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VA/DC state show


New member
Jun 6, 2002
well guys all I can say if FAT ASS! I dont even think the heavy weigh guys dieted. well there was one guy that was hard as for patk he had the toughest class of them all with the most guys in it but thats the norm for LHW. I didnt stay for the finals so I dont know how he or VA maddog did.
Here ya go!

First - Pumped you are so right! The Heavies were ridiculous.

My Story - Well, I finished 6th. Not the best placing, but my class was tough as hell. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the way I looked, well atleast at the night show. Prejudging cost me a higher placing as I was rushed on to stage last minute. I went backstage to get ready when they started the light weight open. By the time I got back there they were calling Light Heavies to get ready to go on. They weren't gonna let me oil up or anything. Well, I got very little oil on and had NO pump time. I wasn't really nervous until they rushed our class through and I was a little startled as I didn't have time to get ready physically or mentally. I looked so much better at the night show oiled and with a nice pump and alot more relaxed. Well. as we know prejudging is where it counts.

My conditioning - I weighed in at 188. I needed to be a little leaner. I was hard and dry, but I had some stubborn fat around the mid section that definately could have been lost. Like I said though, I was hard and dry.....so that part I got down. I could have actually eaten a little more the night before as I could have been a tad fuller, but I was playing it safe.

Overall - This was my first show and a tough one at that....which I wanted it to be. I am very pleased with my performance and the way I looked. I feel that I made a huge accomplishment and I am very excited about competing next year....actually in May or latest July. I learned alot about my body and know what I have to adjust next time....Mainly lenghth of diet. I plan on putting on a solid 12 to 15 pounds of muscle this off season. Next show I will be bigger and leaner. This show was my first and big step into competitive bbing.

I will post some pics as soon as I get them, hopefully tomarrow.

A special thanks to my great friend and training partner Mat D. who was with me the whole way and was a tremendous help along with 10 friends from my gym who drove 4 hours to come and support me......I truly have great friends and of course my professional muscle friends, thank you all for your support and kind words along the way.

One last special thanks, to my friend Neil aka STK or killa. Neil always encouraged me to get my ass on stage and do something with the hard work I put in. Part of the drive I had to do this show came from him and I wanted to thank him for that, I know you here me buddy! Out of respect for Neil I wore his T-shirt (Killdevil) the whole time except when I was on stage. I had it on from Thurs night to Sat. night and it doesn't really smell that good right now...LOL/jk! God bless you Neil and thank you for giving me the encouragement.....this ones for you buddy!

Take care my friends!

Sounds like you were a lot like me - I also finished 6th at my contest. I also needed another week or 2 to really be in the condition I should have achieved.

The key here is that you learned from your experience and ready to accept the challenge to improve!

Great job!


|---[\\\\]>----------- First off, i'd like to say it's a great accomplishment for anyone who diets and trains their asses off for 16-20 weeks for a show...place or no place, you're a winner either way! taht takes tramendous dedication. i have not done my 1st show yet, but i am shooting for next year 2004, i knwo i keep saying it, but i am making good gains this year and i'm shooting for 2004....
Thanks for the nice words guys! I've been training hard and long and am happy with where I'm at and what I've done. I'm really looking forward to this coming year as I'm gonna do great things with my training.........NO MORE SLACKING!!!!:D

Great job on sticking with your plan all the way through. YOu cant hit the nail on the head 1st time out. But that you are happy with the finished product is also great. A fine accomplishment to build upon, it was fun to follow your progress on the board along the way.
patk looked very good

patk looked very good. It was a big show, over 90 total competitors. In any big show the timing is hard to anticipate. Things seem to drag then all of a sudden the expeditors are yelling hurry up. It is easy to feel rushed and hard to know when to do the last minute things.

Pat I have a few decent pics of you. If you want them send me an email address in a PM. 6th place in your class in this contest on your first outing is an accomplishment you should feel good about.
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Thank you MadDog. I will sent a PM your way. Congrats on your placing you looked great. Take care.


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