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fina and aggression..


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Jul 22, 2002
well ive been on as far gear goes starting about 2 weeks maybe ago 75mg/finaED and 100mgprop, after about a week I noticed everything and everyone iratated me, so bad its hard to answer me phone or leave the house.

I decided thiers a few ways out of this, 1) stop the fina, definatly am not doing this never have been this strong in my life 2)tough it up and finish my last few weeks, and well last what I decided to do was do 150mgED just to finish up faster, Is this dose too high, I have seen alot of posted cycle on here and so far havent seen anyoen doset his high on it, so not sure if its a bit too much, the aggression hasnt seemed to increase dramatically enough where its a problem, but ever since week one its been terrible not to come off as a dick head or rude to most people, anyone else have this prob while on fina?

ps within 3 days I already have 2 locked threads, im not blaming myself 100% for either, but I appologize for the board Drama, I know its not wanted here.
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How many times have you used fina? 75mg EOD is a good starting point (or 37.5mg ED). I did this for several cycles before jumping up to 75mg ED - remember it's several times more potent an androgen than test.

Fina, like test or many other gear (esp andogens) tend to accentuate you natural personality tendacies. Like I'm a pretty laid back person. When on androgens, I can get erked pretty easy, but just take a deep breath and shake it off - nothing is worth going to jail over!

It's like a person that's a dick when they're not on gear becomes a BIG dick when on gear - no, I not calling you a big dick :D

Anyone who feels roid rage come on better just learn how to suck it up. I've read WAY TOO MANY posts where it was the "other guy" that started it, or threw the first punch and the BIG, Buily guy is the one who gets the brunt of the law. It ain't right by any means - but don't ever let yourself get in that position.

I recently got this big ass dude on a road rage for really a stupid reason. He pulls over and wants me to get out so he can fight - right, LOL. He then follows me around flipping me off and screaming at me. Get this - his gorgeous wife/girlfriend is in his rig with him all this time just trying to avcoid looking at me. She was probably glad that this dick was taking his rage out on me and not her :(

yeah i have noticed my attitude changing sometimes when im on pretty heavy, but as xcel said you gotta suck it up.. i have a pretty good job and have been there for 3 1/2 years i dont wanna lose my job over it, and only once i said something to a guy, but he was definetly pushing my damn buttons.. i said 1 thing back to the guy and he has been kissing my ass ever since, but i didnt make a huge deal out of it and start yelling, i just told him KIND OF politely..haha

also, if you are big and start screaming like an ahole, even if you have the right to, you know whats going to come up,, oh its the damn steroids.. my X girl was like that all the freakin time, and mostly it was her that started shit.. also just to remind you ill be 21 in 19 days, and i havent been in a fight since 6th grade. so about 9 years.. most often people are somewhat intimidated to say shit, but the ones who do just try and ignore. also i started juicing in high school and always kept really laid back to keep people unsuspicious.. just take it easy, breath deep, realize the guys an asshole and try to walk away..

good luck,

Ive always taken a harsh personal view of this behavior. And no Im not insulting anyone, just discussing my opinion on the subject.
Hopefully you (noone in particular) are a mature adult. Unless you are chemically psychotic, you have ability to control your mood and anger. You make the decision to act out-just suck it up and do the right thing-dont lose control. Its really quite simple once you know you cant give youself the right to display anger and violence.
First off its immature and irresponsible. Second off it give us athletes and 'users' a really bad name, and justifies all the media crap that is thrown around about steroids. Hopefully noone would want to be responsible for that!

I have done many cycles with many different AAS, 3 of those cycles included tren and I have never felt any increase in aggression. I actually would like an increase of aggression as I am a boxer and aggression is always good in my game:)
well tren gives me a crazy sort of feeling. its like being somewhere between being on edge and happyness. well imo thats way to much tren for the first time around with it. its a very potent substance
Big Fucker said:
I actually would like an increase of aggression as I am a boxer and aggression is always good in my game:)
Ever try Halos?!? :D

xcelbeyond said:

Ever try Halos?!? :D


Actually never used Halo's or cheque drops. I doubt i would use cheque drops even if i had some but Halo is definitely an option in the near future:cool:
Yeah......Halos just make ya mean!:mad:

My thoughts

I have had plenty of fina in my time thus far and can say I never really noticed anger being an issue...I also took a bunch of halo over a 3 month peroid at 50mg ED -- which caused a bit more aggression...
It seems when I took Drol or high doses of dbol --- that I got agro...

Here is my explanation -- Mike tell me what you think of this..

Because of the fact that some types of AAS can lead to high blood pressure in some individuals (for me dbol, drol, high test <--not as much though) it causes a condition known as hypertension....
Read this interesting segment (which is only a little info on a large study) :

Dictionaries define anger as a feeling of sudden and strong displeasure and antagonism directed against the cause of an assumed wrong or injury; or a strong feeling exerted by a real or supposed injury, often accompanied by a desire to take revenge or to obtain satisfaction from the offending party. It is synonymous with indignation, resentment, wrath, fury, or ire.

Increased anger leads to rage that is in turn expressed by greater violence. It becomes a furious uncontrolled anger. Psychiatry texts label it as a type of neurosis. There is close relationship of anger to increased heart rate and blood pressure, especially between increased blood pressure and anger (Oken, 1962). Subjects who tend to suppress rather than express their anger had a higher diastolic and lower systolic blood pressure at equal level of anger compared with those who were more free to express it. The inhibition of anger was associated with psychological differences consistent with elevated peripheral resistance – role of inhibited anger in hypertension (Kaplan et al, 1961). Intense rage can lead to angina pectoris, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and stroke, known as cerebrovascular accident (Warren, 1963).

ANyhow I feel that when I am really moody and easy to upset, my BP is quite high....
So this so called "roid-rage" could be nothing more than hypertension or high BP...I think so.
BP - interesting theory and maybe there is something to it, except I know that for me, my BP goes up ~ 20pts every time I'm on a longer cycle (regardless of the gear) and my aggression stays about the same. I agree with the others, I think maturity and self control are the most important factors -- plus what you consider normal behavior (some people think violent acts are just par for the course, on/off has nothing to do with it).


BTW: I'm on test+tren+EQ now and see how nice and calm I am:cool: :p
I have used fina once and it was 75mg ED. I noticed more "focused" agression in the gym, but I didnt notice anything in my regular life and ms. slide didnt either.

Sometimes I think we let this get in our head and play games a little too much. Good luck, bro...

Fina gave me kinda a short fuse and I was irritated easily. However, after I realized it; I knew what to expect and didn't stress out anymore. This only happened to me the first time or two that I took it though
I've been on 75mg of tren for 2 weeks, and I don't feel like myself at all. I feel almost like I'm isolating myself from my friends. Also, I work in sales and at times, it's very difficult to not go off on stupid customers. The other day, I asked a woman if she had any questions about some of the products that we carry, and she replied, "Does it look like I need help?" My face turned red with anger and I just smiled and walked away!lol I felt like throwing the bitch over the ledge on to the first level of the mall. Just take some deep breaths and you'll be fine!!!
Fina and halo are 2 drugs that I cannot take peroid! I am normalyy laid back and cool but these to drugs just turn me into a bitch! The slightest thing will set me off, plus I am bitchy like a woman on the rag! Ivan there might be some truth to your theroy becuase these 2 drugs are also the only ones that will raise my otherwise perfect blood pressure!! So the risk vs reward is too great for me and I stick to other drugs! Dave I would say continue but if it starts effecting your life to greatly know when to call it quits!
fina always makes me alot meaner but that is on 100mgs ed.
but it is only the little things that piss me off. funny that way
im doing fine just got a shorter fuse I guess. im almost done with it in like 2 weeks.


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