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Awards Showcase

September '05

Category - Competitor

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Synthetek -

Winner: JBOMB

I have been competing for 3 years (6 contests, 3 Overall, 5 1st
Place, 1 national level), and have been training for 8 years.
Started out training for sports (college basketball....I'm only
5'7'' hehe) and had really good results and just fell in love with
it. I have two uncles that were successful at the state level, and
a great-uncle who was successful at the pro level (Ken Waller). I
started out weighing 145lbs and have been as heavy as 252lbs. My
offseason weight is around 245(FAT), will try to improve on that
this year, and contest weight is around 200-205.
My next plans are the 2006 USA's.


Mon - Chest
Tue - Calves AM / Back PM
Wed - Arms
Thur - Quads
Fri - Shoulders
Sat - Hams/Calves
Sun - OFF


Flat Barbell Press
Incline Dumbell
Flat Dumbell Flyes


Bent Barbell Rows
Wide Pulldown/Close Pulldown (all one set)
Hammer Row
Low Pulley Row


Close grip bench/Barbell Curl
Skullcrusher/Alternate Dumbell Curl
Hammer Dip/Preacher Curl machine


Squats (free or smith, depending on my knees!)
Hack squat
Leg Press
Hammer Lunge


Smith Military
Dumbell Press
Side Lateral Raises
Cable Lateral Raises


Seated Leg Curl
Stiff-legged Deadlift


Standing calf raises
Seated calf raises

My training routine doesn't really change much from offseason to
precontest. What changes is the intensity and volume. For
precontest there is more volume, and less intensity...but not much!
I have trouble with my knees so I dont train quads as much as I'd
like. Traps never get trained, isolated anyway. This routine has
worked really well for me the past couple of years. You need to
find what works well for you and not what someone else is doing.


Oh, boy....I'm not too good at this, unless McDonalds, Pizza Hut,
and Jack in the Box count??


I try to keep protein around 300g daily and carbs around 500+
daily. But this year I am going to go a little higher on the
protein and see how well that works. I normally eat alot of junk
and am going to try to stay cleaner this offseason. Proteins come
from eggwhites, ground sirloin, chicken, some fish. Carbs come
from oatmeal, white rice, beans, fast, and red potatoes.
I dont use much protein powder at all, very rarely, just whole food.

Favorite Meal: Chili w/8oz ground sirloin + 1 Cup white rice mixed


I usually do my own diet until about 3 weeks out and let 'someone'
take over that has been keeping an eye on me the whole time. My
protein is usually 2.25 x's bodyweight, and carbs just depends on
where I'm at conditioning wise. Proteins consist of eggwhites,
ground sirloin, and turkey, maybe some fish. Carbs come from Oats,
red and sweet potatoes, broccolli, and other green veggies. Same
as offseason, not much protein powder, whole food.

I want to thank everyone on ProfessionalMuscle for the help and
support!!! This is the BEST bodybuilding board around, no bullshit
just good facts and info.
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