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Featured Member/ Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Mar 27, 2003
Hey guys,

Here are some updated pics for ya...I know I havnt been on the boards much lately, but working 3rd shift and training is taking most of my time...Im just focusing on next year right now, trying to put on as much size as possiable...Im holding right now at 280 and getting harder, Im not sure what show im going to focus on just yet, as im not sure I have the size to compete at the USA's or Nats...So we will just have to see what the rest of the year brings to me...My goal is to make the top 5 at a national level show next year, and to compete at 240+....tell me what you think

thanks chris250 moving closer to chris300


  • 280augmostfrontbi.jpg
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Side chest chest is still a week point...


  • 280augmostbacklat.jpg
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A weak back shot....has come up in thickness this year, but still needs more work...


  • 280augmostbackbi.jpg
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Most muscular shot


  • 280augmostmuscularpic.jpg
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huge baby

:) Wow like I said you are a huge beeatch. On your back pose you have the same problem as me high lats. Try going underhand on pull downs and rows and try different angles. It will help you pull those lats down closer to your waist. That change in grip helped me tremendously (not that I have a back). You look great chris especially holding 280 lbs. better than I looked at 280. Just stay at the same condition, remember the farther the skin is away from the muscle the longer it take it to get back there. learned that the hardway. Keep training heavy and intense brother.
Gooey :p
Great thickness in the arms and legs...pecs may need to catch up a bit. Ditto Gooey's remarks about lats.
dag your thick as all hell bro! good job. your arms are insane!
At 280 you are carrying alot of muscle. You just have to bring it out so everyone can see it by losing fat. I see no weak areas from the pics. Your best body part seems to be the arms. I like the side bicep pose.
Thanks to all the members on the board for the positive comments...Im going to keep on building as much muscle as I can until the end of the year, and then see where im at...Then I will either decide to compete at the USA's or Nationals...Im going to try to post some better pics on later this week, I dont think these pics really show me at my best...

looking huge...

btw, you look like tito ortiz in the face, anyone ever tell u that?

only thing I say is TOP 5 is a lofty goal but your big enough to do it also start eating cleaner.
Im hoping Chris can get back on track after having to work night shifts for months. I worked with Chris with his diet and training in October of last year when he was 254 and we got him up right around 290lbs or so by April and May. Since then he has had outside influences and working hours that have kind of gotten him offtrack. He has alot of Charles Clairmonte qualities to his physique and we made back width and thickness a priority. I was hoping he would be right at the 300-305lb mark about now and then ride that muscular bodyweight for 4-6 months for density reasons, and then make an assault on either the USA or Nats. I was trying to get him onstage at 252lbs shredded and still believe he can do it but he might have to wait for the Nats now instead of the USA's. That all depends on what he can accomplish over the next 4 months. If you have ever seen Chris's contest pics, I do not know of a superheavyweight who has a smaller waist than he does. As Chris can probaly tell you I repeatedly tell him, "you have the potential to do this"-we just need some more size and to get that back out. He seems to train best and put on major size when theres many people in his corner urging him to do so--as it was last year on muscle mayhem when he transformed himself over half of a year and alot of members on that board were freaked at the gains he made. I hope that happens here too--so he takes that pressure and encouragement and channels it into what he needs to do to get in the top of the class. Heres a pic of Chris at 224lbs -he will never even get close to that weight again dieted down as he has put on another 20lbs of muscle and is still going upward. 252lbs shredded to the bone at 5'10 is where he needs to be at to make a huge impact at the National shows so I hope this forum rallies him up to get there.


  • chrisgenkinger_0427.jpg
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Doggcrapp and Chris250

Are you using the basic guidelines (the internet posting) of your training methods and eating stragety to get Chris ready. I have really uped my inspiration after applying the methods that you have shared with all of us. And in three weeks I have gotten tons stronger and people are asking what are you doing to grow. I always hand them your paper work and tell them to study. Best wishes to both of you.
I have only talked to chris sporadically in the last 2 months because of his work schedule. We did use my methods to get him up to the present size pronto but I dont know Chris's current idea about what show he wants to dial in at. He used Dave P. last time to diet down for the Jr Nats and Chris is very knowledgeable anyway so he might use a variation of that same method. He did lose too much size in the last couple weeks before his show and kind of came in flat but it will only take some slight tweaking by him to fix that.

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