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Magoo needs help


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Jun 5, 2002
been a while since ive been on the boards but maybe u bros can help me out.........alright il admit i did the dumb thing here but help me out guys. i always inject my delts, ive had a small little egg that i got a lot of puss out of a while ago but its still there just soft and squishy? any ideas on what i should do or what it is? also heres the dumb part every time i injected my right delt and aspirated i would always draw some blood no matter where in the side delt i poked. i figured its just some blood from previous injections not from a vein and would stick it in anyways, well after a few months of this one morning i woke up and my right delt was huge and inflamed? is it just pus and oil and blood and will it clear? any help is greatly appreciated

There was a thread or two over on Animals board about some stuff you mentioned here. I remember just brousing through it though so I didn't retain any of it. Check it out and I'll look as well and see if I can find it. Sorry if this is all I could do.
yea ive been over there but i also want input from people like Big A, Mike S, and the people who frequent this board more often
Glad to see your back magoo - thought you may have given up on us! :)

Try doing a search on this board for "infection" as there was a good post about it recently with many suggestions. Sorry I don't have time now to look for you.

inflamed delt.....

I developed osteomyltis(infected bone) in my left shoulder and the only thing I can think it was from were cortisone injections. My shoulder became so inflamed I had trouble moving it.I suggest if the area is warm to the touch and becoming enlarged go see a orthopoedic doc ASAP. At this point antibiotics may eliminate the problem or a small incision where they may drain it or both but do not wait because I ended up with 4 major surgeries where they had to clean out infection and now I need a joint replacement cause the infection ate away all the cartlidge in shoulder.

Good luck and let me know if you need more info/help

Having been there (delt too) soft and squishy is bad. Infection is rotting in there. If you can get away without cutting, Keflex is the antibiotic of choice. Good luck - CH

newest antibiotic is Levequin 750 mg is best for that type of infection:) :) :)
I was thinking a strong antibiotic also (Keflex).
Damn hope it works. Let us know.
Good to see you back bro.
Isn't any better from the other day, then I would take my ass to the doc. I hate that but this is getting serious. Hope all is well.
u bros know of any places to get keflex without a precription, private message me if so
first good to see you back bro and dam that sounds bad i cant think of anything that hasnt been said but if i were you bro i wouldnt take the chance id head to the doc asap.
It's infection. Just do what everyone here said. Also, just go the doc and you can get Keflex straight away on prescription. If you have to explain the shoulder say you injected B12 or something.
I had one not to long ago in my delt this what they did to mine :

1: stuck 21 gauge needle 1 1/4 inch in delt with 10ml barrell sucked out about 20ml of dark blood. It went went right down then filled up again with couple ml's fluid.

2: put me on course antibiotics just incase

basically after sucked all fluid out there was no pain anymore and didn't need to start the antibiotics. You will be sweet bro i hate those damn lumps !!!

I have 3out 5 zithromax antibiotics from a zpak if you need them. Let me know I will express to you. Email if they will help I would take care of it asap though cause your infection can spread into your blood stream leading to sepsis. Probably first will hit the bones and are but will get worse if you dont take care of it. Take care MM
I had

Same thing as big Kiwi only on my leg, sucked out about 12mls of blood and shit, then antibiotics just in case.
Its an antibiotic 5 doses are equivilant to 30 or more doses of convential oral antibiotics according to the pkg it comes in. It is expspensive but got it through a script. I only have 3 left though they are in a paper strip. So if your desperate let me know.MM

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