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How oratropin actually works finally unleashed


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May 31, 2010

Until now this information has been kept secret because the manufacturer was pending a patent on the delivery system. So you can scratch all the buccal absorption, under the tongue crap that may have been mentioned here or there. This was just a way to try and keep people from falling into the pool of morons that think we are selling peptides that you digest. The tropins work by using peptides to deliver peptides. They utilize special peptides that adhere to the epithelial cells in the mucosa. These peptides are very important because not only do they adhere, they signal the lipid membrane to open protein channels that actually take the peptide into the cell. Once in the epithelial cells the mucosal adhesion peptides are broken off from the peptide we added whether it be IGF, GHRP-6 or whatever. The peptide is now free to be release through the lymphatic system in its biological active form. This means it is carried throughout the blood stream directly from the cells in your mouth. It never reaches any digestive enzymes or acids beyond that of the mucus in your moth which is actually at about the same pH used to store IGF in acetic acid, so claiming that it’s broken down here is ridiculous. The transport of the peptide to the lymphatic system is what results in a slower more controlled release of the peptide over time.
So I can anticipate the coming questions of how well this actually works. Well this drug delivery system was actually developed for insulin at first as an alternative means to injection. The company that manufacturers the tropins has achieved almost 100% bioavailability in their clinical trials of insulin delivery.
If someone is not getting the results they expect from the tropins user error may be involved. The mucosa cells are mainly in the cheeks so if you are storing it under the tongue, back of the throat, then you are not efficiently using the supplement. Please follow the directions, they are there for a reason. It is not orally taken as in going down the oral cavity. The oral reference is simply because you place it in your mouth.

Ok there have been a lot of skeptics out there about the orally available peptides created by IBE known as the tropins. The problem is two things. The experts out there that think they know what the delivery system is are not really experts at all. Anthony Roberts claims that IBE is scamming people. The truth is he is scamming half the body building community into believing he actually knows what he is talking about so he can make money. Here are a few quotes from false self proclaimed expert himself.

“I think that some of IBE's products are a scam...and...thats one of them..their oral IGF is another...and...

I actually have to say, re: chem companies...I usually tell people to avoid IBE...and say that they're the only lab I would avoid...but thats because I didn't even realize Omega was still in buisness. I'm talking about the questionable oral delivery system they "developed" for IGF-1...

I believe IGF-I is rendered useless after oral ingestion and certainly not capable of doin anything we want it to do if we take it orally. It's mainly destroyed by chymotrypsin and trypsin and is subject to flushing from jejunum, ileum, and colon.

Orally ingested IGF would, in any case, have a half life of Minutes...and that's regardless of their "delivery system".

It's just shoddy science.”

This is a great instance of proof that this guys is driven by the all might $$ with no concern to the actually truth or good science out there. Unfortunately he has a lot of followers out there so somehow the idea came about that because IBE poorly named its product oratropin, it was easy prey to the numskull followers to believe in AR. When the truth is that these guys didn’t take the time to read anything about the product. You can see the claims above all attack the idea of orally administered IGF being digested. Everyone who has read anything about the tropins know that absorption takes place in the mouth not after you swallow. You aren’t even suppose to swallow it or gargle it.
This is the kind of crap that drives me nuts, and the funny thing is I think they really do know that their arguments are complete bullshit because they only make these statements where they have board control. Every time I have come across one of these guys including AR on a neutral board there scientific knowledge is prematurely expunged and they are left with a foot in their mouth and then begin to resort to personal attacks shortly before they flee the scene and then plead to have the thread deleted to get rid of the evidence of their incompetence. But I’m not hear to return the favor, they do a good enough job discrediting themselves as it is.
So for those of you are eating your words now about the tropins. I’m sure you will try and find some other way to discredit good science. But I will be waiting.

Oh and for those of you thinking you received bad delivery. The tropins are stable in the heat for quite some time, they have been tested. IGF itself is stable for several weeks at room temperature. In a lot of cases some peptides are shipped with cold packs just because it makes people feel better. Some peptides are more fragile than others.

As far as the reponses to the MGF. Yes IBE sold MGF and so did many other companies. Did we sell the MGF knowing it didn’t work? NO, some people said it worked some didn’t see the results they wanted. From and IBE standpoint we were not happy with the results but made ti available cheaper for those who still wanted to try it of thought it was working. From my personal experience, I think the MGF did work, just not good enough, I think the PEG will solve the problem because the MGF seemed to work but it just couldn’t work enough so a longer acting more stable version should so 10X the results IMO.

The PT-141, was a great product idea, and we had the correct sequence that every pharmaceutical company also did. And we ran into the same problem that they did as well. No one and I mean no one has been able to get this peptide deliver correctly. It is a shame that the peptide is not usable in its current form, but as soon as a problem was found it was taken off the site. You want the newest things out there and IBE is the most cutting edge company out there. Unfortunately sometimes the first guy in the room is the first guy to take a blow, but only a coward is going to let that keep them from making progress. That’s why its called “Innovative” Body Enhancement.
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Interesting post. Haven't heard anything about the tropins in a while. Is IBE planning on rereleasing these products?

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