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what was you natural achievement before starting "supplements"

Johnny Bravo

New member
Jun 7, 2002
what was your natural achievement before starting "supplements"

I was 5'8" 194lbs at 6-8% bodyfat, Now I'm 230lbs around 8-9% Bodyfat
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Gotta remember - I've gotta small joint frame

5'6" (and hasn't changed) 155# at 6-7% BF - currently 190#+ at 8-9% BF (and been clean for 7 months).

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6 ft, 225 kinda chubby at 14% (200-210 when dieted)

now 235 at 10 or 11% abs are hanging in there :) looking to be 225 when dieted down
I got to 5'6" 180lb. Reached a high of 220lb, now about 205lb and way leaner than I was at 180 matural.
6'3" 215lbs bf was around 8%(did not reach my genetic limits before cycling unfortunatley, I only had 1 1/2 years of serious training under my belt)

after supps i reached a best 6'3"-259 and approximately 12% bf
currently i'm about 235 and body fat is around an all time high of probably 14%(I have followed some pretty warped training ideas that resulted in severe strength loss, but i'm trying to get back to around 250lbs at 10% bf I just need to get my poundages up in the gym
I was 225 my senior year high school at 6' . At between 6-8 %.I was 16 , 17[ very young for a senior , but I had been training hard since I was 10]in college and pro I didn't allow my self to get too much bigger because I was a db. I played at 228- 232 which was huge then and still is big for a strong safety these days .I think Roy willams of Dallas plays 235, but I think was a little leaner and better looking .LOL![ just kidding]I didnt use gear until 23 ,after my brief uneventful NFL career.[2 and a half seasons]I went from 225[ had just been trying to rehab , not doing any heavy lifting] to a hard 290 in less than 2 years .Then I got busted .I did not touch a weight for more than 2 years after getting popped. And the last 6 years have been the patern of starting up again for a month or 2 then getting frustraighted then quitting for 6 or 8 months .Then I would miss it and repeat the process over again.I found this board 6-7 months ago and over time it has really helped me get motivated again.I started training hard and eating right 2 months ago.And I have been working with Skip for the last 6 weeks .I am weighing a pretty hard 245.6 and looking to get down to my best ever 225 clean by the end of jan.Then it will be time for the games to begin.Thanks to everyone here ,you guys have changed my life .[ and thanks for the board Big A] I feel priviliged to be here with you guys.You are truely the select few quality people that I have ever met that are involved in bodybuilding.Most are just insecure selfish assholes.So far I don't see any of that here .You guys make me proud to say I am interested in bodybuilding.I used to be embarassed to say I even lifted weights .I still am sometimes .You guys rule! Thanks for the motivation.....Hopefully by the end of jan I will be back to where I started ,then it will be just a matter of time......you will see.....I am out to be the best i can possibiliy be....LOL! [ shit , if this don't work I joining the army. LOL!]
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I was 155 pounds at 5'9" and weak as a kitten. Now hang around 210 and much, much stronger than I was. Not strong compared to most of you guys, just compared to what i used to be.
Natty, 6'1" 320 25% bf was my biggest. 500# bench, 600# squat, 600# dead. Stopped training legs for awile, legs got too big. I have run one tren only cycle, and am 265# at 10% bf. Still almost as strong in the heavy compound lifts, but my isolation stuff I am 10-25% stronger.
I was 5'11" #175. Now 3 years later(off gear for a few weeks) #205. My peak weight was 213. That progress isn't so hot, since I periodically had to give up BBing to focus on school.

Dunno BF% but it's always low, I can always see my abs.

I'm happy with 10#/year.

15 TO 20 LBS per yr,till I hit 20yrs old, then slow goin till 24... then added supps, back to 15/20 per yr till.... I hit 270 LBS now about 250LBS, can't seem to break that 270 mark..... guess I'm to old:mad:
5'10" @ about 200 lbs and fat. After the non-natural approach (and currently), same height 235 lbs and fatter. Happy Thanksgiving....


ok i was 17 and a buck 60.. man i definetly was ready.. damn dumb kids..haha

now im 21 and 225. KIDS LISTEN TO A OLD MAN..HAHA YOU REALLY SHOULD WAIT!!!! I COULD BE A LOT FUCKIN BIGGER NOW IF I WOULD OF WAITED. I REACHED MY GENETIC LIMIT BY WASTING JUICE.. also my penis stopped growing im only 3 inches,, ok that was ajoke..lol


haha... that steroid joke was funny....

sorry about your penis bro :(
how can someone know they reached their so called "natural potential" when they have had limited training experience. I would have to say, unless you have been training for years from your 20's through your 40's, you have no idea what your natural potential is/was. Obviously, I'm not against AS use...I'm just saying, how can someone who is 21/22 say they have reached their natural potential? Seems like a ridiculous thing to say IMO. I know I'm nitpicking, but this has always bothered me.

I had reached 225 naturally, then I did a natural show, competed at 175, went back up to 200 and crossed to the dark side.
1988 I was 20 yrs old at 6', 160 lbs. Used a few cycles of Primobolan Depot (200 mg Redi-jects) from Germany....anyone remember those?!
Got up to 190 lbs and stayed there and was clean until 1999.

1999 (11 yrs clean) started back on juice. Went from 190 lbs to 220 lbs. Stayed at 220 lbs for about a year then came off due to a fucked up arrest.

2003 now at 6', 210 lbs, 15 % BF and clean (for now)
damn phil thats how you got so damn big.. lol

the funny thing is kids now days are starting at about that size. i cant say that i wasnt one of them, but people are all about taking the easy way out. i learned real quick there is no easy way, you are giong to put in your time, steroids or no steroids, you can just achieve it a little quicker with juice.

i hope i atleast get across to some little 17yo punk ready to get his first cycle,, lol.


I started routinely training when I was 25 (10 years ago). At that time I was 5' 9" 225lbs (probably 30% BF). Over the next few years, my goal was to lose the fat and look athletic. By 28, I was about 160lbs. I stayed between 160-170 until I was 30. Slowly tho, the more time I spent at the gym, the more bodies I saw, the more I started to form my own vision of the body I wanted. So I worked for the next 2 years to try and get there naturally. I got to about 180lbs natural, with BF in the 10% range. So at about 32 (3+) years ago I stopped being natural and got on the juice. Today, I'm 205 and hard, probably 8% BF. I don't really want to get much bigger, but I think this coming spring I'm going to try and get lower BF and see how hard I can get.

5 9" 195 7-8%bdf. at 18 yrs old. was sick for 3 years so never reached my natural potential. at 22 yrs started supplemnts to help with recovery. They only got me to about 205 6%bdf at my best.
I made it to 275lbs at around 22%bf clean. Recently I weighed 340 at around 17%. Now I'm down to 308 and starting to see abs for the first time in years, LOL. Dropping down to 290 after mid december to take a shot at lifting in the 275's in march.


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