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Everyone seems to ask this


Dec 21, 2010
As most of the people on this beginners forum, I have a question about my first hypothetical cycle. Of course here is some info to help the experienced ones.

21yrs old, 5'9" 176lbs, 14% BF (Dexa)
Trained for 7 years now. I was addicted to reading Arnold's Encyclopedia of Body Building back in 6-8th grade, did push ups and sit ups ever night until my parents let me workout in 8th grade. Have always had a passion for working out and eating correctly. Played football, ran track, and powerlifted in hs. Now I am mainly just a gym rat and recently played rugby at the University I attend. I needed to play a sport where I could hit someone because I didn't make the football team.

The reason I am hypothetically thinking of steroids is to push my body beyond its limits and maybe start powerlifting again. My dad was never very big back in his day, 155 during his freshman year of college and I followed that same trend... almost. The difference between us is, he didn't have the tools/coaches were not educated on lifting weights and eating correctlyback then so he did not benefit from lifting as much. I was able to gain a bit more weight than him weighing 163 when I graduated hs. He ran track at the University I am currently at so I come from a good genetic line. My mother however is the one with the strength, she can out lift my dad in any day to day work haha.

I was a very hard gainer during hs. Went to a nutritionist at one point because I started losing weight during football (yes its natural to do that but for the amount I was eating it wasn't). I was advised to eat around 7000 calories a day, didn't matter what just get them in. That helped, but my senior year I hit a growth spurt and that's where I gained that weight.

I have always been able to bench 175% of my body weight or more. I tore my hamstring my freshman year of hs (really set me back in leg lifts), knee injuries, groin strain, and hamstring strains always kept my squat behind what it should be but I still remained an explosive player, runner, and lifter.

Anyway, now to lifting stats and my progression over the years. Freshman year of hs bench was 240lb (won a local bp competition at the rec, lifting compared to body weight 134.4 at the time, I received 3nd), 255 sophomore year, 255 jr, 275 senior year, in college I broke the 300 mark naturally with 310 on bench and starting to lift legs heavy again, a weak 380 on squat.

During this past summer I took my first PH. I weighed 179, my bench shot up to 340, and squat went to 405. It was a 4 week 100mg cycle of H-drol by Competitive Edge labs. I was advised by the head of the Human Performance Lab after establishing a relation with him while participating in a on campus study of "Size On". I ran a mild cycle support and Post Cycled correctly following his instruction.

Now for my hypothetical steroid cycle. I have put many many hours of reading into making sure I don't miss a thing. I always want to be very educated on anything before I jump into it.

10wk, tapered from 250mg up to 750mg and back down to 250mg of Test Cyp by Tsunami Labs (No longer exist as of recently from what I have read). I know this is "Old school" but from reading the argument on P.M. "whether PCT is needed" this came up and plus it was advised by the HP lab PHD. I have already preloaded my cycle support for two weeks and hypothetically plan to start on Sunday the 26th with the first poke. For an AI during the cycle I plan on taking Novedex XT by Gaspari since the doses of test are rather "low" (I am debating on running 500mg the whole 10wk duration). I was advised by the HP lab guy, from the study they did they found Novedex XT was successful in lowering those levels. Plus I do not have the cash right now for Arimidex. He also advised running Finasteride/propecia but I am not prone to hair loss and judging from my gene line I am in good hands there... so I negated that decision and decided to run a much higher dose of Saw Palmetto instead. For cycle support I have three bottles of Organ Shield by Purus Labs. For my 4wk PCT I have Nolvadex (also on hand the whole cycle also even though judging from the PH I am not Gyno prone), novadex XT, a low dose of of DHEA 25mg, and my cycle support.

Any constructive information would be greatly appreciated!!! And congratulations to anyone who took time to read this whole post, I thank you haha. I look forward to learning more from reading on this Forum and feel privileged to be a part of it. Thanks for your time and thought.

Merry Christmas,
Dark Passenger
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May 25, 2009
Ya Merry xmas! Reading ur post reminded me of when i started juicen with the tapering up/down dose for cycle. Thats what everyone i new did, no real pct was "known" about, but i still seemed to "suffer" after cycles. A suggestion would be to add 2 more weeks to a 12 weeker, keep the dose 500mg the whole cycle, u seem to have enough pct in line(i just use nova 20mg/d threwout with clomid for 4 weeks at end with nova) and make sure u EAT clean, you ll grow:D

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