Advertise With Us, it’s owners and staff do not condone illegal activities, so please read below if you wish to advertise your product/service on this website. Every advertiser must have a head office in a country where it is legal for them to conduct their business. The advertisers, before approval, must provide a copy of their trading licence in their country, together with a declaration on their company letterhead, stating that they are a legal company in their country not breaking any local laws. Until a relationship is developed, new advertisers can only pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Once a relationship is developed, the advertiser can pay by Western Union or MoneyGram. has an international audience, so while some advertised products are legal in certain countries, they are not in others. There is no restriction on the advertised products/services as long as the advertisers do not break the law in their local country. Any potential advertiser that meets the above conditions, is welcome to email [email protected] in order to obtain rates and conditions of advertising, advising of the product/service they provide and the country that they operate from.