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well, not to be the bearer of bad news but, the editor friend of mine who i just talked to said the win was a gift..he said that jay was better than he was at the mr o.. and dexter was about the same.. now, cutler improves his condition from the mro and dexter stays the same even though jay beat dexter at the mr o.. the judging is way to inconsistant..if you go to flexonline.com and see the pre judging pics, i do not see how dexter beat jay.. jay is in shape and dwarfs dexter..from behind, jay also kills dexter.. now, i am a fan of dexter, so his win does not bother me but, it does not appear to be deserved..my friend said that the audience was a little confused about it as were the press..oh well, another controversy.. isnt it fun???!!! :D
hahaha.... sure it is...

if BBing had press coverage it would say "Dex wins"

just saying that even if it was a gift, he still got a W....

i love jay's size, but dex just has a better overall package.. more aesthetic... which i thought the sport was supposed to be about....

lately it seems its size.... jay is kinda blocky... i dunno.... just my opinion....

i'm not sure if you meant something else or not Mr. Phil
i agree phil.. but pickels, that blocky physique of jays has beaten dexter a few times in the last couple of weeks.. how has that changed?? like i said, i do not care either way.. but, when the judging is that inconsistent it makes little sense.. it was like gunther getting 5th then defeating ronnie a week later...guther did not improve a whole hell of a lot in that time period.. ronnie may not have been at his best but, no way gunther deserved to move up that many places..look at him now..i like dexter and respect his physique.. but, to beat jay?? a jay who out weighs him by 40 pounds and is in shape?? i have my doubts.. like i said, i compared the pics..dexter looked good but, i do not see him defeating jay..this sport is becoming more and more like the WWE .. gunther gets 5th and the fans boo like crazy.. the ifbb listen to the riot and "lo and behold" the next week gunther wins.."the peoples champ" .. at the olympia dexter looks the best he ever looked.. he gets 3 rd.. the fans boo.. the ifbb listens and "lo and behold" dexter now wins defeating a guy who is in better shape than he was at the olympia.. a guy who beat dexter last time.. a short time before.. it just seems so scripted...jay has had his year of the "uncrowned mr o" and all the publicity he can handle.. now lets give the people a new guy to cheer for.. if dexter was about 10 - 15 pounds heavier and the same condition as he was tonight then i can see it...this is not a dig at dexter..and i hate to be so cynical// but, after being involved in this sport for so long and seeing the inner workings, it is becoming all too predictable...after vince taylor put out his video i thought he was a little paranoid about the "rigging" of the shows.. i had the opportunity to talk to him about it and he is becoming more and more clear..again, dexter is a top 6 guy in this sport.. no denying that.. and i am a fan.. but, it seems like the guys at the ifbb get into a room and try to figure out a script to make things interesting... jay also defeated him last week... sigh..OKAY, I AM DONE WITH MY RANT!! :D
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dexter making jay look small here :confused:


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Dexter does have a flawless physique, but Jay isn't too shabby himself. Jay was also in shape and this is body"building"...Jay does dwarf him in size. That has to count for something. I mean, isn't that why Ronnie is the best?

I guess the real problem is the incredible inconsistency (as stated in previous replies). How can a package that wins one week be beaten the following week if the variables stay the same? It's got to be disheartening to the guys who put it all on the line.

All that being said, congrats to Dex. He is an incredible specimen.
that is exactly what i am saying.. how do you award ronnie a win based on his extreme mass and give jay second because of his mass then turn around and say that dexter is better than jay.. jay had beaten dexter two times in two weeks and is coming in even sharper than his olympia outing and now dexter beats him??dexter has absolutely no calves compared to jay and again, jay out weighs him by a pretty sizeable margin..put the two together and jay just makes him look small. i know dexter has a pretty build and great proportions but, that is not all bodybuilding is.. mass does count for a lot .. hence the age of the freaks winning that we are seeing..it is just too inconsistant...:confused:
just so you do not think that i am the only one at muscletime .com they had this comment . "we were surprised to see jay look so good.. after seeing the pics from the european grand prix we thought that dexter would win.. but, he looked much better"..ect ect.. now that was the same grand prix that jay beat dexter at...and he looks better?? and lose?? :confused:
You know if Jay was out of condition I could see it. But he never is. Both are remarkably conditioned always, and Jay may not have the #1 taper in the biz, but sorry-he can NOT be called blocky with that huge back and great delts. His size and thickness overwhelm Dex and to me its not even close.
yeah, in that remark i totally agree about the IFBB becoming scripted like the WWE.... that sucks
I agree, there is definately a lack of consistecy in the judging. with that said. I do not believe, imo, that there is a better bodybuilder( mass, symetry, small waist and joints, full muscle bellies) at the current time than dexter jackson. but he is deffinately not as big as jay and his calves are lacking
The crowd went nuts when Jay was announced second, but it wasn't the placings that they were going crazy over. Everybody wanted Dex to win. The disappointed grunts came when Gunter took 5th. I didn't go to the pre-judging so I can't comment on the placings, however I can say that Dexter was the crowd favorite during the posing.

The funniest thing about the whole show was when Jay, Darrem, Gunter, Dennis, and Dex went into the audience during the posedown and they left Kevin Levrone on stage to pose by himself. Not a single eye was probably on Kevin the whole time. I kinda felt sorry for Kevin because he had this disappointed look on his face. Maybe he should have joined them in the crowd.
The problem with judging is two things.
(1) Presently there is nobody in the top 10 placings at the current Mr.O that is far ahead of the rest of the competitors. Everyone is so close in size and conditioning its a apple VS. orange factor.

(2) Competitive BB is not a sport where such small differences in condition can be easily measured. Its a matter of opinions in most cases. In car races one can win by inches. In powerlifting its who has the biggest lifts. In other sports its who scores the most goals.
BB is to subjective, to reliant on opinion.
Its a beauty contest...
What looks good to you is lacking to me and so on.

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