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July issue of Mountain Dog Diet Express is up!


IFBB Pro / Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Jan 8, 2007
For those of you who subscribe to my site, the new issue is up. I am really stoked about the info this month (and last months kickoff). This month looks like this:

1) Article on fat cell size and number, and how to influence via carb and fat intake...awesome article wrote by our own "BigGuns78" or Coach T as we call him, and also by Dr Eric Serrano whom you all know.

2) UNBELIEVABLE article on fat soluble vitamins and their impacts by a guy who I consider a genius (he is like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting). Full of useful info..

3) Workout of month

4) Recipes by our own "BigChef" - this guy rocks!

5) Detailed Q&A

6) Behind the scenes story about I flubbed up diet and learned from it..

Here is a sample of the Fat-Soluble vitamin interview:

JOHN - Having done some writing on bodybuilding, what would you say are the biggest or most common mistakes people make in their dietary regimen?

CHRIS - I think the biggest problem is focusing on macronutrients at the expense of micronutrients. There's also a tendency toward fat-phobia, which can easily be found among people who aren't into bodybuilding too.

Bodybuilders will often eat huge quantities of protein without any regard for the vitamins and minerals that help turn that protein into muscle mass. Animal studies, for example, show that eating lots of protein causes a massive increase in the turnover of vitamin A. This suggests that either we need protein to use vitamin A or we need vitamin A to use protein. One way or the other, if we load up on protein without getting plenty of vitamin A to go with it, over time we will run low on vitamin A. This can compromise testosterone production and metabolism, which can make it harder to build muscle.

JOHN - Testosterone production and metabolism, I think my athletes might want to hear more on this. Can you talk more about the best sources of vitamin A and what we can do to enhance Vitamin A absorption since it is fat soluble?

and here is a snippet of Coach T and Dr Serrano's article:

Saturated fat:

Stearic acid has a molecular structure pictured below. As you can see it is a very straight and rigid structure. These fats are solid at room temperature and are predominantly found in foods like (animal fats, butter, and coconut oil). They are solid at room temperature and are very stable. You can heat them, cook with them, expose them to air, and they don’t break down and are safe to eat. The rigid structure is important because they pack together nicely. This means they fit nicely packed when they are stored in a fat cell, so they don’t require your fat cell to swell and grow larger.

For those of you who have not seen the site - please check it out!!

Mountain Dog Diet - John Meadows

Thank you PM brothers and sisters...

You guys need to check out his site. Full of great information on all areas of health and bodybuilding. His express page is great!

John is top notch and has some insanely intense workouts that are guaranteed to make your body respond!!

Thanks John!
well i always enjoy reading his approach to diet win he post here. didnt even know he had a site up. will have a look tonight.
John, I'm loving the this month's spread, lots of quality information. Outside of all the great info i really like the fact that your taping exercise so we can see exactly how you execute each one, it's very helpful!!

I agree with Lenny, the Express site is awesome and a steal for the price!
I know I don't post often lately due to being so busy getting Dusty ready for shows but when I saw this thread I had to toss a comment in.

I hired mountaindog1 (John) the week before the Jr Nationals and can honestly say this is by far the best diet and training program I have ever tried. I am eating more than ever and dropping bodyfat quickly not to mention my strength is higher than ever due to all of the extra food.

I also have to add that John takes his clients success very seriously so if you have the money I would hire him or at least become a member of his site because the amount of great info available for members is unmatched by any specialized nutritional site I have seen and your results will be unreal on his diet.

I'll post some pics tomorrow to show where I am at since changing to the Mountaindog Diet and training.

Thank you very much John. I am honoured to be on your site and share some recipes with you. Great site and excellent information! I highly recommend it!
I swear I attempted to put a post on this thread for half of the day yesterday and just as soon as I would start typing something would come up.

Anyhow, I just have to say that you have done an awesome job with the site John. The information, video's, etc... really set it apart. On top of that I have now seen your diet and training in action with Evian and the changes have been awesome. Obviously she was already in great shape three weeks ago when she started with you but now she is tighter, stomach is more flat (even at the end of the day) and her strength is climbing with all of the quality nutrients. I truly can't thank you enough. It has been a pleasure to watch you work with her first hand. Obviously you know your shit but it is also the attention to detail both in the one on one training and with the site that sets you apart.
John, I read you Story of Hope. That was awful thing to go through. I almost died in 1997, they were baffled too at first. We are truly bessed to live longer in life, my friend.
I just posted this in another thread. But I don't mind repeating my self. I just spent a few hours on John's site and I liked it enough that I signed up. His diet thread here on ProM alone has made a huge positive impact on my physique.

The MountainDogDiet website is a goldmine of solid information.:cool:
Thank you for all the kind words - I am putting my heart and soul into making this site a win for everyone - tons of good info, and cheap (8 or 9$ a month).

Again - thank you!!

Love the site John. I read a book called "Protein Power" like 12 years ago and it changed the way I viewed food forever...everyone I gave it to benefited from it also, you may have heard of it, the book is conducive to your ideas on food. Thanks for all the info you give on this board.
This month is awesome, lots of great info and things to learn. The workout is a great one too!

And its only $9 per month for those interested sign up for it its well worth it.

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