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Sciatic Pain


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Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
I have been doing mostly quad shots lately due to all the scar tissue in my arse. But lately for about 3weeks dont know if its work related (lifting approx 60-100lbs all day repititious) or from the gym been having a burning pain just around my hip area and sciatic area no middle back pain just in this area.
I am using tren 75mg approx ED skip a day occasionally and prop500mg a week, susp approx 100mg eod. I didnt know if the pain could be coming from the kidney area that low or what anyone ever have a sciatic pain however you call it.

Lots of water for me 1/2 gallon and 64-96 ounces of gatorade a day also. Thanks for any suggestions or similiar exp.About to start Dbol on Friday at 50mg also. MM

I am recovering from a case of Sciatica. It is a pain that is unmistakeable. It will radiate from the glute all the way down the leg into the calf.. You will also feel a numbness in the toes. The pain is constant and it is almost impossible to get into a comfortable position. The first week of my injury I could not walk, and now going on one month now, I still sometimes need to use cane to walk. And this is while taking prescription pain med and anti-inflamatories(sp). I felt almost no lower back pain with mine, except the day before the actual sciatic pain began. I woke up that morning with a lower back ache.. something that flares up on me every once and awhile. That day I did a Squat/ Deadlift workout..and the back didn't really feel all that bad. However the next day, all it took was a large sneeze and it felt like someone jabbed me in the leg with a cattle prod. And I haven't been able to walk right, never mind workout, since.. Mine is the result of a herniated disc...

From your description. Your case does not seem as severe as mine. If after reading my symptoms, you feel you have sciatic pain. My advise to you...see your doctor...get some anti inflamatories. Try to reduce the inflamation before it gets worse.

Feel free to pm or email if you feel I can help you in anyway..
Thanks squat I stopped doing dead lifts because it started hurting so bad. I practically do lunges all day going into and out of different picks picking up heavy product all day. My pain stops at the end of my glute I have been taking skelekon and motrin but right after I go back to work after days off it starts burning again. I have been doing all workouts supported now preacher curl instead of barbell curl etc. Thanks for the reply sometimes it is hard to walk no wonder people start using nubain I hate missing a workout. I have went to 3 days a week now. MM
3 days a week....

Might be a more of a good thing for you instead of a bad thing. See some of Big A's posts on training. I believe that training 3 days a week or even just twice a week are most productive for strength/size gains for the majority of people.

You know your body best.. you know when something is wrong or if it can be ignored. Believe me, I'm the last one to break down and head to a doctor (much to the dismay of my Fiance). I hate going the doctor. Especially if I think that they are going tell me to take a break from working out. But if you must you must.

Sounds like your a working a man, so you must have some health insurance.

Think of it this way....the small precautions you take today, may save you from missing a large chunk of training in the future.

Besides, you must miss doing great stuff like Squatting and Deadlifting. They are essential for muscular might.

Just my .02 cents.

Best of luck to you...
My wife (well, "significant other") had bad sciatca for years - sometimes it would get so bad she actually had to lie on the floor in the office to answer the phone. She works out 3-4 times a week, and is in terrific shape. Took all kinds of anti-inflammatories, etc. Finally went to a doc and had an injection of depo-medrol directly into the area where the pain was coming from. Had to have it done twice but I understand this is normal. Did the second one about one month after first one. It worked. Pain gone completly. Doc told her it might last anywhere from 2-5 years. About a year ago (almost 5 years after first set of injections) it started bothering her again and went back and did it again. Worked again. She says she will be glad to go back every 5 years or so for the rest of her life because it works! I understand a lot of people with sciatica have gotten relief from this. Of course there's medical politics in it. The orthopeds don't normally do it - they'd rather give you pills or cut. These procedures are mostly done by anestheioligists or radioligists (sp?). If you've got bad sciatica might be something to look into - just wanted to pass this on.

Thank You for the great input.. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow for a follow up from first being diagnosed about a month ago. I will ask him to give me the shot as I hate being a gimp.
Thanks I am gona go on Monday to get some X-rays and make sure everything is fine. My doctor is very aggressive had a neck cramp so bad once for like 3-4 days he injected the area in the back muscle area with lidacane and saline and gave me some muscle relaxers better in two days. But keeps telling me I am big enough and Im not supposed to be weighing over 200lbs at my height. I am gona mention the depo shot thanks again. I missed another workout last night aaaaaarrrrrrgggg.MM
LOL..when he gets on you about your weight. Tell him your goal is 300lbs. Then ask him for a script for Test patches.. That ought to get him off you back.
There a few different causes of sciatic pain. Have you been to a sports physio to get it checked out?
The sciatic nerve goes through your hip joint and can get pinched or compressed by inflamed or damaged muscles such as piriformis. It's not always caused by disc problems.
Good luck. :)
I saw my doctor...

...the lousy thing is, he chalked it up to a disc problem without any MRI or Xray being done. He wants to do those if at the followup visit I am still having no signs of improvement..

Now I am very much improved from when I incurred the injury about a month ago.. But I am still having pain and am noway near back to normal.

I do use self applied Trigger Point Therapy to the Piriformis, and that does seem to easy the pain.

My follow visit is tomorrow morning. I am going to request at least an Xray of the area, as well as ask about the Depo-Medrol.
Hey squat1000 let me know how it turns out for ya. Hope all your discs are fine. I agree about getting the xray hard to tell anything without one. They cant tell you much about the soft tissue stuff but would sure be a relief good luck to ya bro. Take care I did my eq in the glutes hate I can feel the pin break through every layer of scar tissue but it seems to have helped a little I iced it all day yesterday on and off to. But I still know its there. Good luck MM
Jungle girl would active release techniques work for what you described. I have read that one session is enough to get you back at almost 100% but most chiropractors always want you to return 2-3 times a week. I would have to travel 2.5 hrs to the nearest trained in ART. Thanks MM
Hi MM, yes ART is great for lots of soft (muscle) tissue problems, such as trigger points, adhesions and other scar tissue, stretching fascia etc etc.

Now, this is MY opinion and not a dis on ART, but - I think ART is hyped up through clever marketing ( because you will notice that usually there is a registered trade mark on the words Active Release Techniques/Therapy.)
Here in Australia, and I presume other countries, many therapists use techniques almost identical but don't call it this. I would advise you to see a few sports/remedial therapists and check out their trigger point work, or intensive myofascial therapy, because it has great results also, you probably won't have to wait so long for an appointment, drive so far and the cost maybe a bit cheaper.
ART is not an exclusive talent to those on the list, but the massuese has to pay quite a bit to do the course and be on the ART registered therapist list.
:) :)
Squat, you might want to get a second opinion. I'n not a doc of course, but my understanding is one of the main causes of sciatica is disc problems. The docs said my gal's sciatica was caused by a disc, and that had nothing to do with whether or not they do the injection. Basically what it does is just deaden the area for several years - so it doesn't matter whether it is caused by a herniated or bulging disc or whatever. Like Jungle Girl says, a lot of things can cause it. One thing we learned when dealing with the problem for Loni (my gal) was that like I said in my earlier post, its funny some doctors don't do them and some do. Like I said, it seems to have something to do with medical politics, or points of view (and capabilities) of the various specialties. Mostly these things are done by either anestheiolgists, or radioligists (the radiologists go in and do it while looking at it.) For some reason, orthopeds, who are the main docs most people go to for this kind of problem, don't generally seem to do them. We have a doc friend and my sister is a doc, and I have discussed this with both of them and this is what they say, and also both of them said it is a good procedure. My sister is a dermatologist and our buddy is in internal medicine, so they don't do them but they were both familiar with them - in fact our doc buddy is who turned Loni on to this technique - her orthoped just wanted to dope her up with pain meds - she went in once a month, the insurance paid for an office visit and the ortho wrote her a new script for pain pills. And of course you need an MRI, but if you got sciatica this can help, whatever the cause. It's a shame that our medical system is so fucked up, but hell, we could be livining in Afganistan or something, which I'm sure is worse!

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