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Mrs. Wyldeone has to FINALLY speak



I just got done reading through the soap opera myself and thanks to all that appreciate my man and what he has done. I have watched him pour his heart and soul into this sport, because he LOVES it. He pushes so hard and cares so much about his clients. Yes IVAN, he has only done one show but that does not mean he doesn't know his shit, it means he cares more about helping other people with diet and contest prep than he cares to be at the gym every day, write his own diets and supplement plans. We haven't even seen the gym in weeks because the priority just isn't there right now for him. He is sleeping, eating and breathing his clients right now. The Brad issue is a very sore one with me because I know what happened and how it affected us, meaning my family. One day you too will be able to smell the shit. I would rather leave that whole story alone. Anyway, good luck Amanda, Dpsquat, and Joe this weekend it will be an honor to watch you all compete. This is what it is all about, not a bunch of he said she said bullshit.


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Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 22, 2002

I will first say you are a damn good woman to stand behind your man,(and I respect that - not asskissing) so I will respond to this also.

I go off of friendship by way of absolute trust. To be somebody who I call a friend; I KNOW he won't fuck me, I KNOW he knows I won't fuck him, have similar interests, and somebody who I can relax with. Well I do not know Brad THAT well, but I know him well enough to have a pretty good certainty of his trust. I know that I am no fool either ---- which means that Brad would have to be one 2 faced motherfucker of an actor to pull the shades over my eyes. And also I know his family, and in general Brad is known as being a very down to earth, honest, Yoked out guy.

I was told in an extreme manner that Jeff was a fraud by people I new well, (not just Brad) so I trust them, because they ARE my friends and I will stand loyal to them, despite who it is. Sorry it went the way it did, I know my old lady can't stand her man getting trashed on either.

Some people have different views concerning Jeff. Same with him. We go our own ways. Maybe a compromised can be reached down the road, but I first would like to have Brad and Jeff figure there shit out.

Take it easy. ;)


New member
Sep 1, 2002
I'll say this and it might not mean anything to anyone else, but here goes, I've only known wyldeone a very short time and I am honored to call him my friend!!


Slant-eyed mutha fucka
Jul 28, 2002

|---[\\\\]>-------- does anyone know where i can pick up past episodes of this soap opera? LOL...i have been away too long and have no idea what the fuck is going on...all i know is wyldeone is good shit and knows his shit and i take in everything he has to say about dieting and contest prep.


Jan 24, 2003

You guys sound like a bunch of babies. I know this is hard to take but thats the way it sounds. Grow up.

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