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  1. Melanotan 2
  2. Injury recovery peptides and cycles
  3. best peps for size
  4. romanian norditropin
  5. Just want to share my success story
  6. Epitalon - anyone ever research it?
  7. Which would be better research protocol
  8. Test subject is not responding!
  9. GHRP-2 vs. Ipam my experience
  10. Peps aren't dissolving...
  11. What research would you like to see?
  12. longest consecutive use of dac?
  13. Ghrp-2 with Mod Grf 1-29 and pegMGF... Worth it?
  14. IGF-1 LR3 and carbs.
  15. Why am I getting more out then what i mixed?
  16. Peptide Stack Comparisons
  17. any tips for a first time hgh user???
  18. If taking CJC W/ DAC...how necessary is GHRP-2?
  19. What is the highest dose of Curcumin you are using on your animal?
  20. Adding peptides to my GH
  21. Peptide testing labs?
  22. to use or not to use
  23. Expired humalog, still good?
  24. adipotide?
  25. Sensitive nipples on peps.. What to do/take?
  26. Maximpep ghrp-2 CJC-1295 (no DAC)
  27. New to Peptides Please Critique This Plan
  28. Gaining a shit-load of weight... Ghrp2
  29. IGF Mix
  30. IGF-1
  31. How much gh is too much?
  32. Anyone tried GTGchem???
  33. GRF Mod-129 + GHRP-2: Taken with or without meals?
  34. having ankle surgery. best peps for recovery and size regain
  35. OT - GDF-11 Interesting new area
  36. weird moles mt2
  37. Errrr Help (Dealing w/ Vacuum Seals)!!!!
  38. Peptides for sports?
  39. Mexi igf1
  40. Do you feel LR3 becomes less effective the more you use it?
  41. Myostatin and Follistatin
  42. Strange reaction from 3rd Curcumin shot into research subject
  43. How long can IGF 1 LR3 last out of the fridge?
  44. First run with Peps (input appreciated)
  45. Questions on "different" peps
  46. Reconstitution question
  47. hgh for knee injury recovery question.
  48. cardio timing
  49. hgh and higher heart rate.
  50. stacking igf with gh
  51. Mixing/storing peptides in same barrel, round 2
  52. First experience with L3 IGF 1: notes
  53. who to use?
  54. Anyone else try GHRP/GHRH by IV?
  55. Best peps for single digit body fat reduction?
  56. t4 dosage
  57. injecting curcumin
  58. Stem cell life after MGF
  59. Quick Response Please
  60. Help outline GH serum test
  61. First Run of Humalin R (5units pwo) question and log
  62. Hard, red welts at research site with IGF lr3
  63. 3 or 4iu 7 on or 6
  64. Check this out... Very interesting read
  65. Propeptides?
  66. Anyone experience bad bloat on peps or IGF LR3?
  67. GH peptides: Should we use with natural insulin spike?
  68. Epgopep news
  69. IGF-1 LR3 When do you inject it?
  70. Which do you prefer CJC Dac or CJC NO Dac
  71. Peps and HGH and your IGF levels??
  72. Advice on nova log and my breakfast shake..
  73. peg mgf and igf1
  74. want to add IGF1 LR3 into existing peptide cycle
  75. so I tried IGF-1 des for the first time today
  76. Hgh.... Head is pounding
  77. A thought and concern about Curcumin
  78. why do we take igf-1 lr3 after workouts?
  79. 5 mg WEEKLY=HOW MANY UI of GH,the comparison....
  80. star's research works; HOW TO CONTINUE??
  81. CJC w/ DAC + Huperzine A
  82. Anyone use CJC-DAC alongside CJC non-DAC?
  83. Benefits of CJC non-DAC + GHRP-2 (3x a day vs. 5 or 6x a day)
  84. How long after eating do you wait to inject?
  85. Varicose veins from IGF?
  86. CJC reconstitution calculation check please..
  87. Silly Question
  88. Too much BA in your Bac water?
  89. matryxl ergo
  90. Ergopeps MGF chain
  91. Peps or growth for my wife?
  92. FRAG + BCAA during fasted cardio = insulin failBOAT
  93. Peps/GH + T3 = Bad, Peps/GH + T4 = good ?
  94. How Long?
  95. Ergopep restocked curcumin
  96. Peptides to Australia
  97. How to know Huper A / Green Tea is working when researching peps? Is there signs?
  98. reason rips have sludge vs flakes?
  99. Synergy between prami gh release and cjc/ghrp's.
  100. Side effects after GHRP-2/Mod GRF shot
  101. Running Ipam and Mod GRF 129 -want to add in IGF LR3 or IGF 1 Des - Please help!!
  102. GH and Air
  103. GH and Cjc used together?
  104. IGF1-lr3 USA - pain at the site.
  105. myostatin blocker bad for tendons or not?
  106. bad gh contain spironolactone/aldosterone
  107. ACTN3 experiences
  108. Curious, how much CJC Dac
  109. Comprehensive CJC 1295 guide?
  110. Growh Hormone, how many times a week ?
  111. Had to stop peps :(
  112. Does mt2 effect or damage kidneys
  113. peptide overload?
  114. kwikpen discarded after 28 days?
  115. if you were going to make a permanent addition to someone (via AAV), what would it be
  116. going to be starting GH how should I work up dose?
  117. ghrp6/cjc1295 no dac and HGH.. critique dosing please
  118. igf-1 lr3 help
  119. Team at ERGO is freakin awesome!!
  120. Quick questions about Optimal Ratios of GHRP and GHRH
  121. Question Sermorelin 6mg/GHRP-6 3mg/GHRP-2 15mg
  122. i have a question about GH rips/eli's vs generics
  123. 5 mg ERGO CJC DAC,single or multiple injection in a week?
  124. cjc with dac vs tesamorelin
  125. 6 weeks out from show. Add in Myostatin HMP from Ergo?
  126. MUSCLE+BONE MASS: Best stack??
  127. usa lr3 shelf life
  128. Thyroid T3 question
  129. cjc dac and shelf life in fridge?
  130. Peptide companies
  131. The Official CJC w/DAC protocal
  132. surgery to repair torn tendon - peptides speed healing?
  133. Best Dosing protocol for CJC-DAC?
  134. Insulin use on certain workout days?
  135. cjc dac with humalog?
  136. Gentropin?
  137. riptropin
  138. does timing of your GH injection really matter for mass wen using slin?
  139. BD 100 iu
  140. Will CJC-1295 W/DAC effect HGH , or vise versa?
  141. How long can unreconstituted peptides be kept in the fridge?
  142. How much DAC to equal HGH?
  143. anti-inflamatories and peptides
  144. GHRP 6 didnt dissolve
  145. New to hgh.
  146. Errrr... Where is the 'Famous' Peptide Graph!?!
  147. Peps on a Plane
  148. MTII left unrefridgerated
  149. 1 Year of Pain ~ HGH
  150. Most effective way to run GHRP-2
  151. Gain muscle: proliferation+differentiation
  152. USA DES
  153. Cjc-1295. Ghrp-2 t4/t3 Deca, Test, Nolva Cycle
  154. Questions on current protocol and GHRP2
  155. reconstitute 5mg peptide question
  156. How many slin pins do you use daily on Peps?
  157. CJC no dac+ GHRP 6 + IPAM
  158. cjc w/o dac, impamorlin & gh
  159. Insulin log
  160. GW-501516 HDL Results?
  161. any issue mixing 5mg frag 176-191 with 1ml?
  162. Researching peptides cjc1295 dac vs without dac with ghrp 2 or 6 with huperzine a
  163. how likely will you injure yourself on myostatin blockers?
  164. What does a GH lab result of 5.0 mean?
  165. Favorite Way to Use GH for Fat Loss?
  166. Inhibiting GH from peptides after dosage.
  167. Ghrp-6 and cjc 1295 w/o dac headaches
  168. 10iu blast M/W/F? Need some input.
  169. Best peptide stack for pure mass-gain?
  170. No hunger from GHRP-6?
  171. cjc dac and cjc no dac debate
  172. excited, just ordered from egropeps
  173. Igf Lr3 to help with knee?
  174. CJC 1295 with DAC GHRP-6 and peg MGF LOG
  175. Help with timing on Triptorelin for recovering!
  176. Questions on Mod GRF
  177. GW501516
  178. Which peptides are safe to mix?
  179. Long cycle ghrp2 & mod grf (1-29)
  180. Best peptide stack purely for fat loss
  181. Cjc w/dac+ 10iu rips ed
  182. Minimum effective time off to clear GH antibodies
  183. Which Peptides cause Hyperplasia?
  184. igf lr3 and peps
  185. IGF DES with Dac
  186. Those guys on 10 iu+ HGH, I got a question
  187. Ergo CJC dac is in
  188. protocol for testing your igf-1 levels
  189. Natty Follistatin research
  190. can I reconstitute anti-gdf-8 with bac. water?
  191. How to use T3 or T4 with HGH
  192. Horny goat weed vs. huperzine
  193. ? regarding follistatin 344 protocol..
  195. is it good to take gdf-8 anti myostatin at the end of a cycle?
  196. bac water and hgh
  197. HGG or peptides for competition
  198. Help with first peptide cycle
  199. Ghrp6 and AAS
  200. Timing of ghrp/cjc with humalog
  201. Triptorelin still good after 2 yrs in freezer?
  202. Low dose MOD GRF (1-29)
  203. Where to begin with MT2?
  204. DO NOT BUY/USE GW-501516
  205. On peptides for 4mos want to add Gh help please
  206. Complete IGF Pep Cycle - Thoughts
  207. quality research peptide supplier wanted
  208. george farah promoting peps
  209. Just got my Hyg serum test :)
  210. Tren, Test, Gh, Slin, and what peptide?
  211. Yellow top Hyge.. did anybody use or test?
  212. 2MG of TB500 be worth it?
  213. Peptides Gone Bad?
  214. Ipa + Mod GRF 1-29 good for rat?
  215. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 help
  216. Has anyone got the serum test on researching GHRP 6 or 2 only?
  217. GH on 2 yrs. NOW coming OFF an it's HARD !!
  218. About to research CJC DAC. Advice needed!
  219. Strength Peps
  220. Achillies Tendon
  221. Dosing Q
  222. Gw501516 in solution.
  223. 4mg a week CJC Dac vs 2mg CJC DAC and ghrp2
  224. serotropin 8mg from vertruvia pharm
  225. How do I freeze my preloaded peps
  226. is it normal to gain weight after injection? cjc 1295 w/dac +ghrp-2
  227. Hygetropin serial number
  228. CJC & GHRP2?
  229. started cjc no dac research
  230. why does my HGH make me feel hypoglycemic
  231. Was told not to run IGF-1 LR3 with cjc1295 wdac and ghrp-2
  232. Myo run - Havent heard much chatter recently
  233. T-4 Spray - Help Please
  234. Peptides for joints
  235. Some help please on current side effects from Ipam and Mod GRF
  236. Ok Im gonna give Peptides a go. Hows this look?
  237. ERGO....DAC...WHEN?
  238. IGF-1LR3 log..
  239. cjc dac question
  240. Getting Curious about Peptides
  241. Advise PE Protocol
  242. Numbness
  243. Humalog, IGF1-Des, IGF-LR3
  244. Theory as to why CJC DAC interferes with IGF-1 LR3?
  245. lantus solostar / humalog R
  246. igf-1 lr3 Mass GAINS
  247. interesting paper around increased growth hormone
  248. Please help with timing advice, don't sleep after night dose Ipam and Mod GRF
  249. Book on Peptides?
  250. DSIP(Delta sleep-inducing peptide) ?
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