from AAS, and you should always have the doc keepin an eye on ya... don't go messin with it, especially when combined with AAS without taking the proper precautions.
so far the only real bad side effect has been extremely dry lips and nose. hopefully nothing bad comes out of it, but ill keep you usdated.


i used accutane when i was 16. very dry face, lips, etc. i did have the blood work done throughout my cycle. i began feb, and ended that august sometime. so a good 5 months. my face cleared up and no more acne like that ever again, only a little bit sometimes when i eat too much oily food or fats. i believe all liver values came out fine because i wasnt told anything bad about it.
HCG is the best thing to use to get yer nuts back to size. I do 2500iu once every 4 days for a total of 3 shots. This is done every 5-6wks.

PAUL how was the acne with HCG???

Are you pron to acne??/
Does Clomid cause acne with you??


I don't get acne from anything. Clomid works ok after the HCG but it makes me a moody bitch.


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