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  1. G

    Trenbolone Information

    Key Points: TREN induced a greater magnitude of Fat loss than Testosterone. TREN binds to ARs with approximately 3x the affinity of Testosterone and an affinity roughly equal to that of DHT, the most potent endogenous androgen Even Low dosage TREN is more Anabolic than Supraphysiological...
  2. N

    Need help for PCT

    What’s a good PCT for 500 mg of test cyp a week for 12 weeks and trenbolone for 8?
  3. A

    Trenbolone Acetate on M/W/F vs ED or EOD

    The golden standard is that Trenbolone Acetate due to its short ester has to be pinned every Day or EOD. Realistically, how different would your gains be if you pin TA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so 3 times a week?
  4. M

    MuscleChemist's First Real Diet and Cut Cycle Help

    Hello all, MuscleChemist here. New to posting, but I've been around for a long while. I started to write up a training log for myself and decided to go digital with it, so here I am. Anyways, there seems to be an abundant amount of knowledge on this board and a good group of peoples, so it's...
  5. E

    Cutting cycle log

    Hi guys, so i thought I'd do my first log on here, I'm new to forums so if I've put this in the wrong place I'm sorry! also sorry for not doing this as a weekly update thing but i wanted to share my progress with you Age 22, Starting weight 191lbs, 6ft Started cutting on 08/3/17 weighing at...
  6. E

    Night Sweats On Tren

    Hi Guys Im new to forums so if I've missed anything here or posted in the wrong section I am sorry! I'm just curious if any of you have ever managed to find anything to keep the night sweats away or at least minimise them whilst on tren... I'm on Med Tech Solutions Lean Extreme (TEST PROP...
  7. Turkishexpress

    Tren and it's possible relation to Alzheimers

    Lots of fillers up until the 13 minute mark where it gets interesting. I can definitely believe what he's saying considering I abused it in my mid 20s and felt its effects in terms of anger, anxiety and degradation of memory as many others have. This sort of sheds a bit of light to it's side...
  8. C


    Hey gents, I've been here for a while and don't post much but I wanted to share my experience on the concoction above. Decided to shoot 1cc which consists of 50mg tren no ester, 25mg test no ester, and 25mg drol an hour before workout with a 27g 1/2 inch pin. I 1/2cc in each shoulder. 0 min...
  9. L

    Tren with TRT

    I'm only on 100mg/wk test c. Wondering if anyone tried tren ace/E with this kinda dosage (100-150mg)? Never tried tren, hear its fun and could be great..wanna experience it. Other than keeping AI in hand what other measures would you suggest to take and what would be the right dosage with that...
  10. K

    Tren, Masterone and cortisone/kidneys

    I wonder how masterone compares to tren (which is very potent in this matter) when it comes to endogenous cortisone suppression. Anyone? Negative impact on HDL should be pretty much the same but what about the kidneys? Any blood work comparisons to check that?
  11. Mr.underdog

    (Tren ace + sustanon ) need advice and critics

    Ok guys I'm talking tren for the first time I'm 6"4 ,250lbs ,20%bf I started a week ago (6/19/15) on a new cycle How does tren ace 300mg a week and sust 1200 week sound? It's my first cycle with tren ... Tren a 100mg eod Sust 400mg eod
  12. B

    Modest tren low test for light cruise or aggressive hrt/trt

    (Originally posted in HRT forum but looking for all the feedback I can get) Here's the crux of my question, then a little background... Anyone cruising or staying on yr round on a low test/moderate Tren protocol? in the ball park of 150-200 wk test/250-300 wk Tren? General feedback...
  13. P

    Female Tren Log

    A female friend of mine has decided she wanted to try Tren. I asked her if I could document this and she agreed. A little back ground on her.. She is a 25 y.o female. who has been cycling for sometime now.. Her last cycle before deciding to try this was : Anadrol, Test, EQ, Primo and Slin. She...
  14. Fitness 500

    Will mixing Tren A with Test C slow the absorption of the Tren A ?

    I'm currently running Test C and EQ and last week I added Tren A to the mix pinning 1ml/EOD of each in the same syringe. I've run Tren A before but never mixed in the same syringe with 2 longs esters. I've also noticed that I'm not getting any Tren sides except for heartburn and acid reflux. I...
  15. P

    A couple questions about GH, IGF1LR3 and others

    So just getting ready to test out cjc-1295, ghrp6 and igf1lr3. I've read a lot of conflicting things about when to use igf1. some say pre w/o some say post others say 8 hrs after w/o. and some say not to use it with cjc and ghrp. Being that IGF1 causes the body to burn straight fat I was...
  16. Fitness 500

    Low ejackulation volume

    I have never had this problem before but since I was previously running Tren AND Deca my ejackulation volume has been reduced to a few drops. On the second pop it tends to be more but no where near what it used to be like Peter North. I've been taking a former sponsors liquid Clomid at...
  17. buckns

    Tren /test pain in the butt

    I've never really any negative sides from tren . Recently however I found a test E /tren E combo (250mg/200mg) .. Every time I've played with it I get a nasty... hurts like a ( fill in word) pain in the site for a few days .. Could it be too much BA ? Any thoughts of how to deal with it ?
  18. M

    Newish to gear, virgin to online means.

    Hey guys I'm 29 6'4" 340 and play football. Well i played football up to a year ago when i Partially tore my ACL. The team i played for tried to cover it and just fix my minuscus. Well a year and two surgeries later I am 2 weeks out of ACL reconstructive surgery. Because they failed to fully...
  19. Fitness 500

    How to deal with Tren night sweats and a new GF ?

    This past week my night sweats are getting worse. I wake up at night and my sheets are soaked and I have to keep changing my tshirts. These night sweats don't bother me that much, but now this girl I just started seeing wants me to spend this weekend with her and I'm worried she may wake up to...
  20. C

    Opinions on my current cutting cycle? (Tren-ace/Mast/prop)

    Hi all, Looking to get a little feedback on my current cycle, I've obviously done a lot of research before but another opinion never hurts.. This is my 4th cycle, 1st with tren. This is my First cycle where my primary goal has been to lose bodyfat. Stats: age: 25 Height: 5'10 Weight: 210lbs...

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