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low dose cycle, keepable gains


Apr 19, 2007
i posted in members pics, but thought why not get ideas here, too.
so. 41 yrs old. 5'11 210.
guessed at 10-12% bodyfat.
i wanna do a low dose test/deca cycle, havent cycled in years, and back then i got hurt on the job and quit lifting for months.
anyway. it's 300 test, 300 deca. for 12 weeks.
my thinkin is, why go higher if low doses work. it's not like i've got 5-6 cycles under me belt. gonna monitor my diet, upping/lowering cals as needed, keeping protein usual everyday diet.
goal is 12 pounds keepable. keepable, i said.
is that doable? plus, im on hrt 150/wk all year, so pct isn't needed.


Aizen Sosuke

Dec 21, 2010
It's very much doable. I have to ask though why not bump the test up to 400mg/week? I always like to run it a bit higher than deca. I actually like deca and tren in low doses as well. Good luck on the cycle you have a nice starting base.


New member
May 4, 2009

I would say they are keep-able for you due to the work and size it looks like you've put in. Keep the diet and training during and after cyc. and you'll be fine. The results with even 250 test per week and or every other week can due wonders, depending on the person of course. I do hear some folks say if your going to take these type of supps. you might as well go higher but if it works for you and your seeing little to no sides then why up the dosages. Test is the KEY base. Work and Diet and Genetics.

Don't use the deca all the way through though. I'm not a fan of deca due to the sides when you get off. SO get off well b4 your off test if you still with deca in the mix.
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Sep 23, 2010
TRT and Deca cycle

This is interesting to me because I’m doing something very similar. I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy for over a year and half now and just started a cycle of deca. I’m thinking of running only 400 mg/week. More than that seems like a lot of large injections. I’m used to .2 cc or 40mgs of the test cyp ever other day. Hell trying to inject 400 mg of the Deca is 2 cc. That is a lot if liquid to get into someplace. As it is I’m breaking the 200 mg doses down into two injections. I’ll be breaking it down about 120mg EOD with the test. That should be manageable.

I felt the 180 mg of test a week that I have been running is plenty enough and it’s taking almost 2mg of anastrozole every other day to keep my E2 in the optimum range 23 pg/mL. The 180 mg of test a week has put my free test levels at 300 to 400 pg/mL. While more might be better, managing e2 is not easy and I like to have sex a lot so getting too high or low is not a good thing.

I just gave a blood sample before starting the Deca also.

I have been using GH peptides (100mcg of a GHRH and a GHRP) morning, prework out and before bed. The peptides before bed with melatonin is the best sleep aid. I highly recommend it.

I also recently started using insulin (6-7 ius ) pre-work out also. It’s a bit of an effort to manage your eating with the GH and the insulin but from what I have read, it is very affective and the combination of all if it together should produce some results.

I’m curious what you are doing for e2 management and prolactin. I started Cabergoline at .5mg EOD. I hope the liquid product I got will work. I did just order some tablets tonight.

I know many are using more than 400 mg of the Deca a week but since after only 3 days I got my fist pimple on the side of my nose, I’m thinking more may not be better.

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