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Lip Thai or Estopharma Experience?

Jun 26, 2007
Anyone have any experience with Estopharma or Lip Thai stuff? I've searched all over and can't find any feeback on either brands. Specifically looking at Estopharma's Winny and Lip Thai's Test E. Both Pharmacys have good looking websites. I did read where somone got two bottles of Estropharma Var and both had the same verification number on them! And it was the SAME number as the sample photo from the sources website!
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Looked into it...

I like the pricing and Lipthai doesn't have much on the forums but the aussie brand does heard it pretty good. Do a search as far as brand and then put Testo p or e thats how I found it on google.

Sorry i don't have more.

hey Big A do i hv to put up with porn on this sight????????????????????!!!!!!!!
I’ve done 2 cycles on the Lip Thai Test E, Mast, Tren, and their Dbol tabs with good results. As for Estopharma I’m on a cycle of Win’s now and find its working fine. Hope this helps.
No one else?

How about the BD 10mg Winny that come in the 100count bag? Anyone have any recent experience with those?

Thanks Iron Brothers!

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