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  1. played
  2. memory
  3. Psychologist on board
  4. Prescription I Got
  5. Girl drama need help
  6. Self-conscious, depression, social-anxiety
  7. Relationship/Sex Drive Advice
  8. OT: how to sue lawyer/complain
  9. O/T- need advice, potentially serious problem
  10. Gear depression
  11. Ketamine therapy for depression.
  12. Getting snubbed by a girl
  13. Have you ever cut a close friend from your life for good? Need advice
  14. Am i losing my time?
  15. Dating a girl that posts IG fitness(as*) pics
  16. O/T: Your spouse/wife and alcohol
  17. Weird sexual fantasies
  18. Anyone here ever start over in a career after 40?
  19. Marital Problems
  20. Divorced
  21. Changing careers - PT studio ownership to ?
  22. Anyone had benzo addiction? Advice?
  23. New Definition of Alcoholism
  25. Unhealthy patterns after breakup
  26. Corporate life
  27. Relationship struggles
  28. Does time ever fully heal wounds?
  29. Lost my wife...
  30. would you guys leave your girlfriend if you caught her talking to another man in text
  31. Went off meds now I’m Manic. Advice?
  32. Ok I'm in a bad feelings situation related to a crazy relationship that just ended.
  33. Have any of you dated a married woman? If so how was it?
  34. Anyone use anti depressants like Prozac
  35. I have hit a wall
  36. Odd situation with a girl i hook up with
  37. Please share motivating music or with which you train!
  38. Has tren messed up relationships or friendships for you?
  39. Please help! Please read! Spouse potentially sexually abused???
  40. Ended 2 year relationship
  41. Misdemeanor in Michigan
  42. Living in Hoa
  43. Having a rough time with my gf/fiancé
  44. Tried Everything Still Look $hit
  45. Very Depressed after Sleep Apnea Surgery
  46. Some advise regarding pregnancy
  47. Ending relationship because of anavar???
  48. GF and oral sex
  49. What do you think people really think of us?
  50. How do you get rid of emotional depression?
  51. I'm the biggest dweeb in the world, but determined to change
  52. Blood work severe anxiety
  53. I think my girl's daughter tried to either have sex with me or set me up.
  54. Don't know why I'm taking this so hard
  55. I met my ex-boyfriend once again
  56. then store in a cool, dry are
  57. as perfect compartments to protect your fragile
  58. Helplessness
  59. hard time. drugs. car accident.. fuck
  60. GF talks to ex a lot ... red flag or being an asshole?
  61. My marriage is turning to shit.
  62. Holy Spirit 3 Day Miracle Prayer -
  63. Why men lie and cheat?
  64. Dating sites, women lying on their profiles
  65. Got sick, lost my routine, pretty miserable.
  66. How would you have handled this situation ? Guy texting the girl I am seeing..
  67. Why is pussy so powerful?
  68. Abdominal Hernia
  69. Should I stop dating this girl? Can't tell if tren is messing with me or if I caught
  70. Girlfriend Eating Disorder + Depression
  71. Depression and gear
  72. Energy sector jobs
  73. What to do if a spouse threatens you about steroids?
  74. Relationship Advice needed please - Should i try and make it work?
  75. Sex duration on gear question
  76. Severe Injury - Depression ( 20 y/o) .HELP
  77. Known girl for 20 years, still drama
  78. Married chick wants to...
  79. Masteron/Proviron effects on brain/mood
  80. Coldfeet is a real bitch
  81. Overcoming Severe Depression from Spouse
  82. Retroactive Jealousy.
  83. Alimony Question
  84. Need Advice On Cheating
  85. To those who have been through or know of custody battles..
  86. Cheaters
  87. got set up and fired :(
  88. Very intelligent but have a criminal history
  89. Combat military veterans?
  90. Partner won't get job
  91. Witnessed a suicide
  92. OT ..granddaughter goes in for surgery
  93. I need some advice/help more than ever
  94. christmas help
  95. o/t- am I crossing the line?
  96. 18 y/o stepsone
  97. I'm in a difficult situation
  98. "The Disconnect Switch" - Relationship
  99. F#$k guys, I don't know what's going on
  100. paranormal
  101. Spouse using steroid use against me when convenient....
  102. Fraud by wife... Need HELP~
  103. Substance dependency...
  104. I need help and guidance from my forum bros
  105. career/job help
  106. pissed off. Need second opinons. I did the right thing correct?(woman issue)
  107. Dealing with Depression
  108. GF is cheating, but can't find any real proof......
  109. Tren behavior???
  110. PTSD-TBI
  111. Severe social awkwardness
  112. O/T I feel like a failure school and life
  113. wtf just happened right now. (GIRL ISSUES) (non bodybuilding) (vent)
  114. 3 years ago i was here
  115. Ending it with best friend
  116. Why do i attract Black Women?
  117. Marriage annulment or divorce???
  118. How do I get my wife to support my bodybuilding hobby?
  119. My Mother's support (NOT)…
  120. O/T - Can't seem to be happy in any relationship
  121. Anxiety and stress from work effecting my home life
  122. Hardest day of my life
  123. Just got laid off and we have a baby on the way
  124. Wife of 4 years doesn't respect one simple but big request I have
  125. It Finally Happenned
  126. I lost the love of my life - 7 months after and not getting better
  127. Is there any real relationships anymore?
  128. Is there such thing as Unconditional Love anymore?
  129. Trouble adapting to fast-paced life
  130. bullshit xanax charge
  131. car accidents
  132. first one night stand - feel bad
  133. Marriage in trouble
  134. Any Dr's or people knowledgeable on Bipolar 1 ?
  135. Night terrors
  136. Rough year.
  137. My genetics screwed me over
  138. Who's in the wrong here? (Wedding palnning)
  139. Please tell me this is normal (gf pregnant)
  140. Daughter is growing up
  141. Fed up with doctors/insurance companies
  142. gf was commited to psyc ward
  143. best friend passed away
  144. Seeking Support
  145. Is she the one???
  146. Cold hands and feet = anxiety attack.
  147. Strange mental condition/ anyone have any ideas?
  148. Anyone suffer or did suffer from Obsessive thinking?
  149. How can i handle this situation with my son and his team-mates?
  150. ADHD Help!
  151. Prayers and Help Needed from my PM Brothers
  152. Well divorce time.
  153. Do you ever get over your first love?
  154. help
  155. ok Heres a good Question
  156. Boyfriend issues now he's an ex
  157. Herniated disc in cspine
  158. Don't know what to do,i need advice from my brother's!
  159. I messed up...need advice
  160. actually at a loss..help me out
  161. Prayers/Positive Energy/Thoughts Needed
  162. recovering from a breakup with a borderline exgf?
  163. O/T WTF Chlamydia??
  164. I feel horrible!
  165. chosing to be alone for the holidays
  166. Bitter Sweet
  167. alone during holidays
  169. ptsd living with it
  170. Need some advice from the wise (relationship)
  171. Fake Relationship - Am I the only one that thinks this is the retarded?
  172. schizophrenia
  173. New GF issues
  174. Motivation?
  175. Has gear ruined marriages or relationships for any of you?
  176. How to be successful with women!!! Here
  177. Help with working out/weight lifting again
  178. Overcoming depressive symptoms
  179. Peer Support if you need it
  180. have you had one like this ?
  181. Please read this, I wish I did 5 years ago.
  182. Get engaged or set her free?
  183. I dont understand women
  184. I feel like a failure
  185. social anxiety meds?
  186. Advice
  187. Still have feelings for the Ex...but seeing a new lady
  188. religion vs self awareness
  189. Blindsided by Breakup
  190. ***Prayers for my marriage***
  191. Self destructive ego?
  192. 3 day anxiety attack
  193. How Porn can Ruin Your Sex Life and Your Marriage
  194. have you had a female friend that...
  195. Anti depressants? Worthwhile?
  196. Just got dumped---was I wrong?
  197. Anyone have an jerk for a father-in-law?
  198. Hard time finding a purpose...
  199. Blocking unwanted emails, etc?
  200. How many of you have heard of "Sympathic Pregnancy"?
  201. Would you get plastic surgery?
  202. Wife doesn't listen to me.
  203. Is Self Pity a Prison?
  204. Pay back!
  205. Do I need to QUIT?
  206. Any of you guys have Aspergers? feeling really down... really depressed...
  207. Holidays suck~
  208. Does it get better?
  209. am i a sociopath? life of recluse
  210. your gf/wife hygiene
  211. Does age really matters?
  212. Is this wrong? male /female opinions
  213. to any and all guys that have been downrange...
  214. Advice
  215. Is a relationship worth continuing if the sex sucks?
  216. G/f not into fitness lifestyle
  217. relationship advice
  218. Skeletons in the closet?? What to do...
  219. allright, im here. but where is HERE?
  220. Big problem with GF! Need help!!
  221. Very embarrassing but i need some advice
  222. Best age to get married
  223. In a funk
  224. Question from you guys... mostly religious ones
  225. Have you dealt with a girl like this ?
  226. O/T My gf is convinced I gave her Herpes but I tested Negative for it
  227. Not exactly OT but worth the read!
  228. Before you say "I DO?"
  229. any guys here have wives/gf that dont live the lifestyle
  230. Advice on Situation
  231. Do any of your wives...
  232. Not happy with how my life turned out
  233. Advice on breakup and pride
  234. Feeling lonely and depressed
  235. Marriage?
  236. One night stand, attachment ?
  237. Why can I never be happy with what I have?
  238. Coping Skills
  239. O/T : How did you meet your current spouse/girlfriend?
  240. well, well, well, look at this situation...
  241. This is weird/unhealthy right? (regards to sex)
  242. older men, need advice ! jobs
  243. Need some advice. I can't get over my wife's sexual past.
  244. New sex experience
  245. WTF more bad luck 2013 car accident!
  246. Death
  247. 2013 So Overwhelming
  248. Divorce - Looking For Advice
  249. Dripping out, thick ejaculate
  250. My head and heart are fucking with me.
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