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need advice and theory on atrophy in leg


May 31, 2003
I have been relucatant to post about this because I am very embarrased by this.

I have been blessed with nice quads but I suffered a gun shot accident to my right leg when I was a kid. That was my dominant leg and I have a huge amount of atrophy in it. Especially in the tear drop on the inside side of the leg. Now I remember Franco Columbo suffering a compound fracture to his leg when he competed in the Strong man competion. Sometime back in the day. I need help because my left leg is becoming a monster and my right is growing but not at the level it needs to.

heres my history.

Trained since I was 16, the last three years I have applied everything I have got. I have found it and not let go of it. I am one with my training (I would have trained for 5 years but the first two they took the weights out of the joint. lots of pushups)
my schedule is and this does change every so often 4 to 6 weeks

day 1 chest, abs, forearms
day 2 concentration on weak leg one leg leg presses, extensions, and leg curls. About three to 4 sets each and I do calfs
day 3 back, abs,
day 4 shoulders, lower back
day 5 arms
day 6 Solid leg workout including squats, hacks, presses, and leg curls. I only do the extensions on my weak leg but I do them this day again followed by hamstring and calf work both legs
day 7 try to rest b/c I would train.

Current cycle. I am leading into week 2
1 gram per week test cyp
600 mg deca per week
600 mg eq per week
(all supra)

thai Dbol at 50mgs a day

Started my Gh today at 10 ius a day, got 2 210 iu kits plus running liquid research t-3 at 65mcgs daily.

eating 350 to 400 grams of protein plus carbs, blah, blah per day

Oh I am 6ft 220, age 29, decently lean and want to compete in 2005 for sure only if my leg will get bigger, and it is fucking killing me man. Not pain but I want it grow so bad.

So does anyone have any info on the training of Franco and how he made the recovery that he did?

What do you think about my training schedule and how it applies to my leg? Should I try deep massages to stimulate? I have started site injecting once a week with my gear, should I up it? Is that tissue just dead or what?
I just dont know what to do.

Any ideals are appreciated thanks. And I am sorry this is so long.
It sounds like nerve damage, but I am not a doctor, so I would get it double checked by a specialist.

My guess is keep training it harf prioritize it in your leg workouts single leg ext, lunges with that leg starting first, and whatever it takes to get it stimulated.

Hope this helps??
How much smaller is it?

Did you ever injure your spine? You are on dosages that I never, ever reached. Where will you go from here, even higher dosages? You only need enough to gain a pound of muscle, then another pound. Taking all of those milligrams is a waste because you can only eat so much food. When you train a bodypart, your whole body benefits. Do compound exercises, forget extensions, leg curls, etc.. stick to squats, stiff legged dead lifts.
phil you are right about the doses and high milligrams. Just experimenting. Have had a doctor look at it and he is recomending heavy hard massages. Also phil you posted you had great success with doggcrap how could i incorporate that to train my leg like I need to.

And I do bomb my legs with compound movements Saturdays work out was 4 heavy sets of deep deep smith squats, 3 heavy sets of hacks, 3 heavy sets of presses, and 3 sets of leg extensions mainly on the weak leg. Then my hamstring work and calf work.

Thanks to all for replying.
I try not to think of the possiblity of nerve damage, steak, I believe that would just hurt my damn feelings to bad. But it is a possibility though.

.. Where did the bullet hit you? Directly in the medialis (tear drop) or up higher on the thigh?...

Another option would be e-stim. You can buy at home e-stim units that will give a good deal of juice. I would find a PT with wt. training expertise to show you how to hook up the electrodes (e.g., so you don't dislocate your patella). The stim will activate fivers (via the nerves) that your central nervous system may not be able to activate. The stim may also help with neural regeneration that will allow you to train the muscle harder.

Expect to spend several hundred dollars to get one with enought current output to make a difference, but CHECK WITH A (ORTHOPEDIC) DOC and PT first.

the bullet hit me on the inside of my thigh approx 6 inches above the knee. It went in the side of the leg then hit the bone and rolled down towards the knee. It did not break anything but did alot of soft tissue damage.

I had alot of atrophy at first from not being able to use it. The greatest growth that I seen was when I underwent electric stimulation daily for like 4 weeks i believe. I think that is what you mean by e stim Randy? (By the way both Randy and Phil, I give you both big props on the level you have achieved with your physiques, your knowledge, and passion for the sport) I am not to good with abbrevations on the net yet. I am still waiting for my doctor buddy to set me up with the massage dude that has a good rep for making shit happen. I am very interested in the e stim stuff so phil if you have a site for it send it to me.

By the way worked the bad leg today with a little of my good leg and blasted my hamstrings and calfs, got a full leg day saturday that will destroy quads. I am starting to see the gear kick in, today I swole. The shit is awesome and the way you feel when you look in the mirror leaves you with a smile.


First off, I am humbled that you would even mention my physique in the same breath as Phil's. I'm not even in the same ballpark (shit, I'm not even in the same state!), but I appreciate the compliment. Thanks, man - that made MY day!!! :)

Yes, by e-stim, I meant electrical stimulation. Sounds like Phil can give you the inside scoop on what you can get that would fit your budget. I would suggest large reusable gel electrodes (2 x 2 should do it, or 2" diameter) and a stimulator that puts out a sinusoidal wave (or at least a bipolar square wave) form with at least 100 mA of current. (DC current hurts like hell.) You'll really only need 1 channel, but 2 wouldn't hurt (well, actually it would... ;) ).

Phil, do yo sell anything like that that would not need to be plugged into an outlet?... I'm thinking he should use the e-stim during his leg training, very conservatively at first.


Hey man, my morbid curiousity is getting the better of me.......do you have any pics of when the accident happened etc....?

Also how did it happen and what kinda gun was it?
the funny thing is that my two good friends are brothers and they are both MD's and they work out. So they very aware of all the things that I do. I talked to one of them tonight and he was not very supportive of the estim ideal. He said If i had nerve damage I would not be able to contract the muscle. But I am going to maybe get a trial run. He is very very much on this deep massage though. Haven't talked to the other one yet.

I dont have any pictures, this happen maybe 14 years ago but it was a nine milli hollow point that I had reload myself and it jammed in the gun. I used my leg as a support to pull the double action slide back and it fired. I was only 14 and I just didn't have much respect for guns, hell I had 3 grand worth of reloading equipment and shot all the time. But I am from the south where I my kills more dear than probaly 90 percent of the men you know.

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