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Methylhydroxynandrolone (MHN)


Feb 8, 2009
I have been seeing this product pop up lately on a few sponsors' lists and it got me curious. Sounds like a very powerful DS/AAS similar in action to tren and deca, but not quite as toxic as metyhtrienlone (spelling? oral tren).

Not too much data available on it. It has been around for a while but has been somewhat occult and hard to get, and therefore has always remained in the dark, similar to Bolasteron.

I have done the googling and reading part on the net, and have found the one or two interesting articles, but now find myself asking the question: who has used this product and what was your experience? How does this product differ in the real world to what is written on paper.
Yeah, i saw this as well...Seems pretty interesting...I'd love to hear some opinions too...

(off topic)...I've been running Bolasterone stacked with Var for a few weaks now and the results aren't bad. I'm having more of a recomp effect from the Var on top, probably...
one of the ph,s that people seemed to love but was one of the first to go away. seemed like about the time s-drol came on you didnt here much about it anymore. but it was good. actually ordered m1-test and they sent mhn so i sent it back and was told should have kept it less sides good results.
back when this stuff was legal, guys had to dose 100-150mg ed just to see results comparable to 60mg of anavar.
it was good stuff, comparable to anavar at higher doses but a hell of a lot cheaper
This stuff used to be a PH? Avg dose is around 10-20mg per day. Seems mild on the liver and more of a free test increaser.
10-20 will do nothing trust me, I wouldnt even look at the stuff unless you are going to do at least 100mg. The first time this compound came out, everyone sold it in 5mg tabs, Designer Supps was the first to sell it, then after a year and we knew more about it, he started selling it in 50mg caps, so that tells you a lot about dosing.
Wow thats gay. Here's the most recent info i've seen on it

Pharmaceutical name: Methylhydroxynandrolone
Pack: 50 tablets (5mg/tab)

GP MHN is an oral product containing 5mg of the hormone Methylhydroxynandrolone per tablet. Methylhydroxynandrolone is a Nandrolone derivative however the 4-OH group added inhibits a conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) or DHN (dihydronandrolone) making this a mildly androgenic and highly anabolic compound. There is also no conversion to estrogen or progesterone. This makes the compound favorable for those in "cutting" cycles.

Users of this product would typically experience increases in lean mass as well as moderate strength gains. Increased nitrogen retention, making the body a more anabolic environment. Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulation, not in a jittery ephedrine type feeling but you should be able to sleep less and still feel refreshed upon waking. Less time is needed for recovery between sets and workouts. There should be no decrease in sex drive, and should help with joint pain. Increases in the ability to lose fat while increasing vascularity. The side effects of this compound have shown to be very mild with few side effects. But all steroid hormones may cause acne, accelerated male pattern baldness, gynecomastia, testicle shrinkage, increased facial and body hair in men. As well as voice deepening and clitoral enlargement in females. However, this product has typically shown to be on the low end of such side effects.

Dosing should be 10-20mg per day (2-4 tablets) based on bodyweight and/or experience of individual. Always start with a lower dose and increase slowly every 5 days as needed. Do not use for longer then 6-8 weeks, followed by a full PCT protocol.
Thanks for all the input people.

Clearly this is a compound which not many people have used. The most in depth article I have read on this compound says that it is highly anabolic, comparable to tren or deca, and that it is 17a methylated, i.e. toxic to the liver. That writeup also says not to use more than 5mg ED, yet on GP's website it says 20mg ED, and two or three other sources say not to use less than 100mgs! Big difference between these numbers.

I guess we will get more actual feedback once people start using MHN more, but from the feedback so far (some good, some bad) it confirms more or less what I suspected: compounds like MHN which have somehow always stayed on the shelf have stayed there for a reason, and primarily because of lack of popularity.
well, if you hop to another forum, go to Anabolic Minds and do a search for m-4ohn you will find tons and tons of info. m-4ohn was a bust and so was m-4oht.

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