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Critique my next cycle here.


New member
Sep 4, 2002
This is my planned 10 weekn cycle starting in two weeks. I am going to take a gram of enanthate a week along with 75mg of Tren ED. I am also planning to take 25mcg of T3 ED along with 1000mg of Metformin ED. I will also be taking 0.5mg of Liquidex EOD along with 50mg of Clomid ED. I am going to cycle the T3 in and out throughout the entire 10 weeks. When I am not on T3 I will be on BT?s T2 product. Oh yeah by the way this is only my second cycle and my stats are curently height 6'2'', weight 260lbs, BF%13-18?. Also, I will be doing the post cycle Clomid therapy.

Thanks, Tate

bro, i think the doses are a little high for a second cycle, i would cut the test in half and hit the tren EOD. but your way would definetly be effective!!!! just be safe!

Why is half the dosages going to be more safe? Nothing I am planning on taking is liver toxic. Plus I took a gram a week of sust a week for my last cycle along wiht 350mg a week of dianabol for the last four weeks. I had zero sides. Personally I think if I lowered the dosages I would be cutting myself short.
By the way Dok thanks for the reply. It is good to know that there are people eager to help.
I also think you might want to lower the doses. Why use more when smaller doses will do the same thing and have the same effect? In order to keep making gains, most people have to increase the amounts over time. By you doing your second cycle at these high dosages, you'll be taking huge amounts by your 5th or 6th cycle. You asked this question. "Why is half the dosages going to be more safe?" The answer; You will have less side effects and smaller doses will put less stress on your system, not to mention save you money. Good luck and I hope you make great gains, Q.

wow, 1000 gr of test for a first cycle??? thats alot. good that you didnt have any sides. but enthanate is a different ester than sust, little more bloat, and maybe some more sides, estrogen build up. you asked for some critique on your cycle , then dont want to hear the advice we give. you could defietly go ahead with that cycle, im sure youll be just fine, just be safe

well...... i guess I don't wanna make to big a deal out of it, but my first cycle, was 250 every 4 days, i made good gains. i didn't do another cycle for 2 yrs. but my "2nd" cycle, was using t400, and i used 800mg's a week, and i've used that same plan over the next three cycles, and I made good gains each one.

I'm not gonna tell you to do it or not to, but it really comes down to what you think you wanna do.

just stay safe. use liver aids, and have anti e's ready. Just becuz you didn't have any sides last time, doesn't mean you'll be as lucky this time.

me personally, i never have any BP problems, or any prob's with the nips. But I break out like a goddamn teenager who just hit puberty each and every cycle.

My opinion

I feel that you should lower the dosages also. Why not see where you stand genetic wise? Why take a dose of what olympia contenders take just to do a local show? In my opinion, if someone is taking that many drugs, they should really evaluate their potential in this sport. This should just be common sense for your health and quality of life. Look at the post by FATHEAD.

nobody said it, I will. Bro, no offense, but you are fat if you are 13-18% BF at 262lbs (that's like 35-45lbs of FAT). I would strongly recommend dropping some fat before you bulk any further. I like to be under 10% BF before I bulk, which is why I usually cut first, then bulk.

Oh and with regard to cutting, anabolics alone won't do it, you need thermogenics (T3, clen, ECA, NYC, DNP, etc.) so why don't you consider designing a cutting cycle before you bulk.



PS: as far your doses go, I think they are ok, and I am much smaller than you (5' 8", 205lbs) and sometimes use more gear
Ok guys, first of all I believe that for the most part men will grow the best while on at least a gram of Test. No matter if they are running their first cycle or their 20th. Secondly I don’t believe in this urban legend that keeps going around that states that “ once you go up in dosages you will never grow on smaller ones” this does not make sense. As many of you know the key factor to growth is diet. Thirdly I don’t see any point in cutting before I have achieved the lean mass that I am looking for. This is why I am going to take out the cutting elements of this cycle. It was silly of me to think I could cut and bulk at the same time.
Tate’s Revised Cycle

1 gram of enanthate EW
75mg of Tren ED
0.5mg of Anastrozole EOD
50 mg of Clomid ED for a few weeks post cycle.
Great Idea

Tate, PM me and we will discuss where you should go from here after this cycle. There are some areas that you need to address in your cycle for maximum growth and lean bodyfat wich can be done at the same time by all means.
Phil I dropped you a pm. I am curious of what you have in mind.
Dude, 1 gram a week for your first, you wasted half of that! You need to start reading a little more, and ask some questions. There are a lot of highly intelligent guys on these boards who are more than willing to help. There is no way anyone is going to tell you to take 75mg tren ed. You're not ready!
To Rockywhit

If you did more research you would find out that most educated folk think that a gram of Test is a good dose for just about any man beginner or vet. I researched for my first cycle for over a year and a half and for countless hours. You may have a point on the Tren though I have been thinking of dropping it down to 50mg ED. I like the ED protocol becuse it makes for more stable blood levels.

I think your cycle is fine. And 75mg TA is nothing unusual or exceptional, neither is 1g Test EW. I just question your bulking when you're already somewhat fat. Oh, and trust me it's a bitch to cut 50-60lbs, I know I've done it (went from 227 to 160 ripped to the bone, currently at ~205).


Help me understand your outlook. I don’t get the point of cutting for no reason. I am not going to do a show anytime soon. I don’t understand the point of loosing a bunch of muscle mass for the shits and giggles. I want to get as big and strong as possible then cut. Once I get up to the 275-285 mark I will cut. I do understand that my blood lipid profile will be better and that I will be healthier over all once I get under 10%bf.

there is clinical data (I have to dig up the paper on this) that shows that people who are lean gain proportionally more lean body mass when on hypercaloric (bulking) diets than people who start out fat and bulk further. The simplified explanation for this is that the metabolism of someone who already is lean is faster and their body is more adequately able to consume and USE the increased calories for building new muscle tissue. In contrast, someone who is already overweight, likely with a slower metabolism at the outset, will store more of the extra calories as added body fat. So to dumb this down:

The fatter you start, the fatter you'll generally get when bulking
The leaner you start, the more lean body mass you'll build when bulking (although you'll get some fat too, but proportionally more muscle).

This is why many BB's opt to drop some fat before bulking - that plus many related health reasons as it is clearly not healthy to carry 70-100lbs of fat.

Personal preference

I've seen literature and some science that seems to suggest that a leaner body gains muscle mass easier and faster. Carrying fat is said to reduce endurance and the high triglyceride levels in the blood reduce blood flow and disrupts protein anabolism.

NOW; That being said, I did what YOU are planning. I was a much heavier with fat than you are. Being fat I designed my cycles to around the use of hGH, ephedrine, T-3 and then with Clenbuterol. Later I learned that anti-e's helps to reduce the side effects of estrodial by preventing aromatization. Test. does well helping to cut the fat. Tren enhances this further. I paid attention to my diet by eating clean. While bulking I did not reduce my carbs, I just clean them up by eating more complex carbs. Aerobics were done no more than three times a week on off training days and not more than 30min. I trained as hard as hell. This seemed to do the trick. I got really large (muscular) while loosing a lot of fat. You begin to reach a critical point (after bulking) when your muscle mass consumes more energy and in turns burns fat.

This could be just good genetics in my case. I will be looking forward to your before and after pictures.

Hang in there. Different imput is valuable in the end.
Thanks for the info.

Thanks drgoodbody and Crusader
You both state head turning methods and I will think about what I am going to do. I still have a couple of weeks before my cycle so I am in no hurry. I am going to get a BF test done before my cycle so I know where my starting point is. I have to say though Crusader your method goes more along with what I wanted to do. I will keep you guys posted.

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