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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. beach mike


    Newbie here. Lifelong lifter but back to hitting it hard now that my son is 10 and I have a little more time. Had just gotten back lifting heavy when Covid hit and the gyms and schools closed. Started building my garage gym which I love but back at a good local gym with all the diversity of...
  2. N

    HELP! Still shooting blanks after 3 years on hCG and 9 months on hCG + Clomid

    I'm pretty sure my nuts are fried after 6+ years of TRT.... Here's my story. About 8 years ago I had my test levels checked after a friend of mine suggested I have it done and my total test was around 200. I was 30 y.o., 6ft, around 280lbs and was constantly feeling like crap. The doctor...
  3. L

    DHT/HCG cycle question (Titan DHT Gel)

    Hi everyone, I would use Titan 20% Gel (from RussianStarPeptides, there are also some posts that talk about this here on the forum) for 6-8 weeks but I have read some studies and some testimonials and i found out that it's suppressive for LH and FSH and therefore results in testicular atrophy...
  4. M

    Getting Pregnant

    Hi all, I know this is off topic with the forum so I apologize but I need some advice from my iron brothers. Has any of the Bros here been able to conceive with their girl having PCOS? (polycystic ovary syndrome) I'm taking HCG to jack up my sperm count as much as possible, really hoping it...
  5. P

    Ending a Cycle with Test Prop

    Hello friends, finishing up a cycle of 600mg/wk test (300 x2, Sat Wed), used aromasin EOD @ 12.5 mg, and HCG @ 250 2x week (500 iu total weekly) plan to do a modified Dr Scally PCT and blast HCG around 1500-2500iu EOD or E3D for probably 2 weeks (3 weeks in his program seems like a lot) then...
  6. L

    pregnant on HCG?

    may be a dumb question but I need detail clarification on this. Can you make someone pregnant being on hcg 300iu/eOD ? I know hcg stimulates LH to produce test but does it also affects sertoli cells to produce quality sperm?
  7. S

    How to use HCG for sperm volume and test (several months no cycle)

    Dear all, I am 28 years old. It has been more than 2 years after my last cycle (Test-E and Tren, conservative dose); and more than 6 months after my SARM "trial" cycle (Ostarine and S4). I always have used Nolva (40/40/20/20) as PCT I had multiple blood work before and after, and yet my...
  8. R

    TRT of 150 mgs week, keeping the balls from shrinkin

    It was a slow process. I started my own TRT after refused by the doc and even if accepted it was going to cost me a $20 co pay per shot. Roughly about $200 for what I can get for $60... So over the last 10 months the boys have started to lose size... I ordered HCG from an online prescription...
  9. G

    Long Cycles and Recovery

    I've been lifting my entire adult life, (I'm 40) but have only used gear for the past few years. Until recently, I only ran (legal) oral and transdermal pro-hormone and designer steroids. I kept these cycles short -- no more than 6 weeks -- because of liver toxicity caused by methylated orals...
  10. M

    Post Cycle Therapy

    I got a prescription from a therapy clinic for cypionate (250mg's per week), HCG (or clomid) and anastrozole. My question is regarding my post cycle. Any preference between the HCG or clomid? Will the hcg/clomid and anastrozole be the only thing I need for my pct? Lastly, I'm assuming I...
  11. 2

    Left the HCG out of the fridge.. shit!

    I accidentally left my HCG out of the fridge for 2 days in a 69 degree room. I'm sure it's not completely ruined but how long would you expect it to be good for and would you recommend maybe freezing some for future use. Was a two month supply and I only took my first shot. Thanks in advance!
  12. G


    Hi guys. This is my first thread here, and I hope I can get some help from people more experienced than me. I'm currently running an oral cycle of Epistane and "tren," (pro-dienolone). The tren is very suppressive, so I decided to run HCG while on cycle to maintain testicular sensitivity...
  13. J

    HCG dosage formula??

    Can anyone confirm this dosage formula for me I want 500iu as dosage I have 5000iu vial of HCG So I want to add 5ml of diluent Will that be 500iu in 1ml on syringe or .5ml on syringe
  14. J

    Need to adjust from my original plan need advice

    Ok so starters I'm 31 I've done 2 anavar cycles in the past Last August I started a semi big cycle I ran Test Enth 20 weeks @ 500mg/wk Dbol 50mg month 1&3 Then started my cut cycle 3 weeks ago Test Prop 300mg/wk Winstrol 50mg ED I have 10,000iu of HCG and I need to start Now the question is...
  15. J

    HCG dosage formula???

    If you have 5000iu, and you add 1ml diluent, you have 5000iu per ml. If you add 5ml diluent, you final mix is then 1000iu per ml. If you add 10ml diluent, then 500iu per ml and so on. So I ask since I will do IM is this the correct formula math In accordance with an IM pin is 1ml on the...
  16. J

    Best way to administer HCG

    I have heard conflicting ways to administer HCG, given a person with moderate experience With AAS but not HCG what is preferred/ recommended Way to inject, I planned on doing it IM as I do with other Pins, but recently I heard to do it like one would with HgH A Little pin right into the stomach...
  17. T

    no weight gains since dbol still on test

    front loaded dbol weeks 1-4 @ 40mg per day running test weeks 1-12 @500mgs per week arimidex weeks [email protected] eod hcg @250iu e3d why did i gain all of this weight (20 lbs), lose a couple pounds and now can't gain anything since week 5 (gain of 2 lbs all week). i am now half way through week 6...
  18. R

    low e2 help, hcg to raise e2?

    Hello, I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I am looking for advice or suggestions on how to safely raise my estrogen levels to a normal level. I over used estrogen blockers like aromasin and arimidex and pushed my e2 levels to 8. Needless to say I havent been feeling all that...
  19. trunksfujita

    HCG Mixing Dose question Please help.

    I received a 5000IU vial of HCG, i mixed it with 30ML of bacterostatic water, how much do i need to draw into syringe to receive 200IU? If anyone knows the formula and can post it i would appreciate it. Thank you.
  20. J

    New Testosterone Replacement Video

    This is a pretty good video that summarizes how to maximize benefits and minimize side effects of testosterone. It was done by Nelson Vergel, author of Testosterone: A Man's Guide (available on Testosterone Replacement Therapy - YouTube

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