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Featured Member/ Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
May 2, 2005
who here has used PEGMGF?
What did you notice?
What results did you get and how fast?
How did you dose it?
How long did you runit?

Im not looking for scientific info but what you got from it.

Thanks guys



New member
Kilo Klub Member
Jan 10, 2011
What I got from it was a waste of time and money, but lesson learned I guess, so not a total loss.

As far as my many runs with it trying to find a sweet spot, I did mixed 4-8 week runs. Dosaging began at 250mcg/wk with last runs at the 1mg/wk. I tried 2x/wk, 3/wk, and EOD all with various dosaging ranges as well. Even tried as a bridge between IGF1-LR3 runs. Was from a legit source (board sponser) so quality def wasnt a concern.

I just think the glimmer of hope that comes from the theory of how it looks on paper and should work is the main driving point. Of course there really is no proven science behind it for as much as I've searched (unless any updates in last year, cuz stopped looking after my no success) and that coupled with my real world trial runs would say look elsewhere like possibly the regular MGF. I havent ventured down that road yet lol, looks more promising from what many here report, so its something I'll consider at some point


Active member
Kilo Klub Member
Dec 14, 2010
I had a similar experience to M O W. I started at 800mcg a week. I then went to 1mg. I injected in pecs only th whole time. At first I noticed a little fullness then nothing. After six weeks I did notice a little growth in the area injected which I thought was great. Then another couple weeks passed and I realized it did give me some fullness but it went away as if I never used it. From what I hear, it's better used with igf. I still have more and igf but I'm just using igf now. I may give it one more try but mgf igf is possibly better so really can't say that pegmgf was good and have never seen anyone who really liked it but then again the only time people really post results is when they had a bad experience or thought it was fake. I have a protocol for peg mgf and igf so I will probably give that a try soon.


New member
Jan 12, 2011
iv been on igf1-lr3 for 2 weeks and decided to try the peg mgf combo,
all i can say is gooooood luck trying to find the write protocol if you wanna do both.. lol iv been look on the net for about a week straight till about 2 in the morning and decided to go with my own protocol..

doing peg-mgf 3 hours befor training, 200mcg and igf 1 hour after work out 80mcg.

i know igf alone worked wonders on me in the past 2 weeks. deff getting fuller and stronger and i dont feel tired after my work outs and i smash my self.


Sep 30, 2005
I think it helped. By how much i'm not sure. Ran it with test/gh/slin. Probably dosed it around 400mcg 4x per week. I think you gotta dose this stuff high to take advantage of it really.

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