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Is it really possible to...


New member
Feb 24, 2003
gain muscle while shedding fat?

I'm ready to get rid of this gut I've got. Here's where I'm at. I weigh around 250. I bench and incline in 500's so you can tell I should have some muscle on me, I just have a gut with abs hiding behind. You can see the separation in my arms, shoulders etc, I just have a gut.

I'm thinking of doing the high protein, high fat, low carb (50grams) per day maybe slightly higher or lower and maybe carb up a tad on the weekend. Supplement wise, tren, test is all I have access to right now. I know GH would help, but funds stop that. I plan on doing cardio first thing on empty stomach 5am, I train at noon then either do cardio then or wait until 8pm or so and hit the sack around 10pm.

As long as the protien is up there and the cardio is on and of course the supplements, do I have a chance to lose this gut and keep my strength and muscle, maybe even build some? Anyone out there actually achieve this? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated as well. I know there are some pros on here, especially Phil who I greatly admired when he was competing in the early 90's. Maybe these guys know someone or have even done it themselves.

Thanks fellas!

Got Juice

New member
Kilo Klub Member
Jul 23, 2002
well losing the gut is obatainable... however i dont think its going to be done without losing any strength or muscle.. you have to determine if benching 400lbs ripped to shreds is worth it.. you will definetly lose strength.. you are going to feel tired and sluggish from dieting, but its worth it... just give it a try, as soon as you bump your cals back up your strength will be back, butyouwill be a lot leaner. the only person that i know of that can put on size while dieting is kevin levrone. so good luck..lol

Take care,



Jun 30, 2002
You can

It depends on how much muscle you actually have VS what you think you have. It happens to me and everyone else when your bulking your nice thick and strong and looking in a mirror you tend to believe you have more muscle than you actually do.

Once you start dieting things seem to change for what we would consider the worst I suppose. You have to remember your really only going to loose your true muscle if your over training or in some type of fasting stage.

A guy your size should keep his protein around the 400+ range, its a good idea to keep the fat high since your going to cut carbs so drastically I'd say 50 is too much. You won't have enough in you to lift heavy which will depress you and you'll stop short of your goals. I'd say 100 to 150 keep the cardio semi light the morining is good. You will however loose some strength it just happens part of the process just be willing to accept that part.

About the gut part you must do weighted abs because the ab muscles build just like anything else, hanging leglifts, reverse weighted crunches are a few examples.

Test is a definite plus if you have it.


Moderator / FOUNDING Member
Staff member
Jun 4, 2002
Ive always said that trying to do both, compromises both.
Its just not that easy, maybe for a beginner who will respond to training with rapid growth, and can lose some fat just because he is excersising.
Take you time losing the weight and you will keep more strength and size. Of course the juice will help. But give up the dream that you will be able to lose significant fat/weight and gain muscle/strength.


New member
Jun 18, 2003
mike S is right u can do both but neither wil be at an optimal lvl...i personally thik its better to do it that way b/c

1) better chances to be recognized by a company
3)easy precontest
4)u can see ur weaknesses more clearly
5)nvr think u have more muscle than u really do
6)(applies for most) ur more confident bout ur looks
7)girls girls n more girls


New member
Oct 20, 2002
Fathead hit the nail on the head. When u are all bulked up u look alot bigger then when u diet down u look alot smaller. This constantly plays games with me pre contest because I feel that iam losing to much muscle

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